Your Biggest Questions Answered

Your Biggest Questions Answered

In one of my previous posts I asked you what you felt your BIGGEST problem in terms of starting or running an online business.

It turned out that there were a few key areas that a lot of you were suffering from e.g.

– Lack of time and lack of focus.
– Not knowing how to get around the technical side of things.
– Difficulty getting traffic.
– Information overload.
– Finding products to promote.
– Creating content.

The solution?

So, I decided that I wanted to put together a quick video and list of resources and soon realized that I’ve posted content on many of these topics before.

Depending on when you joined my newsletter, it’s possible that you never even saw this information before so I wanted to compile a list of different posts that I’ve created, that cover some step-by-step training to help you get off the ground.

Click the image below to watch the video…

Your Questions Answered

Go through these posts and you’ll find a LOT of content that will help you with the above problems.

Try going through them in the order I’ve put them, as I’ve done my best to keep things in an order that makes sense (at least to me :-))

Free Action Plan – Decide On Your Goals And Follow This Plan To Achieve Them

Free Affiliate Marketing Tips

How To Create A Squeeze Page

How To Upload Files To Your Website

Tips For Writing An Ebook To Make Money Online

How To Get Your First 1000 Visitors

However … if you’re looking for a service that does nearly all of this for you then check out:

This is an ingenius product that allows you to get professional looking sites up literally with just one click.

It runs on the WordPress blog platform (but it doesn’t look like any blog you’ve seen before) so it’s super easy to install.  You can switch through over a dozen professional designs in just one click.  These perfectly coded designs cost  (By the way did you know that the search engines LOVE blogs?!)

As a special bonus, I also recorded an exclusive 90 minute step-by-step traffic training video, showing how I take brand new sites and get them on to the front page of Google in less than 24 hours, as well as the list of my top plugins that I use to beat other sites to the #1 spot :-)

There’s also a 75 minute call with expert copywriter Chris Haddad who charges $10,000 just for consulting.

My advice …

If you don’t want to learn all of this yourself, and you don’t mind paying a little for a solution that’s going to save you tons of time AND
money, then grab a copy of the One Click Sales Sites system

To YOUR Success!



  2. Great post. I also found that setting goals helps a ton. For example I set a goal for writing 10 articles a day. Over the past 2 weeks I have seen a huge jump in traffic just for spending 1 hour a day writing articles.


  3. Brillliant post as always Richard.

    Really appreciate all your help and advice.
    Best wishes to you and your family

    Jean Shaw

  4. Hi Richard,

    Great product, like so many you recommend.


    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and family.


  5. From “Wealthy Affiliate” to SBI (among others) I have paid for and tried to learn and desire an online business and web site. I have a master’s degree in English Literature and am a retired school teacher. I am not fluent in computereze but know how to turn it on. So far I have not even put up a web page. My ideas surround personal home energy saving “things”, equipment, ideas, and gizmos. I would be willing to pay someone who could tudor or start me in the realm. I have read many of your “emails” but again, I just don’t know what buttons to push first!
    Jim Baker

  6. Hi Richard,

    I have to say WOW! to Bryan. Ten articles a day! good for him.

    I haven’t written a comment since your parents came to visit you. I’m very glad you had a nice visit with them. I also got the baby Adam’s pictures very precious. I like black and white pictures anyway.

    Around the election day my computer got what is called “the blue screen of dead” ( I didn’t know) in other words it crushed. I still trying to recover some of files and programs. It is very frustrating. So a free advice to everyone: make a back up of your system often!!

    Thank you for the link. I read your e-mail the other day and I though it was peculiar.

    I have a few questions I will try to e-mail them to you.

    With baby Adam, this Christmas is going to be a very special one for you an your wife,

    Best regards,


  7. I have a problem maybe you can help me with I want to conect my ezine articales to USFree ads now I have a html code to make links BUT I don’t know are understand what is used to make the conection by that I mean a number are title are what? Hope you don’t mind answering this.I do enjoy reading your blog Thanks for the other Info.

  8. Great idea. I’ll have to check it out and see for myself.

  9. My biggest deterrent form moving forward is buying into products that promise easy and quick set up ( which is what I need as I work full time with little spare hours to pursue rabbit trails. ( to a software or a progam that will bring in salary replacements) and then when you pay for it and get into trying to set it up , there are a hundred more offers that you are being marketed to to buy into, and you have no idea after going through all the up sells, what the original product was even suppose to be…. let alone even having access to it to be able to get set up. Waste of time and money.. It the product you have to offer is so great, there should not be a reason to add in on the first sales 3 – 4 other money costing offers. Let someone set up the original program you are selling first. then if as they are versed in that, other offers can be introduced. Otherwise we are just left spinning our wheels, making you good affiliate money and getting nowhere for us.

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