How To Get Free Targeted Traffic To Your Website

Traffic – It’s the lifeblood of any and EVERY online business.

Without traffic, there are no customers, without customers there is no money!

One thing that I’ve found online is that people who are trying to make money online, especially those who are getting started, really don’t spend the time they need to figure out how to get targeted traffic to their websites effectively.

Are You Neglecting Your Website Traffic?

Typically what I see is that people join an affiliate program, or put up a website, then they struggle to get traffic to their site.

Instead of learning the right way to generate traffic, they then go and try another affiliate program, or put up another website, in the hope that that one will make them money.

But …

It doesn’t matter how many affiliate programs you join, or how many sites you put up, or how even many ebooks you buy … if you don’t know how to get traffic online then you’re not going to make money online.

I’ve seen people who have spent over $10,000 online on books, courses, coaching etc … but when I ask them what they do to drive traffic, they either don’t really know, or tell me they are using some free traffic exchange!

Google To The Rescue!…

Fortunately, it is easy to get tons of free targeted traffic to your website but only when you know the steps to take.

You can get all the traffic you will ever need, for free, from Google, once you figure out what they are looking for from you.

Because of my background in Physics, I’m a bit of a “nerd” when it comes to testing and experimenting with new things in my marketing, but that also means I can find out EXACTLY what works when it comes to generating targeted traffic.

I’ve made a quick video showing you the #1 step you need to take to get free traffic forever – this is ESSENTIAL for your business.

Just click the image below and watch it now …

How To Create A Squeeze Page

You can get the free keyword tool mentioned in the video from here:

Free Keyword Tool

Are you interested in learning more about getting tons of free traffic to your websites?

If so, leave a comment below right now saying “I want to get free traffic to my website” :-)

Here’s to a prosperous 2009 for all of you!

To YOUR Success,


  1. Hi Richard,hope you have had a nice christmas now you know how to use
    a shovel.(snowman).I have finally got one up on the net now,so all the
    ways to get traffic to it is welcome.William.

  2. Good video Richard, this is a great reminder on keyword research. I tend to forget to do this sometimes. That definetly makes sense, it’s now a matter of remembering to do the research in the manner you showed, thanks for this.
    “I want to get free traffic to my website”

  3. I want to get more traffic, especialy free traffic to my website

  4. I want to get free traffic to my website

    Who does not?!!!

  5. John David Cardosa says:

    I don’t have a website, but I do want traffic. Can you help me Mr Legg?

  6. I want to get free traffic to my website



  7. I’m a reseller for Wild West, but I’m a 100% disabled veteran and I can’t afford your book right now. Maybe down the road some time.

    Stephen Waugh

  8. Hi Richard,

    “I want to get free traffic to my website” (don’t we all?) :)

    Thank you for the helpful video instruction – my problem is finding keywords that are actually searched a LOT… and it seems like the ones I chose aren’t even ‘big enough’ for G-trends to pick up.

    Now I’m wondering if I chose a niche that wasn’t popular enough OR if I’m just not picking the right keywords… you can click my name to visit the site I’m referring to.

    I tried “newbie website building” and “newbie help” and “creating online business” and they just don’t seem to be very popular search terms.

    You and your wife enjoy your night out on the town – and you’re probably right about grandma holding Adam close to her heart – I cherish my grandsons too – even though now they’re a bit too big to hold on my lap.

    Thanks for any ideas… and for the free tool. (Oh, and you need to fix your “Make Money” link – it has the URL twice and doesn’t work properly)


  9. Richard,

    Thank you for the information. I will give it a try and see what happens. Any other help you can provide I will certainly appreciate it

  10. That’s one of the most useful videos related to Keyword Research.
    Thank you Richard to provide this content completely Free !
    We really appreciate it.

  11. clear…simple….great stuff

  12. I want to get free traffic to my website. The keyword tool and training is excellent.

  13. Stephen Berlanger says:

    BRING IT ON. I want to get free traffic and lot’s of it.

  14. Hi Richard,

    Thanks for that – I’m sure it would be a really useful tool if I could only get it off the bottom of my screen so that I could actually see it!
    I want to get free traffic to my website.
    Wishing you, your loved ones and all here a very Happy, healthy, prosperous New Year

  15. Oh yes, more traffic please. Specially for the type of website that I have. The bad economy is not helping me.

    Have a great New Year!!

  16. Hello Richard and thanks for this.

    Like Donna, the keywords I tried in Gtrends came up with no results. I tried it for my latest blog post–Twitter Traffic Magic. Nothing.

    Anyway, I too would like more traffic to my website!

    Paul Livingston

  17. Excellent Video tutorial I have just strated my ebook business and have not had much luck getting traffic using the keywords that I have!
    I will give it a try and let you know how I go!

    Thank You so much for this info

    Keep Up the good work

  18. Richard,

    I want to get free traffic to my website!

    Thank you for the great video. It let to a slap to the forehead, with “of course, that makes so much sense!”

    I look forward to more.

    Have a great New Year’s eve; your plans sound wonderful.

  19. Thanks Richard!

    I do want more traffic too!


  20. Karen De Haan says:

    Hi Richard,

    Stellar training as usual.

    “I want to get free traffic to my website” More videos, please!

    How about a little lesson on creating those “pages” you mentioned? 😉

    Have a wonderful time on your date!

  21. “I want to get free traffic to my website”
    Possibly lots of it

  22. Hi Richard,
    great video. I love it when it’s simple and I can actually follow along. :)

    I’m just starting to get into the habit of doing my keyword research, but confess not as regularly or as thoroughly as I should. Resolution for the New Year!!! lol

    glad you enjoyed Christmas and hope you have a great 2009.


  23. I want to get free traffic to my website.

  24. “I want to get free traffic to my website”

    Thanks for the offer and have a nice New Year

  25. Yes, I need traffic. I have tried them all, and I have lost
    more than 10.000 usd on different gurus and so on.
    Can you help?
    Mats Isaksson

  26. Thanks Richard, you saved an old lady”s life now I will have some extra money to play. I’ve come a long way to learning how to start a business on the web and you made its complete. Happy New Year ToYou and Yours for 2009/

  27. Hi Richard,

    I have found all your content useful for a while. The video was very helpful and informative. I am working with an affiliate program right now and I have a few of my own in the works. I want to get free traffic to my website!

    Congratulations to you and your wife for Adam!

    Donzie Welgoss

  28. Hi Richard

    Absolutely want free traffic, like most of us here. My site is still under construction and although published I am busy writing articles, ebooks etc in preparation for loading.

    My problem is my ‘niche’ is not one that can be easily ‘defined’ so I keep having issues about what keywords to pick. This is of course quite a challange and I would welcome any advice that you could give me.

    Many Thanks

  29. Excellent video.
    Yes, Richard, I want to get free traffic to our website.

  30. I want to get free traffic to my website

  31. Very interesting Richard. Thanks for taking the time to share this! I want more free traffic to my website. Joan

  32. Hello Richard!
    I greatly appreciate your videos, as I am not much good at marketing or technical stuff. Thank you. You’ve been a great help! Happy New Year!

    I want more free traffic to my site!

  33. Great stuff Richard!

    Article marketing is the way to go for free traffic and if it’s done right, using the right targetted keywords, then you can get a constant stream of traffic to your website, affiliate site or blog.

    I’m still getting traffic from articles I wrote more than a year ago. I now use an article submission software program and I target all the most popular article directories. My success in SEO using articles has meant that I haven’t had to pay for advertising in 9 years.

    All the best!

  34. Leslie Zengler says:

    Dear Richard,
    I’ve used the website and the tool. The numbers don’t match. The website shows more visitors/day then the tool by 4x. Which is accurate? The competition is closer on both but still off a bit with the tool showing more competition. So which is better to use. The visitors is significant when making a decision on which keywords to use. Thanks. Love your info, blogs and videos. They are always very helpful.


  35. Hey Richard, Since the last post you put up on Keyword Research I have been getting Targeted Traffic to my hubs and Blog doint the same thing you are writing about here. It really works and anyone looking to make money online should learn and utilize this Tool for free traffic. Have a Wonderful Day and Happy New Year. Timothy Millar “The Leprechaun”

  36. Thanks Richard. Will surely try andconvey you my results.
    BTW can you guide me to inexpensive PLR Articles source + an appropriate software to churn out original keyword-rich articles for Adsense ? Also some genuine but inexpensive source for starting in to Adsense ? Thanks for advices.

  37. Leslie Zengler says:

    One other question, why is the searches on the gtrends site so different than the google keyword tool site?

  38. @ Leslie Zengler –

    The free keyword tool uses the basic Wordtracker search results to give the daily searches.

    When using the Google Trends version of Wordtracker on the website, the results will be based on Google’s results.

    In my experience, the Google keyword tool is more accurate than Wordtracker.

    There is no 100% accurate tool that I’ve found, so these should always be considered a guide.

    So long as you see some correlation between results, then it’s usually a reasonable term to go for.

    If Google gives you 10 visitors a day and Wordtracker gives you 10,000 then there is definitely something wrong there.

    In the case of discrepancies, I always tend to side with Google’s results.

    Hope this helps,


  39. I want to get free traffic to my website

  40. Thank You for the tip on the video. I tend NOT to listen to video’s for various reasons. Since you actually are a continuous force in my inbox, I have decided to listen to YOUR video. In the process, I GAINED something valuable from it!

    Thank You

  41. Lynn Wertheimer says:

    My focus is on affiliate site marketing for now and I would love free traffic to my site(s).

  42. Thanks so much for the very informative information Richard. You are fabulous. As you know there is always a trick to the trade and when you know what it is and what to do, you can have that edge on the competition. I’m so thankful that I am on your list. I want more free traffic to my website.

    Thanks Richard,

  43. I want to get free traffic to my website. Richard I just love the video’s and e-mails that you put out, I look forward to them, you don’t make enough of them for me. I think that you are very honest and one of the few people that I follow.

    Thanks again

  44. Graeme Hardie says:

    I don’t have a website at present, but “I want to know how to get free traffic to my website when I do.

    Great video. Thankyou.



  45. I want to get free traffic to my website.

    Thanks for all the info!

  46. Hi Richard,

    Great information. Thankyou for sharing. I guess we all want more, targeted traffic, to our blogs and websites and if it’s free, so much the better. I already use a number of keyword research tools but the wordtracker gtrends is new to me so thankyou for that. I will give it a try.

    I hope that you and your family had a great christmas and new year.
    All the best

  47. BRING IT!!! GREAT STUFF!! I APPRECIATE YOUR VIDEOS!! I want to get FREE traffic to my website!

    Have an Awesome 2009!!!


  48. Hey Richard,

    Now have 5 up on the net, and as you know, am not getting traffic. So any way To Get Free Traffic, is always appreciated. Remember, I have been an affiliate of yours going back to Link Protector, back in 2007. So help is graetly needed.

  49. Hey Richard:

    Been watching you and Eric’s videos and have to say I appreciate the free content. It’s very helpful. I want to get more free traffic to my website so I’m gonna keep working on it. Thanks again.


  50. Hi Richard,
    The video is great and I really appreciate your effort.

    I want to get free traffic to my website.


  51. I use Google´s keyword tool.

  52. Richard, thank you for sharing. I want your course for free. I need your help.

  53. Hi there Richard,
    First, I want to say that I have been following you for a while now and find all your information of good quality and value and so I would be very much interested in learning more from you about how to get free traffic to my website.

    I have just finished watching the video, Instant Traffic Shortcuts, and found it just brilliant. I found that there was so much valuable information and it was done in a very easy step-by-step format that was easy to follow.

    I am a newbie to this Internet Marketing world and in the middle of setting up a blog with Word press for a business I am involved in. I felt a bit lost and needed some guidance on how to optimize the blog and get traffic to it.

    I especially liked how you got into detail regarding writing blogs to optimize for the search engines, when and how to write
    Posts on your blog, how to research the market and spy on the competition. For me this was just brilliant as a newbie to all of this.

    Thank you so much for such a great course and I think it works brilliantly for newbie people like myself and for people who already have blog since as I am sure there is unique information in this course others do not know about.

    I am grateful for all that you do and provide
    Jane Manthorpe

  54. I do not have a web site can you send me more informatio

  55. That’s really valuable information Richard and I have bought your instant traffic shortcuts but should you do this for a sales page? And if so how? And what about a squeeze page?

    I have just had a sales page written for me and the copywriter, although he said he was going to do a lot of research, has not targeted any particular keywords.

    When I asked him about this he said I would have to have a team of ninjas working for me to get ranked in Google and that my traffic will come from articles, forum and blog posts.

    Can you clarify please?


  56. Hi Richard,

    This video of yours seems to be the answer to as you say most peoples problems ie lack of traffic.

    Your teaching on how to correct that situation is spot on.

    If you are producing an in depth course on this subject then please let me know.

    With kind regards.


  57. Hi Richard, I thought you presented the information in an excellent format. What most people fail to realise is that you can have a fantasic product and a brilliantly composed sales page but if no one visits then you will never sell anything. There are lots of elements to get right obviously but getting traffic is the number one component.


  58. Hi Richard,

    Great video…

    “I want to get free traffic to my website”

    Kind Regards,


  59. Hi there Ricahrd, I have been following your “Instant Traffic Shortcut” videos and will be sending you a testimonial towards the end of next week.

    Your tutorials are so open and honest and you get straight to the point. The thing I love about your tutorials is you explain in plain English and use no “techie” talk (-:
    So thanks for that.

    Take care

  60. Hi Richard,
    This is the best video I’ve seen yet on Traffic. I love your blog and will come often.


  61. Dean McNamara says:

    I like that trick Richard.

    How to make sure you rank well for “I want to get free traffic to my website”

    Very cool 😉

  62. Hi Richard,

    I watched your video all the way through, which is a rarity for me.

    I don’t rally understand the keyword thing at all. I’ve been trying for 4 years and have just about given up.

    I write articles but I don’t have any particular words or phrases in them.

    Of course, there are no keywords on sales pages. I do put in keywords in the meta tags but they usually don’t appear on the sales page.

    How does anyone KNOW if they appear on the first page of Google. Do they sit all day just going back to the Google search page to see if they show up?

    I’m a one-man operation not a big multi-national so I don’t ever expect to appear in the top 1000 pages of Google.

    Thanks for the video, though.


    It’s all quite a mystery to me.

  63. I also would love tons of free traffic for my newest site. Who wouldn’t? :-)

  64. farahilya says:


    Thank you for the information. I will give it a try and see what happens. I really like you…

  65. Jane Manthorpe says:

    Hi Richard
    thank you so much for the video, much appreciated.

    I am in the middle of setting up my online business and at the time to get traffic to my website so this is very timely information.

    Would love to know more about getting free traffic to webites and blogs and also how to monetize the traffic once they get to our websites

    Many thanks again Richard


  66. Hi,

    l am just affiliate Marketer and l am doing
    lousy. The video put me on the right track
    but l have a problem, when l look at a pre
    written letter or one that l’ve jotted down myself how to l pick out that major keyword or saying that l put in the tool ?

    “Here at The MEGA Wealth System, we have developed a program that will leverage
    the power of the internet to earn you $200-Thousands PER Day. Even if you are a newbie,
    have no experience, just quit your job, WHATEVER your situation is…You have a place here at
    The MEGA Wealth System!”

    Would it be mega wealth system
    do you understand what l am trying to say


  67. Hi Dave,

    You don’t necessarily want to be looking at the sales letter to ‘pick out’ keywords.

    Ideally you should be thinking what keywords your target customers are likely to search for e.g. if you’re promoting a product that helps people make money online, then chances are they’re going to be going to Google and searching for “make money online”. Those are the types of keywords you should be looking for.


  68. Hi Richard,

    Thanks for the great post :)

    And I want to get free traffic to my website! I think most people do.


  69. Helen Heap says:

    I’m a newbie and “I want to get free traffic to my website” :-)

    Loving the info so far – thanx

  70. Hey Richard. Good insight and well written. Give us more similar content. It helps!


  71. Thanks for the very useful information that is presented in the video.
    Keyword research is such an important piece of the puzzle, but seems to be overlooked by most people.
    It’s very generous of you to provide it for free to all your readers.


  72. Richard

    I can only say, that i enjoy your tutorial on keywords. Your help will be appreciated as we move along. For me, it takes time to sink in as i am a rookie on the vast internet.
    Thank you
    JON E

  73. I want to get free traffic to my website” :-)

  74. Wow Richard, thanks so much for helping me and my husband maximize our keywords. My goal is to be listed #1 for San Antonio DJ’s by the end of the month. With your help, we will obtain that very quickly.

    Thanks again,
    Big Daddy & Janine

  75. Great video Richard. I want to get free traffic to my website — getting traffic is my biggest weakness — I definitely need help!


  76. Richard

    I want to get free traffic to my website

    so I guess you want to rank for that phrase?

    Thanks for the video. You show a simple method done very well is all that we need.

    Nothing complicated

    All The Best


  77. Hi Richard! Thank you again for the free gift. I’m going to use this tool to gather keywords for my niche and see how it improves better results for writing content. Thanks again for all your help. Jerry

  78. Who doesn’t want to get free traffic to their website? I do.

  79. Hi Richard

    I want to get free traffic to my website – make that to my offline and online business! But the offline stuff has to be local!



  80. Hi Richard, Thanks again for another slice of great free information. I find traffic to be the most difficult part when trying to succeed online.
    There were also several useful gems in the above comments.
    Please keep up the good work because I am beginning to get there slowly!!


  81. I want to get free traffic to my website,I am finding it hard to get traffic to my site, so any help I can get will greatly be appreciated.
    thanks fr Heather

  82. Mark Couch says:

    Hey Richard,
    I want to get traffic to my website. Thank you

    To Your Success.
    Mark C

  83. Paul Beach says:

    Hi Richard,

    That’s a real eye-opener on keywords. I think
    I’m starting to “get it” now.

    So of course “I want to get free traffic to my website” :-)


  84. Hi Richard,

    The only thing I can say is that you’re giving away the great and valuable how to/trick.

    Thanks for your good work.
    Bangkok, Thailand

  85. I want to get free traffic to my website

  86. Hello Richard,

    Very informative video great information i will be sure to study it a few times so that i do not miss anything.

    Keep up the great service that you are offering.



  87. excelenet video Richards.

    I need your help.

    If get that traffic page and put the keyword and what else what i NEED TO DO, wich is the next step.

    my squiddo pàge is about money this is the title
    Money Makers Promotions

    how you can produce money using differents systems.

    just give an ejample.

    and the other things tha I saw very intyeresting was how to write artivle and earn $35 or $40 per day just give the advice,
    how to do and how to implement into the net using the traffic page and keywords and then what I need to do more to prosut how can i put muy adsvertising or link.

    I must to give you a grate thanks and congratulation for your expertice.

    Ill be waiting for your answer.

    leonardo sanchez lobo

  88. It is such a pleasure to not only learn but actually see useful “Hands on how to” information that is so often missing elsewhere.



  89. Hello Richard,
    I want to get free traffic to my website, there is no question about it :)

  90. Best bit of information that I’ve learnt in over three years of listening to drivel that I never fully understood. Simple, sensibly and superbly put I need a marketing whisperer just like you on a whole set of marketing moves that we need to seriously make.
    Thanks Richard I’m ready to listen to what you’ve got to say on just about anything,
    off to do some research now.
    Any new stuff fire me an email….please.

  91. Hi Richard,
    Thanks for the straight forward talk. I realize that I am ‘unfocused’in my direction, that was no where! So thanks for the advice, I am at present, thanks to you, FOCUSING on my business plan and reseach than my next step is get my website.
    Being a complete newbie to the Affiliate and the Computer world, it is difficult to grasp everything. I have had many opportunities to see many products and websites to learn what I like I refuse to feel pressured to jump into anything.
    Though, the first thing that I noticed about your site is the calming colours that you have choosen. After headline, after headline sceaming at me to buy this and this, I finally got to yours, being passionate about colours, through my hobby as a watercolourist,
    I love your use of calming blues, with the Grey to give your eyes a place to rest. Your site was the last site I finished with for the day.
    Thanks again, I am not ready to purchase anything just yet until I am confident in my business plan and the direction I am going!
    Many thxs Jackie.
    P.S I love your wife’s kitchen, it must be a wonderful place where your whole family hangs out!

  92. Dear Richard,

    your information is very worthful.
    I will try for it.
    Thank you

  93. Hi Richard
    Great video and content. Thanks for the advice and I will start finding the right keywords for my articles with the tools you have provided.
    Thanks again. Nos vemos.

  94. I want to get free traffic to my website

  95. Yes Richard I would like free target traffic to my site

  96. thanks richard for the informations,this is very help me.

  97. Great help! sure I want more (free)traffic to my website!

  98. Hi Richard,
    Thanks so much for the very educational and helpful video! I’m getting set up with those keyword tools right away. Yeah, I’d forgotten to do that research – thanks for the help.

    Yes, I desperately need more free traffic to my website!! Thanks!

    Happy Trails!
    Patricia Reszetylo

  99. Nectarios Obunga says:

    I would like to learn how to get free traffic so that i can get started in affiliate marketing.

  100. Hi Richard,
    Thanks for your guidance.

  101. Hello Richard

    I have been hanging online for a year now but I do not seem to make any headway.

    I still find it difficult to get traffic to my sites.

    Hope to see the light soon.


  102. Dear Richard,

    Thanks for your guide

    I want to get free traffic to my website”

  103. I do have an affiliate squeeze page and I want to get more traffic to my website.

  104. Thanks for sending me the email to remind me to watch this video again. This is the second time I have watched it but I needed to be reminded of what to do.

  105. Yes, Richard, I want to get free traffic to my website. Thanks for these tools and the great information!

  106. Hello Richard

    Thank you so much for your video and information books however as I am an elderly person I am getting lost as to what to do as far a getting a website up and putting your information onto it. (old grey cells) this is leaving me rather bewildered as how to go about it.

    I was wondering if it was possible for the website address I have (above) to suffice, I am not sure, or will I need another website and how to get started? I am at a loss. I haven’t done anything like this before.

    Thanks June

  107. Richard, I love your site. I would love to get more traffic to my website. I just can’t seem to put it all together. I really need a system to follow. Also need a blueprint for a complete sales system script so I can learn how to create products, videos, squeeze pages, download pages, thank you pages, oto pages, how to upload plr products and put them on a page to promote, bonus pages etc.

    Thanks again, wonderful site and look forward to coming back often.
    Larry Williams

  108. Hi Richard,

    I want to get free traffic to my website.
    Thats the blood of any business eh?

    I love your stuff. You lay it out clearly and concisely. Got your Instant Traffic Shortcuts product the other day. 4 days ago actually. Amazing stuff. I recommend it highly.

    Thanks for the great free content and the excellent ITS product.

    We want more!
    We want more!
    We want more!


    Have a good one Rich

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    How are you doing and how is your business,
    i just want to let you know that I want to get free traffic to my website http://www.andycash4u.com
    Thanks, for your kind.


  110. Maria-Eugenia Marin says:

    Hello Richard,

    Thank you for the video. It was quite easy to follow.


  111. Hi Richard,

    Thank you for sharing this video.

    Excellent video that contains quality information. Time to start applying the knowledge that you have shared in the video :)


  112. show me how to get free traffic to an affilliate site. I know i can write articles. but how do i optimize the page for google search. this would help me go to the next level, thanks for your time Richard

  113. “I want to get free traffic to my website”

    Great stuff Richard really useful as always!

  114. Hi there, I`m on the way to start with affiliate stuff so you just MADE MY DAY with such video totally explaining that traffic technique so sweet and with ZERO cost $ involved so far …

    Thanks so much again !


  115. It’s nice to meet u R.

    I want to get free traffic to m website..

    PS. Prepared to begg!



  116. i want free traffic to my website

  117. I bought your product and asked for a refund but you have’nt given it yet

    can you please give me my money back?

    Reply From Richard


    You opened a helpdesk ticket that merely said “Can I have a refund please?”… but failed to mention what you wanted a refund for.

    My support assistant replied asking you for more information so that he can process the refund but as of yet, he has not yet received a reply with more information.

    I am happy to give you a refund but you need to at least give us some basic information to be able to find the transaction.


  118. I want to get free traffic to my website

  119. The free keyword tool doesn’t work

  120. Hello Richard,

    I’ve been marketing online for quite some time and I have to thank you for your most generous SEO tips that are working wonderfully for me. I’ve taken your advice on getting free traffic from the search engines. I can say that usually within 24 hours I’m in the top 10 of Google!

    Here’s one for you as proof “vintage gretsch archtop guitar” which according to the tool should get me approx. 25 visitors a day.

    Without the quotes, you’ll see I’m ranking #4

    When you target specific keyword phrases that way… and start totaling up the # of possible visitors… WOW. Who needs to worry about backlinks.

    Thank you… thank you

  121. Yes please, desperate for loads of traffic to my website!

    Thanks for all the info and tips – a great help.

  122. In all honesty, getting traffic is not a big problem.. However, getting free targeted traffic. I want to get free targeted traffic.

  123. Hey Richard,

    Thanks for the cool video. And yes I want to get more free traffic to my website.

  124. Richard,
    When i try to use the traffic uncut keyword tool after download it will not populate when i put in my key word.Although, it shows at the bottom that the process was successful but it doesn’t provide any keywords across any of the search engine as your demonstration. Pls advise, Roscoe

    Reply From Richard

    Hey Roscoe,

    Yeah it looks like wordtracker (the database used to get results) has changed their system so the software no longer works as it did.

    I’m doing my best to see if the original programmer can update it and reupload it.


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    Question: I use Jetspinner to spin articles.
    They are saying that unless you have completely different article titles and article body you are wasting your time submitting similar but “spun” articles.
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    Thanks, Claudia

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    What do I do wrong? Any idea based on other reported issues?


    Reply From Richard

    Try re-downloading the software – Wordtracker recently changed the way they display results so the software had to be updated to accommodate this.

  139. Hi Richard,

    Thanks for the link to the keyword finder software. I’ve downloaded it but I’ve problem using it and hope you can help.

    After entering a main keyword and when I clicked on ‘gather keywords’, a ‘security image’ box appeared and asked me to enter the character in the image but no character was provided, it’s completely blank hence I can’t use the keyword finder at all. Please help.

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    As you can see I did not put in the competion name.
    Did you know about this and what is your solution? Or was that update message from you and we can go ahead and get the other recommended keywoed tool?

    Reply from Richard:

    Hey Toni, yes I knew about this – it was me who swapped out that page so that people could at least have something to use while a workaround is found.

    In fact, after being a user of the new tool myself, I think it’s better than anything else on the market right now. Even though it’s a paid product, the keyword research module is always free to use – even after the trial period. So there’s no need to upgrade unless you want the other features, just continue to use it for free :-)


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