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Everyone knows that businesses need to generate new leads and customers to survive.  Nobody knows this better than business owners themselves.

The truth though is that most business owners don’t know HOW to generate those new customers.

With the ever increasing dominance of the search engines compared to typical ‘phone books’, more and more businesses are starting to realize the power of having an internet presence for online lead generation.

How YOU Can Profit From
Online Lead Generation…

If you have any kind of online business, whether you are a product owner, or even if your strategy is affiliate marketing, you should be trying to generate leads online.

A list of prospects and customers is an extremely valuable asset that you can leverage time and time again.

If you are sending traffic directly to a salespage then a huge amount of your marketing efforts are being wasted.

Even with an extremely optimistic conversion rate of 5% on a product … that still means 95 out of every 100 people who visit your site will leave and never come back.

A more effective strategy would be to send people to a squeeze page first, offering some kind of free gift … possibly a free report.

This way, you can capture the name and email of visitors to your site and be able to follow up with them via autoresponder as many times as you want.

You may experience a slight decrease in sales initially (as not everyone will optin and get to your salespage), but the people on your list will be highly tartgeted and you should find that your lifetime customer value increases dramatically.

By testing different elements of your squeeze page, sales page, follow up sequence etc, you should be able to build a very profitable marketing funnel.

Get Paid To Generate Leads
For Other Businesses…

As an internet marketer, you also have many skills that offline business owners do not possess … or even understand in many cases.

ALL businesses want new customers, and by showing local business owners how to bring their business online, you can demand very large fees.

The beauty of this kind of system is that, while many of the tasks may be extremely simple to someone with a little experience, to the offline business owner you look like an expert.

Here are just a few things you can offer to do to generate sales leads for businesses:

1) If they have a website, offer to ‘optimize’ it for them using relevant keywords and good on page SEO so that they can get more search engine traffic and leads.

2) If they don’t have a website, offer to build one for them (HINT: You can use WordPress and one of the thousands of available themes for free)

3) If they have a website, but no list, offer to add an optin form to their site  so they can build a list, and then “manage” that list for them for a monthly fee (HINT: Use an Aweber or GetResponse account)

4) Offer to write and submit articles for them to build backlinks to their site and help get better rankings.

Lead Generation Is NOT Hard…

The truth is there are many ways to sell services to businesses.  They ALL want to generate new leads and new customers – and businesses expect to pay for advertising and promotion expenses so it can be very easy to find new clients.

A great way to get started is to offer to create a site for free for someone you know that has a business, in return for a testimonial, or recommendation.

This way you get to perfect your skills and start building a portfolio at the same time.

(BIG HINT:  If you feel you can’t do any of this, you can also outsource all of the work to people on places like Odesk.com who can do it inexpensively … You can still charge the business owner more and make money as a “project manager”)

Ok… so by now your heads should be overflowing with new ideas :-)

All you have to do is take action!

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To Your Success!

Richard Legg

Richard Legg


  1. Great work i will try to implement some of these tactics,i badly need the backlinks,thanks for the info.

  2. Richard,
    I’m very impressed with the work you do. I particularly like the format and appearance of your blog. I’m just starting out and have a
    favor to ask. Do you prefer Blogger or WordPress for blog creation? Look forward to your response.

  3. Good stuff Richard,
    Another way to think out of the box and create a real business that you can call your own.Competing with the Big Yellow Book is a reality, now that more and more businesses are going online.

    Mark C

  4. Hello, Richard Thanks for sharing your info with me.

  5. Hi Richard,

    This is great. I’ve been “following” you (not in a stalker way 😉 ) since I started. You have great products too – I bought MyLinkGuard from you way back when I was even more of a newbie.

    Thanks for all the fantastic advice!


  6. Wonderful info and will help build customer loyalty and gain valuable experience and help gain market share. There is nothing like helping someone else and maybe empowering a business avenue for small business owners.

  7. Thanks Richard,
    Some good ideas here plus a couple more of my own that were triggered by it, that I think I can use quite quickly.
    Keep it up!

  8. I had never thought of taking my knowledge offline.


  9. Hi Richard,

    Great information and ideas to use in the future.

    June C

  10. I like the info about lead generation. Do you offer a landing page that I can use with wordpress?

    -Matt San Clemente Mortgage

  11. “1) If they have a website, offer to ‘optimize’ it for them using relevant keywords and good on page SEO so that they can get more search engine traffic and leads”

    How do I optimize it? Would love to know this “trick” :)


  12. Richard great info I wish i have seen your work 3 months ago.You have a gift to beable to break things down were they make sence to someone like me that is new to the internet world.Keep sending me info and thanks for the help your pal chuck in Texas god bless for now.

  13. Richard,
    You are so right man, I live in a small market town in the east of England and their are so many “Butt-Ugly” self created or Yella page creations it’s unreal. Most people you speak to about their websites have no clue what it takes to get one visitor let alone many, regularly. The information I have purchased from you is right on (Scientific Traffic), you rock man!

    – Craig ~ The 7thDwarf

  14. Richard, thanks for this information. If you would not mind i will like to have personal contact with you. I live in Germany, please I want us to talk.
    Thanks again

  15. Hi Richard,
    Great blog and full of really helpfull topics and I now find myself refering to it time and time again,so naturally I turn to for further guidance, you see I am one those those people, who seems to have no problem driving traffic to my sites, mainly using the SEO methods I have learnt from yourself, but I really have little technical knowledge.Could you recommended or do you have a product that takes someone by the hand and shows (preferably videos than PDF)the basics. For example I have just like the rest of us 100,s of giveaways which I could use to encourage people to join my list,but having looked around I cannot find the way of packaging these goodies, uploading and making available to new subscribers as you and all the other successful marketers do.
    I have been into several forums and found this to be a common problem with people such as myself ie.went to school before such things as computers,most of us have a lot of offline experience in sales and marketing but the stumbling block is not the selling or grasping the online sales methods but how to get the darn computer to do what you want.
    Perhaps heres a idea for a great product.
    To be very honest if it was not for yourself I would have packed my bags a long time ago and gone and enjoyed my retirement but at 49 I feel that I still have a lot to do and cracking this online marketing is top of the list, hey after selling £75,000+ fitted kitchens for a living it should be quite easy.Anyway sorry about the ramblings but your advice on where to go and what to do next would be appreciated as you have never steered me in the wrong direction.
    Many Thanks
    Mark Bown

  16. Simple but great idea! Really appreciate all your easy-to-understand presentations.


  17. Hi Richard,

    Thanks for your amazing blog and for your link guard, i using it every day and giving to me a lot of results. Nice product.


  18. Thank’s alot, This information will help me in many ways.

  19. Very helpful and useful information, you stand apart from the multitude of sites that pretend to be offering good advice and a revue.
    Great blog.


  20. Great stuff, Richard!
    One thing left is how to implement all of these.lol

  21. I really like the hint about Odesk. Running multiple websites can be extremely time consuming and farming out some of the work can really help you out. I am putting in more time on my sites than I ever did when I worked in the corporate climate.

  22. Thank you Richard for a detailed business plan…. great content.
    Some people charge a hell of a lot for a lot less info. Eg I bought a WSO from someone and the idea was around one concept and it didn’t give you a 10th of the detail you gave above.
    You are in my solid gold directory.

  23. Great site, I found it extremely helpful.I would really appreciate if you can give me a feedback on my site.



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