Internet Lead Generation – Secrets To Online Lead Generation Marketing

Internet lead generation may be a relatively new concept technologically speaking, but from a marketing point of view lead generation is a sound business practice that’s proven successful (and profitable) long before the inception of the internet.

However, the internet gives you (both large and small) the ability to reach a whole new set of customers, and do so in a virtually automated fashion.

Even as an affiliate marketing strategy for marketers without your own product, generating an optin list can be extremely valuable.

So are you doing enough to build your business?

Explode Your Business With
Lead Generation Marketing

A list of targeted prospects is an extremely valuable asset to have.  When you are able to communicate to a large number of people, all interested in the products or services you have to offer, you can literally generate cash windfalls on demand.

But before you start builing your list, you need to make sure that you’re building it the right way and at the same time, making it easy for yourself to grow your list quickly and on autopilot.

Super Simple Online
Lead Generation Tips

Here are some tips to remember when trying to build your list of leads online…

1) Targeted Traffic = Targeted Leads – It’s no good sending golfers to an optin page for a needlework product!

2) Relationship is Key – People buy from those that they know, like and trust.  With so many distractions online, it’s up to YOU to stand out from the crowd.

3) Provide VALUE First – This helps with #2 above … If you can show people the value in just being on your list, they are going to be much more receptive whenever you have an offer to mail to them.

4) Constant Communication – Things move quick online, and you have to constantly be in your prospects email box.  If you wait 3 months between mailings, chances are they’ll forget who you are.

How To Start
Generating Leads Online

The first thing you need is a way to capture leads.  Online, the simplest lead capture system is an optin page (also called squeeze pages or lead capture page) that typically asks the visitor for their name and email address.

Depending on your market, other information can also be input, although the more information you ask for, the lower your optin conversion rates are likely to be.

(If you’ve got no idea about the “techie side” of things, simply visit this page which contains a video on how to create a squeeze page.)

You’ll also need a service such as Aweber.com or GetResponse.com to store and maintain your database of leads.

While it may be tempting when you’re starting out to use the ‘free’ options here, I would highly recommend that you do NOT.

Speaking from my own personal experience, the free services are free for a reason …they simply don’t work well.  And it’s even worse when one of these free sites goes out of business and shuts down their site… along with your entire list :-(

Once you have the optin form in place, it’s simply a matter of driving traffic to that page. You can use whatever traffic sources you like for your internet lead generation e.g. article marketing, ppc, but whatever you do, make sure that it’s targeted traffic!  (Visit the following page for a video on how to start getting free search engine traffic!)

Before you go …

Use the comment box to let me know your thoughts on this blog post.

I enjoy making these training posts and videos, but want to make sure that they’re useful for people reading them so leave a comment below and let me know what you think!

To Your Success!

Richard Legg

Richard Legg


  1. Hi Richard,

    The timing of your post couldn’t have been better:) Building a targeted list is something I want to focus on and you provide some excellent resources to get me started. I really want to learn how to create an effective squeeze page and you got me going in the right direction. Just an FYI, your link: “how to create a squeeze page” in your post isn’t working but I found the right page on your site.

    Thanks again for the great info!

  2. I’ve seen a lot of free information about list building. They all say the same thing. Build a squeeze page, get an autoresponder, hen drive targeted traffic to the squeeze page. The first two steps are pretty simple. It’s driving targeted traffic that usualy gets glossed over in these discussions. Can you post an article that discusses this in more detail?

  3. Hey Richard,

    Good introduction post to list building – unfortunately I got a 404 error when I clicked onto your ‘how to create a squeeze page’ link.

  4. Mike & Robert – Thanks for the heads-up on the broken link – should all be fixed now!

    Rich – I’ve also added a link near the bottom to a video that shows you how to start getting targeted search engine traffic :-)

    Keep the comments and feedback coming guys!


  5. Hi Richard
    You state that a paid service such as Aweber.com or GetResponse.com is vital to store your database of leads. My hosting company provides a built in autoresponder and database. Is there any particular reason why I should not use this.

  6. Roger – Companies like Aweber and GetResponse make email marketing their business – they spend LOTS of time and money working with various ISPs and email providers to make sure that emails from their system make their way to the inboxes of your prospects.

    They work with the companies to show that emails from their system are legitimate and can be trusted, and so they have very high delivery rates.

    At the end of the day, there’s very little point in having a large list of subscribers if the emails get blocked or deleted because they don’t come from a ‘trusted source’.


  7. I second the request for more information about driving targeted traffic, it is a big challenge. I have the Aweber account,and some squeeze pages, but responsive traffic is hard to find.

  8. I enjoy making these training posts and videos… That’s what you said and that’s what everybody can see! Only someone who LOVES his job can do it with such a quality.
    You are a true guide for all of us.
    Thank you!

    Leo S.

  9. Nathan Brown says:

    Great job Richard on this post. It is clear you are helping a lot of people!

  10. Richard, many thanks for this post. I have seen many people generate leads that turned into nothing. Thanks for the Aweber tip. I had thought about the free stuff but my web guy always made it sound hard, now I know why.

  11. Richard, thanks for the above BUT in particular a big thank you for the video on how to create a squeeze page. Most people assume we all know how to do this but thats not true of everyone. If you include “how To’s” with your advice, you will have more people coming here.

  12. Hi Richard
    I purchased the Traffic Uncut Homestudy DVD course on 15th June and I am patiently waiting (in the U.K.)for delivery. Am I right in saying all the above information -plus some !!- will be in the DVD’s when I get them ?


  13. Hi Richard,
    First, I want to say that I truly enjoy reading your stuff. I learn something every time I read a post, an article or video. Keep up the excellent work. I am wondering, if you had a website attracting a lot of clicks, would an opt-in be a good idea to use especially since I don’t get any sales, just clicks. If you don’t think that is as good an idea, what would you do in this case? Thanks in advance for all you do.

    To Your Success,
    Mark C

  14. mr richard, please how i use thise page ingen trafic please tell me . thank you

  15. I found this article by asking a question in easilyanswered.com where Richard is one of the experts. I was trying to find some good keyword research tools. The video (towards the end of this article) was exactly what I was looking for! I feel very fortunate that I stumbled upon this blog! Thank you, Richard.

  16. Richard,

    Great post. I especially liked your Free Traffic Forever video. Man, that is packed with great info I can use right now!!!

    Thanks so much for the info.

  17. Great article about lead generation. I find it very funny, as the economy tightens, internet marketers are utilizing basic sales concepts.

    These concepts have been around for years. Authors such as Zig Ziglar wrote about the importance of building a relationship before selling.

    Your article does a great job of linking these concepts to online marketing.

  18. Hi Richard

    Great stuff..I am all over your idea and techniques..the problem I have is having getting poeple to opt in..My service is “mortgages” and thus not an impulse buy..any suggestions?

  19. I am so new at this and starting at a time I should be retiring. I still try to work since a major disability that took 7 years to recover from put me in worse than a abysmal hole I am trying to play catch up. I see all of the ‘stuff’ out there on How to do the marketing. . . but I need something more than that and got to your site here When I typed in What’s a squeeze page? I think you are a god send to me. It took me stumbling to build a website at all and get it so it half way works. Having more questions than I know where to find answers. Most of these guys want bu-cue dollars and if I wrote a check for $5.00 right now it would bounce. I need a help-up before I have any money to spend. Social Security doesn’t pay the bills. I think I can find a lot of what I need here.


  20. Thanks for another interesting article. I think the most difficult thing would be to stand out from the crowd. I find that my email inbox is inundated with all kinds of offers which guarantee to make me millions for only $27-$197
    so far I haven’t succumbed. The trick is getting through all the chaff.

  21. Hi Richard,

    Did you get the latest update on the firefox? It now uses Yahoo, have you found a way around this. This is in reference to the “instant traffic short cuts” series.


  22. keep the good work moving/

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