Free Squeeze Pages – How To Generate Squeeze Pages For Free

If you’re looking to build a list of optin subscribers, it’s pretty much essential that you have a good squeeze page that converts eyeballs to optins.

A squeeze page is simply designed to give visitors to your site a simple choice – either optin to receive information that you are offering, or, they can leave.

There are different ways of using squeeze pages but one of the most common ways to use them is as a “landing page”.

A landing page is almost like a mini-salesletter that has a powerful headline and outlines a few key benefits that your product/information offers to the reader. It’s designed to wet their appetite so that they will want to find out more information.

To do so, they have to enter their name and email address.

Creating A Free Squeeze Page
Without Squeeze Page Software

Creating an optin page from scratch is fairly simple.

The first time you do it, it may take a little longer, but once you’ve done one, it just becomes a process of repeating the same steps again and again.

I’ve actually created a free video that shows you how to create a page from scratch in around ten minutes. You can access the video here: Free Squeeze Page Video

You really don’t need to buy expensive squeeze page software to create functional landing pages. If your headline and benefits are compelling enough, then it doesn’t matter how basic your page may look, you will still generate optins.

One thing you should do is test different elements on your page to see which generates the most response.

Typical elements you can test include:

  • Headline – a strong headline will keep the readers attention and increase optins.
  • Bullet points – different benefits will attract different people.
  • Location of your optin box e.g. top of page, side of page, bottom etc.
  • Size of your optin box – large fonts, small fonts, large “submit” button etc.

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  1. Hi there,
    Maybe you can help me, how do you ridirect the people from the squeeze page to the website?

    hope you can help?

    You video its very good thanks you.

  2. Hi Simon – You set the redirect URL from within your autoresponder service.

    When creating the optin form in Aweber or Getresponse (or whoever you use) there will usually be a field to enter that URL.

    After someone opts in, they are then taken to that URL that you specify.


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  8. Richard,
    do you think it’s better to hav e a large ‘in yor face’ opt-in box on your page or do you think that frightenss people away?

  9. Thanks Richard.

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