Constant Profits Club – Andrew Hansen & Sara Young [UPDATE-

Andrew Hansen and Sara Young are teaming up to release Constant Profits Club soon.

As you probably know I’m a huge fan of Andrew’s work and have been for many years.  From what I know of Sara, her reputation is as impeccable as Andrew’s.

What I’m most excited about in the Constant Profits Club is that Andrew and Sara are going to do something different.  They’re going to show you how to start getting results FAST with one particular model, and then how to leverage those results into bigger, more long-term results with another model.

Where so many courses fail is that by giving just one method, you can only really have something that:

a) Gets fast results, but it often not scalable or sustainable.


b) Gives a much better “real” business, but takes a significant amount of time/money BEFORE you start seeing those results.

The Constant Profits Club looks like it’s going to bridge that gap perfectly as you can see from the video here:

Anyway, I’ll be putting together a full constant profits club review and constant profits club bonus package soon, so make sure to keep checking out this page for more info!


Richard Legg Reviews 7 Figure Franchise from Michael Cheney [REAL User Results]…

Who Exactly Is Michael Cheney?

Michael is a full time Internet marketer these past 17 years, but that did not stop him from enjoying the joys of competitive cycling and being a family man. He currently resides in Scotland with his wife and two kids, making a yearly income on the Internet of up to seven figures with a surprisingly simple system.

In 2006, Michael did his first major product launch, having released his Adsense Videos training course which, in just a week, went on to sell $250,000.

Beyond that, Michael also earned millions of bucks in online income with his other launches.

He still launches products to this day, and the fact that he lasted this long in the online marketplace is simply due to the fact that he concentrated on releasing products that aim to solve actual problems and deliver.

7 Figure Franchise: What We Know, And Results So Far

Michael Cheney owns an online digital business that earns $1.1 million dollars annually, and he is giving you a part of this business as a franchise with Michael’s 7 Figure Franchise.

Plenty will be included in each franchise, so we’ll be breaking the whole thing down to the basics.

Now if you only want to get started making high ticket commissions, you don’t need to go through all this; you only need to obtain your referral link after signing up.

Having received your referral link and as you are learning how things go together, you can then just follow the course at your own pace.

It’s just like learning to drive a car: you simply don’t need to know how everything works under the hood to get it moving. You only need to learn the basics to move the vehicle.

This training works under the same principle. A referral link is all you need, although fact remains that the system involves a lot of things under the hood, so to speak.

7 Figure Franchise Benefits: # 1

7 Figure Franchisees will get to sell every one of Michael’s products, and they should be able to keep 100% of the profits. This does not stop with the front end, but also all the other products in the funnel.

All this aside, you also get the right to make $1000 commissions on the franchise that you get to sell to your clients.

Michael will also work with each customer you bring him and he will work to turn each customer into the $1000 commission for you.

You could, as an example, bring him a customer for one of his $19.95 products.

Should that customer purchase the $20 front end and the first two upgrades which cost $197 and $97, thus earning you a $313.95 profit in commissions, you still get to earn another $1000 should the customer agree to the automated follow up sequence offering the franchise.

This sums up to $1,313.95 earnings in commissions with just one $19.95 customer.

If that doesn’t sound great, I don’t know what will.

That’s just the first thing that you will be getting from a 7 Figure Franchise Membership. You can see some results from the 7 figure franchise program so far here.

7 Figure Franchise Benefits: # 2

You will get the rights to use the very same sales copy that Michael has done, as well as any promotion he makes in the future.

You are going to receive up to 90 DFY emails monthly, and these can be used to promote just about any product, including those in the franchise membership itself.

7 Figure Franchise Benefits: # 3

You will be provided with recordings to an exclusive event where Michael is revealing his secrets to making seven-figures yearly.

People from all over travel to go to this event, access to which costs hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

This comes free for 7 Figure Franchisees.

Here are a few things that you will learn from the event:

A battle-tested method that will speed up your business to make an income in six figures yearly.

Some never-before heard techniques that will help you become more organized and more effective and will get you ahead of competition.

A secret product launch technique that will involve scores of hungry affiliates.

Becoming an ultra-affiliate that rakes in thousands of dollars in profit and topping leaderboards.

Cutting-edge strategies to increase your revenue to the max.

Next level list-building and email marketing strategies.

A proven sales letter and funnel creation technique that will consistently earn you big money and get you tons of customers.

7 Figure Franchise Benefits: # 4

A method that will help you get to a $10,000 monthly income from zero regardless of your experience will be revealed by Michael himself.

A method that will double your weekly profits with little work.

A surprisingly easy tactic to make $3000 daily through a spurt of idea at the last minute.

Earn in just four hours of work per day up to ten times that of your boss.

An overlooked, though important, element that determines your economic standing online.

A whiteboard symbol that will earn you more than any online money-making techniques.

The first step in the road to becoming a millionaire that most people miss.

An exclusive look into the usual day in an online millionaire’s life.

7 Figure Franchise Benefits: # 5

You’ll receive access to all the products Michael has created so far, as well as those that he will put up in the market this year.

The value for all these products and training that a 7 Figure Franchise member will be getting are estimated to be at least $5,000.

7 Figure Franchise Benefits: # 6

Free traffic.

The first thousand visitors you will be getting are free.

Michael will show you a technique to get thousands of targeted traffic without costing you anything.

Owning a website is completely unnecessary, as you only need to send your visitor to your franchise link.

7 Figure Franchise Benefits: # 7

Lastly, you will personally be able to access Michael and get 30 days-worth of free coaching from him. For this, Michael normally charges $1,000 per hour, but as a Franchise member, you are getting it for free.

Whew …

That’s a lot now, isn’t it?

The actual franchise is much more than what was listed in this page, and that’s something to think about.

Now if you are curious and would like to learn more about the franchise, as well as see proof and reviews from actual members, just click here for more info on 7 figure franchise:


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