How To Create A Squeeze Page That Sucks In Leads

When you go to create a squeeze page, you need to make sure that you have a clear offer for the visitors/prospects who are going to be landing on your site.

The sole purpose of the squeeze page should be to capture leads and nothing else. That means if you want to maximize your conversions, don’t include other distractions on your squeeze page such as Adsense ads or long lists of links to other pages on your site.

The more options you give people, the less likely it is that they will complete the one you want.

This post will give you some tips on what elements you need to include on your site for maximum response.

If you don’t know how to setup your optin page, check out this post first: How To Create A Squeeze Page

Use a Strong Headline to Grab
Their Attention and Keep It…

In order to get people to optin to your lead capture page, you first need to stop and get their attention long enough for them to read your marketing message.

The headline is likely going to be the first thing they see.

  • Your squeeze page headline should be big and bold so that it stands out.
  • It should be benefit driven. Focus on the main benefit that your product/service/report will give to the end user.
  • Decide on your visitor’s biggest problem and how it can be solved, and make these part of the headline.

A good headline will grab their attention and get them reading the rest of your page.

List Benefits That Get Them
Begging To Know More…

Your squeeze page should ideally be getting someone to optin in exchange for more information, or a free report.

Giving away something for free will help increase conversions, but you can also increase them more by building extreme value in the prospects mind.

List out the main benefits that the user will get from opting in.

  • Make it an irresistible offer so that they would be insane to pass up getting the report that you are giving away.
  • Focus on the wants, needs and desires of your prospect. Always let them know what’s in it for them.

Use a Strong “Call to Action”
That Gets Them Scrambling
to Optin…

People often need to be told what to do. This is particularly true on the internet where people are distracted easily and bounce around from site to site, often without any real purpose.

If you want someone to enter their name and email address TELL them to enter it.

  • Repeat the call to action if you need to, but make sure that somewhere on the page you show people what you want them to do.
  • Include arrows or other graphical elements to show people where they need to enter the information.
  • Make the call to action clear. (Again, your squeeze page should only have ONE main call to action i.e. getting the optin)
  • Use a short video on your page, end the video by telling them to optin, include an arrow that shows them where the optin is.
  • Make the end of the video be a live “demo” of how to fill out the form – just record your screen as you do it so there is NO confusion on what needs to be done.

See this post for hints on some of the best squeeze page templates to use.

All of these elements can add up to give you the best possible squeeze page that sucks in leads and gets them salivating for more information!

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To YOUR Success,

Richard Legg

Richard Legg


Affiliate Marketing Article Writing Tips (Part 2)

Today, I want to talk about article titles.

This is so key to getting your article read.

Lackluster titles will be overlooked.  Exciting titles will get your article read.

What Makes An Exciting Title?

First, let’s give you a few examples of what a dull title is.

Imagine you’re writing an article on acne and a natural cure for acne.  A dull title might be something like…

“A Natural Cure For Acne”

(Okay, let me qualify this just a bit.  If somebody is specifically looking for a natural cure for acne and this is the only article they find, sure, they’re going to read it.  It directly speaks to what they need. )

So while this is a dull title, it can be effective if you have a captive audience.

But what if somebody goes to the search engines and finds 10 articles with that same title?

Unless yours appears at the very top, there is little chance that it’s going to get read as they’ll all blend in with the crowd.

However, if out of those first 10 results, somebody sees a title like this…

“Get Rid of YOUR Acne for Good… NATURALLY!”

Don’t you think that somebody is going to be more likely to read this article?

When writing articles, you have to think like a marketer and NOT like an author, at least when it comes to the title … because THAT is how you get people to read the article in the first place.

Let’s take another example.

Say you’re writing an article on article writing to promote your site and you come up with a title like this…

“Article Marketing To Promote Your Business”

It’s not bad, but it certainly doesn’t excite the heck out of me.

But what if you tried something like this?

“Use Article Marketing To EXPLODE Your Business, FREE!”

Much better.

So when you’re writing the titles for your articles, think like a marketer first and an author last.

Here are a list of my top 10 article sites to submit to:











Don’t forget, even though you’re writing for an online audience, there are plenty of places you can use for inspiration…

- Look at newspaper headlines for ones that make YOU want to read.  Pay attention to magazines like “National Enquirer” – Sure the articles are probably junk and full of B.S. but the headlines are always eye-catching and engaging!

- Look at top stories on Digg.com and see what kind of headline are used there too.  Top stories are there because lots of people read them – and the headline is one of the first things that will make a person decide to keep reading.

To YOUR Success,

Richard Legg
Richard Legg


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