What Is The Best Squeeze Page Template To Use?

There’s no doubt that squeeze pages are an essential tool in your list building efforts. They should be used wherever possible to capture the names and emails of people who are interested in the product or service that you are offering.

Over time your list will grow into one of your most valuable business assets so it’s essential to start building a list as soon as possible and make sure also that your optin pages convert as high as possible.

However, there are many different types of squeeze pages out there, with different templates and designs.

So how do you know…

What Is The Best Squeeze
Page Template For Maximum Optins?

One of the standard squeeze page designs is simply a “short and sweet” design that has a strong, compelling headline, followed by a few benefits (possibly in bullet point form) and then an optin box with a call to action.

If your headline and benefits are compelling enough, then this squeeze page template may give you a good optin rate.

As with anything online, you will never know just how effective one design is until you test it against another design.

Another example is …

The Long Form Squeeze Page Template

Sometimes, a few bullet points is not enough to convince people that they should hand over there personal information to you – particularly if you are in a market where people may not be accustomed to opting in for more information.

So it may make sense to test a longer form squeeze page.

Essentially, this is a cross between a regular sales letter and a squeeze page…

  • Same format as salesletter – You need to “sell” them the idea of opting in.
  • Replace your payment link with your optin form.
  • Spend more time explaining benefits to increase excitement in the prospect.

However, if not structured correctly, you may lose the prospects interest if it is too long.The important thing is to TEST between the two variations to determine which one gives you the highest optin rate.

Other Effective Designs…

The designs above are just two examples of ways that you can create a squeeze page, but there are many more variations you should try before settling on a final design.

An increasingly popular design with the rise of online video is to create a short video clip and use that to replace the headline and benefit text.

Sometimes, by having a “real” person speaking to you on the webpage may help increase trust and credibility among prospects, which in turn, may lead to a higher optin rate.

The benefit of using a video also is that you can cover as much information as you want without having to add more text.

Many people use squeeze pages as a pre-sales page i.e. people have to optin to see the salespage.

The problem with this is that there may be people who would be willing to buy your product, but if they don’t optin, they never see the salespage.

Always Do What Makes
You The MOST Money…

Consider testing between a separate squeeze/sales page arrangement, and a straight salesletter that has an optin form somewhere on the page.

In the latter option, 100% of people who visit your site will see your sales message, compared to only 25-50% when using a squeeze page first.

You’re probably sick of hearing me say this, but the only way you will know for sure which one works better is to TEST.

Over time, many of these small tests can turn into huge increases in optin rates. As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, your list will become one of your most valuable assets, so it’s important to build it the right way.

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