Quick Traffic Tips To Get Your First 1000 Visitors For Free

Quick Traffic Tips To Get Your First 1000 Visitors

This is a follow-up from my last post: Quick Affiliate Marketing Tips That Don’t Cost A Penny.

In my last post we discussed how you can pick a niche product on Clickbank and generate some quick affiliate commissions.

The response to that post was great, so I thought I’d share a little more with you guys :-)

This time I want to show you some tips to generate your first 1000 visitors … for free!

The Importance Of “Digging”

One of the tips I gave when searching for keywords was to “dig down” into a niche to find easier keywords to rank for.

Even though they may have a lower search volume, they also have much less competition, which makes them ideal for getting some quick traffic.

If you’re still relatively new to this, the key to your success is going after smaller, less competitive niche markets, rather than trying to compete for terms like “internet marketing” or “make money”.

It’s SOOOO much easier to get traffic with 10 low volume, low competition keywords than it is to focus on one high volume, high competition one.

So if you’re looking to make some quick affiliate commissions, you MUST stick to niche markets.

Using Multimedia For Instant Targeted Traffic

In the last post, I suggested creating an affiliate product review.

This method is useful because with sites like Squidoo and HubPages, you don’t necessarily need your own site to start out.

Now we need to drive traffic to that product review…

Step #1 – Articles

This is the cornerstone of most of my marketing strategies. I gave you a list of places to submit to in the previous post (the one linked to at the beginning of this post), but we are going to do a LOT more with them this time.

If you want to submit to more than 10 different places I would suggest rewriting the articles to make them unique.

This can be done either by creating new ones from scratch (which is a lot of work) or using a free service like www.JetSpinner.com to create hundreds of unique versions easily and quickly.

You can then post unique versions to different directories and other “web 2.0” content sites that allow you to post content.

This brings you traffic in two ways:

(a) Direct traffic from people clicking links placed in the content themselves

(b) Higher search engine rankings from all the backlinks you obtain

Step #2 – Videos

Video sites like YouTube and Google Video get enormous amounts of traffic (and also rank highly in the search engines).

You can easily create a video by turning your article into a powerpoint presentation and then recording your screen as you talk through the article.

If you don’t have MS Office to create a powerpoint, try a free alternative at OpenOffice.org and if you don’t have Camtasia, grab a free alternative at CamStudio.org

Take your video and submit it to multiple video directories (for free) using the service at TubeMogul.com

Don’t forget to put your keywords in the title and also put the URL of your product review page in the description box.

Step #3 – Submit Your Slide Show

You can take your powerpoint presentation you created and submit it to SlideShare.net

Be sure to include a link to your page in the presentation and a call to action at the end to get people to visit.

Step #4 – Audio and Podcasts

You can take the audio from your video recording and upload it to different podcast sites like PodcastDirectory.org, PodcastingNews.com, PodcastAlley.com

Make sure that you reference your webpage in the audio clearly so that people can hear it well enough to type it into their browsers.

Step #5 – Bookmark Your Submissions

As well as bookmarking your articles and other pages as discussed last time, you should also use SocialMarker.com to bookmark some of your videos, podcasts and powerpoint presentations

Step #6 – RSS Aggregators

If using something like Squidoo to create your product review page, your  lens also comes with an RSS feed – the format is:


For example, if your lens is:

Your RSS Feed is:

You can submit your RSS Feed to places like:


Submitting your feed can get you more backlinks and help your pages rank higher in the search engines, as well as getting indexed faster.

The important thing to remember is that all of this content should be based around your chosen keywords for your niche affiliate product.

All of the above steps can be done with little work, and all from one “base” article.  The real power in this system is leveraging existing content to get as much traffic as you can from one initial piece – giving you more time to create more content, which should make you more money :-)

If you research your niche keywords correctly, and use them in all of your content pieces, then very soon you will start to see traffic and sales at your site.

Use the comment box below to let me know what you think and also to leave any of your own tips that you use!

To YOUR Success


  1. Jonas Ramney says:

    I’m first!

    Your blog gets so many comments lately, that never happens any more… GREAT content as always :)

  2. Interesting and informative as usual, Richard!

  3. Since I’m new to getting anything online I’m positive this will be highly instumental in my online presence…

    Don’t Stop…!

  4. Great Stuff Richard! I always enjoy reading your excellent tips and all new Marketers should pay close attention.

    Here’s a tip to add to your video section:

    When adding your URL in the video sharing sites, make sure you put it on the very first line and always use the http:// so that it is a live clickable link.

    I’ll buy that for a dollar :)

    All the best,

    Bryan Bailey

  5. thanks for all this free stuff, because this is the only way for me to get started.

  6. @ Bryan – Great tip! Definitely make sure to include the full URL on the first line so people can easily see it and click on it.

    I also forgot to mention that you should also tell them in the video to click the link for more information.

    Sometimes people need to be told what to do before they’ll do anything!


  7. Great tips! Have increased my profits by applying them!
    Thanks a bunch! Another great place to submit to:

  8. Awesome tips. Will start to use them immediately. Thanks for all your timely and useful information. Please keep it up.

  9. Hi Richard
    I quite enjoyed your post.

    I have been using videos on Youtube for quite a while. If your topic becomes a hot topic there can be a flood of visitors to your website. Make sure to tag your video with your keywords of your product.

    I haven’t tried Google videos yet and it is next on my list. Thanks again for the tips.
    Always appreciated!
    David Robertson

  10. Hi Richard,
    As always, you ROCK! Great tips and training on marketing. I’m loving it, do not stop…we all should learn from you to give more value to your customers. Thank you so much.

  11. Richard,

    Your unselfishness and willingness to help will be remembered by many people. Thank you so much.

  12. Hey Richard, Nice to see you back, Thanks for the awesome content.
    I am trying this method with Hub pages right at the moment , How about a post on that Side of the Market ? It’s too early for me to give an honest opinion, I just started with the program but I will let you know how it works out. So far my pages are ranking in the 60’s. Have a wonderful Day, Tim
    “The Leprechaun”

  13. Looking forward to results.

    Clara McIlwain

  14. Very good step by step process Richard. I am doing this right now
    with my sites, and if everyone follows your steps THEY WILL see
    P.S. I did pickup a tip here, I’am off to get openoffice

  15. Richard,

    Thanks for sharing some great traffic generating tips with us. I just have to echo the benefits of article marketing. I am still getting traffic from articles I wrote and submitted more than 3 years ago. Articles and press releases are tops for free traffic.

  16. Nothing to say but thank you.

    Be blessed.

  17. Good post. Have lot of things to learn for newbies who want to drive traffic to their websites.

  18. Hi Richard,

    Thank you for the valuable info.
    My trust in your honesty is growing

  19. Richard,

    Thanks for this informative article. I would only like to add a couple of things. Like Hubpages. Hubpages also work well in helping you rank well for certain keywords. Preferably long tail keywords. And it’s better to systemize everything. Like set up everyday tasks that you will take in order to ensure a constant flood of traffic to your site.

    Thanks again.


  20. …My trust in your honesty is growing…
    These are Frank’s words (above) and I only can say: I AGREE! (this moment there are only 2 people on the net whom I trust completely: that’s you and …myself) 😉

    Once again, you made my day!
    Leo S.

  21. Yes, I have to agree. Richard is a good man. God bless you and your family Sir.

  22. Richard,I greatly appreciate your top advice, the way you present the info into simple easy to do yet comprehensive steps is inspiring. You give hope to people starting off on the internet!

  23. HI Richard,

    I’ve been on your mailing for a very long time. This is one really good post with all the free stuff.

    I’ve been using Jing, Camtasia program. Today you showed us a another free tool.

    Thank you for the links

  24. Great stuff Richard…One big question? How do you “research your niche keywords correctly”. I am very interested in your response.

  25. For me it is crystal clear that unless you have some IT background of at least a few years your efforts in Internet marketing will be most certainly doomed to failure. Newbies should not
    let themselves be carried away by statements
    implying how easy it is. For those who have the
    routine – yes, it may appear easy. This is not
    meant to discourage anybody keen on exploration
    on their own. I find what Richard Legg is exposing on his blog a good base for starting out.

    Reply from Richard: While I appreciate that it’s probably easier (on the technical side of things) if you have some background in computers, I really want to stress that it’s not essential … and you’re certainly not doomed to failure if you don’t.

    My own Dad, (who was/is a complete technophobe!) had never used a computer in his life until a couple of years ago and is now making money from internet marketing.

    The hardest part of marketing is really the marketing itself… Which is why I spend my time trying to teach people.

    If you don’t have experience on setting up a website/blog there are plenty of free tutorials online, and if you really don’t want to set it up yourself, then there are lots of places you can find to hire people to do it for you inexpensively.

    There is ALWAYS a solution to a problem … But from my experience, I think a lot (but let me stress, not all) of people aren’t dedicated enough to make something work for them. That may be why so many are “doomed to failure”.

  26. Hi Richard,
    Just wanted to thank you for all your advice so far. As a retired B2B salesman the change to Internet Marketing has been fun but challenging due to the lack of computer know how, but I can say with your easy step by step guides things are getting off the ground.
    I took up your advice on Firepow and well what can I say, A fantastic tool with all the help and support a “newbie” such as myself needs. Can I give a big shout out to Shruti in tech support at Firepow who completed all the stuff where I was completely out of my depth.
    It is reassuring that you only recommend products and services that have the same outlook towards potential customers as yourself.
    Once again many thanks and keep the golden hints and tips coming.
    Mark Bown
    now one step up from a newbie

  27. Hey Richard, Great Article, I have been getting Search Engine traffic off of my articles for months now all on autopilot with most of them sitting on the first page. Thanks for the great tips and info. Looking forward to much more. Have a wonderful day. Timothy Millar

  28. Do Squidoo lenses allow direct linking to your affiliate sites. I thought they were changing thier m/o
    Youtube hasn’t worked for me yet. But I’ll stick to it.

    Brian Pat

  29. I love the info on this page. I have just started the first one on looking for a niche . i believe that is the key because the competition out there is really fierce. This is a great write up . kudos !

  30. Thanks Richard for the great marketing tips

  31. Great information,it really helps. Thank you so much.

  32. Hi Richard,

    I am a new starter in internet biz and is learning a lot. I have just completed my first ebook and is seeking oustource support to launch my website Your traffic tips for my first 1000 visitors sound very useful and I will apply it asap.
    Thank you for sharing!


  33. This information is very valuable to me,thanks

  34. I’ve been following your website for long time and no doubt you always create a good contents here.

  35. Thank you for your tips Richard.

    The RSS feed method always carries the risk of Autoblogs stealing your content.

    Google images is a good way of boosting traffic!

  36. http://feed-directory.com/ is incorret and not available currently. And http://www.feedsfarm.com/ also down and not working.

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    Thank you

  38. Hi Richard great stuff as it is I am getting some backlinks for free and it’s good but you are proposing very practical short term and long term methods, they all have value, so I’m on it; thanks

  39. Richard, I can’t help but think how easy it would have been for your Dad to become skilled enough at this game to make a living at it. He would have had access on a personal 1/1 basis with a smart experienced son who could teach him.
    Likewise my son became a damned good all round Carpenter because he had me to sit with him and teach him the steps, plus could get on the phone and ask when he was stuck.
    Makes it a hell of a lot easier!
    Jack Kerr

  40. Hi Richard, I was wondering if it would work on a recipe site!



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