What’s Holding You Back From Success?

If you’ve spent any amount of time online trying to build a business, one of the things that you’ve likely experienced is how “lonely” it can get at times.

I know when I first started, I didn’t know anyone else in the internet marketing world, and I felt like some kind of lone “bedroom marketer”; sitting at my desk reading, learning and trying to understand how to do every little thing that I needed to in order to get a website up and running.

I’m sure this is a common theme for many of you reading this now.

Sometimes it feels like we’re all alone and nobody else gets what we are trying to do, and at the same time, it seems like we’re the only ones who we can rely on to get the things we need done.

Does that sound familiar?

Over time I came to realize that one of the most important factors in my business was not “what” I knew, but “who” I knew.

It’s very rare that a business can be built by just one man (or woman) alone.

Unless you’re already an expert in running an internet business, it’s going to take you a long time to master every little thing.

Remember the old saying ….

Two heads are better than one…

That saying is true and it’s something that I’m discovering more and more recently.

Everyone of us has issues that we need to work through, problems that we need solved, and more often than not, WE are not the best person to get the job done.

That’s why building relationships with other people online (and offline) can greatly help the growth of your business.

If you’ve been following my emails recently you’ll know that I’ve been working with a (very smart!) guy, Eric Farewell, who I met a couple of months back at a seminar in Chicago.

Eric’s a great guy, and for those that have been part of our “Niche Domination Secrets” course, he’s also extremely savvy when it comes to building a business online.

I’ve already learned a great deal from him, but in return, I’ve also helped him with some of the SEO and traffic stuff that I know, so that he can use that to build his business also.

It’s a great win/win situation as we both get to benefit from each other’s knowledge and experience.

What are YOU doing to grow?

My favorite way of building relationships with other people is by getting to offline events/seminars and meeting other “like minded” individuals in person.

Some people get this wrong and think that seminars are only for pestering the “gurus” to promote your latest and greatest $47 ebook. (Unfortunately this wont get you very far)

While there may be 10 or so speakers at an event, there could be anywhere from 100-1,000 other people at the event just like you, all looking to grow and build their businesses.

THESE are the people you should be talking to.

You won’t believe how many different skills and interests you will find among the other attendees – skills that can help YOUR business.

Don’t forget the Online Communities

While I know that it may not be practical for everyone to get to an offline seminar, that doesn’t mean that you can’t “meet” other people online too.

There are plenty of forums online where you can go and ask for help or advice from people who will gladly share it with you.

One of my favorite places is the Warrior Forum where you can find literally thousands of members talking about all aspects of building an online business.

Just from forums like this I’ve forged great relationships with other marketers who all want to help each other.

So what do YOU need?

So what’s holding you back from success? What do you need to take your business to the next level … or even the “first” level?

Not only that, but also what do you have to offer someone else?

Leave a comment below and let me know what you feel you’re good at, and what you feel you need help with.

You never know, you might just meet someone else here who can help you with what you need!

To YOUR success,


  1. Hi Richard, just after midnight here in the U.K

    You asked in your subject line” what’s holding me back”

    One thing that gets up my nose is marketers that have my email address on more than one list.

    I have received three copies of the same email from you on the same download. two timed 23.00 and the third at 00.00.

    Is it so difficult to ensure that your lists do not send duplicate mail.



  2. @ Norman

    I use a professional autoresponder service for this so it *should* not happen even if you are on multiple lists. Though I know technology is rarely 100% perfect and so I apologize for this.

    However, sometimes this is also caused by signing up with different emails e.g


    Any difference in the name and/or email will be treated as a separate address and so the system will mail to each separate address.

    If it is the same email on different lists, then it would be because you signed up again to a specific sub-list for something.

    Again, I apologize for “getting up your nose” but there is always a link at the bottom of each email if you want to remove the other two addresses.

    Kindest regards,


  3. Hello Richard,

    I’m so happy to hear you had a peaceful weekend with baby Adam and your lovely family.

    You know the truth be known, I do feel very very lonely. I have exhausted my bank account and am now left with nothing. I have been desparately trying to make money online by building an Internet Marketing business without any computer knowledge. I will admit all your emails, once I got them went into a file I made up for you. I kept filling my details on every email I got trying to find the programme that was going to at last give me back all the money I spent. My husband can’t believe that all this time that I have been spending on the computer (perhaps 7 to 8 hours or so) that I don’t still have something concrete to build a business. I also previously bought PLR products but did not have a clue as to how to put them togetheer. So then I purchased the videos to show me how to use them. This is creating so many problems in my household as I have filled up my poor computer which I’m afraid cant tolerate me any longer. I cant tolerate me longer as I am so frustrated not really understanding why I cant get this business going.Please help me Richard as I am at the end of my tether. I gave it all I could and still nowhere near what I imagined I was getting into.

    You see my husband cannot find work, but finds it very hard to help me because he doesnt understand Internet Marketing himself. I have a 90 y/o mother who suffers Dementia and I cant go out to work as she needs me 24/7. I am totally hooked on making something of this business and never having to struggle in my life again. Now you know why you have’nt been hearing from me.

  4. Mr. Legg, as a beginner (more than 2 years), the biggest problem is such a vast array of golden nuggets that will make you number 1. Financially, and I hope that I speak for a majoriy of IM people, we just cannot afford to spend any more. After 2 years, and after joining so many membership’s etc. I have at last found a really “HONEST” one. So now, to coin your words previously, I am going to FOCUS and start un-subscribing the lists that have almost taken over my email.
    Please keep up the valuable work that you are giving us. Regards Harry Deitch (Sydney, Australia).

  5. Gary Dowdle says:

    I echo so much of other comments I have been reading.!! I have been online for around 2 years now and had very little success with IM.
    As I am a reasonably successful salesman in UK (offline) I ,perhaps wrongly, assumed I could just transfer this talent to IM.
    My feelings at present are that,as with many other big businesses,the real money has already been made and there is very little for us”minions”.
    I read with interest your comments and am very glad you seem to to be successful both in business and your personnal life(hope Adam is well) but I feel there is no where to go as I have a very unresponsive list of over 2,000.
    A few positive suggestions from you you would be very gratefully received.



  6. It is true that you cannot do everything yourself. Information that you get from others is allways helpful. You have to make your own decisions on what is right for you. There is quite a bit of duplication from some marketers coming from different sources. I am getting over 100 e-mails a day. I try to narrow it down, but new ones keep popping up.

  7. Hi Richard,
    Glad the family bondings going well, it’s a magic feeling you never lose.
    I’m a combination of Jay and Harry and although I don’t have the dementia problem I do have another business that is very physical and I work at least 6 hours a day and at night even though I’m exhausted I give marketing my best shot. I have a mentor/coach but even that doesn’t make me feel that I’ve learned what I need to know to get going. Unfortunately when I was getting somewhere wit a particular program I had a glitch and the “person” kept telling me I would get there until the 3 months was up and then it was bugger off you’ve used your time better paying customers get my priority now. Thanks a lot, as it happened I actually had a problem within the uploading program this person had recommended and if they’d taken the time to listen originally I may now not be facing the real possibility of going under especially in todays economic climate. I read your material very diligently even when, as now, I should be doing my homework for the mentor however after this it will be back to the grindstone.

    Keep up the great stuff as it seems there are a few truly honest marketers now that do want to ethically provide the instruction they promised they would when they took our money, or in your case often free.

    It would be terrific if there was some way novices like us from Oz had contact with other novices from Oz particularly in our areas then we could possibly work out some of problems and not feel like lepers. We can’t afford to just jump on a plane and go to some whizz bang seminar and some of us have had nasty experiences when the whizz bangs came to us.
    Just a thought.

    Many thanks, Maureen (Newcastle Australia)

  8. Greetings Richard, Thomas Richmond here, congrats on the baby not giving you an hassles lol, a peaceful weekend? what is that LOL . I just came off of a PPC classroom webcast, been busy all week with new launches, pre-launches, and post launches LOL. The problem with business emails is that some are to busy to be busy, what i mean is that they would put off and send them to a folder to review later, not good for a marketers stand point, but for me i look into everything, take in a lot of kowledge know how to improve my arketing skills no matter how many or how much there is in my opt-in lists and or auto-responders i read. Im sure my affiliates and members do the same with me lol. Thanks again Richard! :)

  9. I am in the same boat as Jay Rossi. I have eliminated a lot of my sites as they got my money but no return.
    Can’t afford any more.
    Need to make some money first.
    I just don’t know who I can trust any more. So many want to help me but sometimes I think it is just numbers for the ones that have already made it on the internet.
    When I hear of something I Google it and there it is again, SCAM.

  10. MY biggest problem is having money, I used up most of my credit and no income coming in. Tomorrow I take a commission job.

  11. Hey Richard,
    Glad the entre family finally got some rest, And I am not going to cry on your shoulder. My main barrier is not knowing whether
    I am going to have that 100. that it takes every month to keep up the little things you need to run a business online, Hosting, autoresponder,member dues, advertising etc.etc.. I have a great product with no knowledge as to how to put it together. I mean Great!!! This is something that will benefit
    the entire Internet! Yes, I said the Entire Internet. No I am not telling you in this note, You know how to get ahold of me. Have a Nice one.
    “The Leprechaun”

  12. Sorry Richard,
    Just noticed at the last second that the website listed for me is incorrect so here is the right one
    Very good post added today!(hope you don’t mind the plug)

    someon told me once: You don’t get anything you don’t ask for!

  13. Javed Ahmad says:

    Hi Richard,

    interesting post.
    what is holding me back? from what?
    well, I think internet marketing is not for everyone.
    And a question: can it be done in part time?
    but beofre that, one should have either a killer app./service or product to offer. “Zara hat ke” (something different).
    I want to market an innovation for kitchen, which can save money in monthly household budget.
    How to go to people? or rather grab them by nose?

    warm regards,
    Javed Ahmad
    New delhi

  14. Hi Richard, always enjoy your posts, but I have to say reading today’s comments has left me somewhat saddened. Seems a lot of your readers have had their fingers burnt with their attempts to make it online.

    It’s all too easy to end up with a hard drive full of downloaded programs and then lose sight of where you’re going.

    All I can say to them is that there are people out there they can trust (your being one) not to scam them or rip them off.

  15. Hi Richard,
    Glad you finally are able to take a rest. Really, having a baby around takes
    up a lot of one’s time, but it’s a real joy to see the baby give you his first smile, which will be soon.
    Now talking about IM, I can relate to Roeli, I am also considering deleting many websites and accounts that take my money giving me no return and now I am cashstrapped with 2 maxed out credit bills. Many well-meaning friends kept telling me to give up because they said that all these
    product owners only want to take my money.
    I am glad that you are helping us in your way. Right now I am in the midst of building my website. I finally managed to get the nvu html editor which I told I was not able to get into for so long, more than 3 months.
    I have been in this IM for 3 years now and have so far received ‘returns’ of just $600+ while my owing is $20,000+. I am not able to pay up the principal but only paying the interest every month.
    Now I need advice on what I should put on my squeeze page or what I should promote because I don’t have any product. I am only promoting as an affiliate. I need your advice Richard as to what I can put on my squeeze page.
    I would also like to have ideas on how to promote the free website that I was given.
    Like you said it takes time, and it is taking a long time, 3 years and am still not seeing results.

  16. Shubrato Chakraborty says:

    Dear Richard,

    Great blog ! Yeah, it does get lonely when you don’t get anyone to ask or consult or simply to chat on internet marketing.

    It’s not often that great leaders like you can find time to listen to feedbacks to their blogs.

    This is what distinguishes you from most others.

    May be in a year”s time you just won’t find the time !

    What’s holding me back from joining is…. economical. But, firstly, one clarification, please.
    Would I be required to pay $50 per site per month ? Plus $30 or $80 at the time of joining, again, for both ?
    Or $30+50 (1st month) and $50 per month thereafter.

    I am a young man of 63 living in Kolkata (earlier known as Calcutta) in India. When 50 gets multiplied by (about 50 now), it’s a lot of Rupees. I do realize that the content of your “system” is of immense value.

    I’m still undecided.
    I’ll be in touch…. if nothing else, then just to gain valuable info from your blogs.
    I like the sincere tone in your write-ups. There’s no phony bone in your body.
    All the best !

  17. Richard,
    Glad to hear the baby is doing fine. However, I feel that I can reflect the many similar thoughts of most of your respondents. There is no more money left. My wife is terrified of the economy, my children had to drop out of college after their junior years, and my youngest has had to put his college aspirations on hold until I can garner employment. I am tired of the free downloads and programs and the unkempt promises of those who are called experts in the business.

    In response to your question: “What is holding you back?” I would like to issue a challenge to you Mr. Legg. Dare to be different. Help people to honestly make money on-line and put “Your” money where your mouth is.
    Like myself, most do not want to live in $million dollar homes. Most just want to replace a former income which may have been lost (as in my case) through corporate downsizing. I went from making $80,000 per year to 0 over night. I have went through all of my savings, my vehicle has been repossessed and my wife is threatening to leave even though I have unsuccessfully applied for hundreds of jobs locally.

    Help those of us who support you and respond to your blogs make $5000 per month on-line and prove your mettle to each and every one of us. Do this with your own efforts. Not some marketing association who promises to help us make money on-line if we can pay them $1500-5000 just to assist us in getting started and the promises and the lure of internet fortunes. Do this for free and let us pay you when we begin making money. Let us be your success stories and go live on T.V. providing you personal recognition and the opportunity to garner the trust of others around the world as proof “Your” system and approach truly works.

    If not you will find your list reducing in numbers because we will all begin to realize that this is just another scam. No more $77 deals, no more “freebies” no more “list building” just God honest work by those who support you. I appreciate the personal touch of your blog. However, while your family is just starting out in the world mine is suffering irreparable emotional duress during very troubling economic times. We appear to all have one thing in common.

    Quit nickle and diming all of us and “Put your money where your mouth is.” Dare to be different. Take a chance on your skills,abilities, and knowledge and lead your supporters towards at least replacing lost incomes. Then and only then will you receive money from me and many others. So, I ask you William, “Do you dare to be different?” or are you just like all of the Andrew Fox’s, Shawn Casey’s, Derek Gehl’s, Mike Filsaime’s, and the Michael Rassmussen’s of the world who will literally promise you the stars for the very low price of just “$27.00 per month” and oh yeah, when they get your credit card information, good luck in getting them to stop charging your account in even if you request to stop payment.

    I am curious to see if you can give each and everyone of us an honest answer. Good luck with the family and God’s peace.

    William G.

  18. Lynn Wertheimer says:

    What’s holding me back from success? It’s probably a number of things. Allowing distractions and fears to interfere with action. Allowing myself to get overwhelmed with information and then not being clear on the step-by-step actions to take and taking them. Allowing past failures and disappointments to dictate future outcomes, no matter how much I desire something different. Making some poor financial choices for purchasing products that don’t deliver or duplicate what I have and then pushing my own resources to the limit.

  19. I must admit Richard before your course I had the same feelings as some of the people above but as a Novice Im getting loads of Good stuff from you and its finally starting to pay off, not only on my hits counters but on my sales. Looking forward to Thursday



  20. Hi Richard, and everybody else who has already posted here.
    I feel such a connection and likeness to some of the people who have posted here. I have been on the Internet for just over a year, and I have learned heaps (I was computer illiterate at the beginning), but I have also spent way too much money for too little return.
    I am still very fired up about getting going, and I will not give up until I get there. It can be very hard, the only time I get in to work on my own business is after 9pm at night when the kids are in bed, and by then I am pretty knackered myself.
    What I found is really holding me back is the information overload that happens when you are keen on learning as much as you can. You subscribe to lists, and keep looking for that one thing, and you get literally swamped with emails over time. I get completely lost in trying to have a look at all those mails, and time goes by and I am not effectively working on building my business.
    The best times when I really got something together was always when I had a scheduled program where I had to fulfill tasks by a certain day. That kept me focused and switched on.
    So here is my tip to everybody out there: Pick one program you believe in and FOCUS and give it your best shot. Concentrate! Don’t let yourself get distracted. Unsubscribe from all those useless lists, and focus on one thing you want to stick to for a while and try to make it work.
    “The successful man is the average man, focused” – Unknown author

  21. It seems from the replies that many of you have been suffering from the same things – which is paying for information and then not being able to use it either because of information overload or some other reason.

    Petra has a great tip above and that is to:

    “Pick one program you believe in and FOCUS and give it your best shot. Concentrate! Don’t let yourself get distracted. Unsubscribe from all those useless lists, and focus on one thing you want to stick to for a while and try to make it work.”

    I can’t agree with this enough.

    There are two main factors which (in my own personal opinion) are the main killers of success online.

    1) Lack of action

    2) Too much information

    While I can’t do anything about people who don’t take action, I do believe it’s possible to help people deal with trying to do too many things at once.

    If you do that, you will literally just keep going round in circles.

    In fact, here’s a link to a free report that shows you how to break down your goals and focus on them in a step-by-step manner.


    I know it’s free, but that doesn’t mean it’s not valuable.

    From what I see, many of you have spent money on programs so chances are you probably have the basic information, but just need a way to put it to use.

    It *is* possible to make money online without spending any up front, and there are plenty of good free courses that can help you.

    One that I highly recommend is Travis Sago’s “Bum Marketing”


    You may be wondering why I’m recommending you signup to someone elses list, but the truth is, I would much rather see people succeed, even if that means they listen to someone else.

    I can’t help everyone, and my methods may not suit everyone, but I know this is a very good course.

    This is the very same course I recommended to my own father when he wanted to earn some extra money.

    Up to 2 years ago, he’d never even TOUCHED a computer – he never had to since he was in a manual labour industry.

    He thought it would blow up if he hit the wrong key! :-)

    He went through that course, took ACTION, and just recently he passed $1,000 in commissions without EVER spending a dime. And he did that all with an old beat up laptop using a dial up connection.

    It is possible, you just have to focus and take committed, specific action.

    To William G. who thinks I may be just trying to “nickel and dime” you. I would hope that if you have gone through my (free) beginners course and followed my emails for any length of time, you would know that I’m not that kind of person at all.

    Obviously this is a business for me, this is how I feed my family, so yes, I am trying to make money. But I still believe it’s possible to do it while helping others.

    You said: “Help people to honestly make money on-line and put “Your” money where your mouth is… Do this for free and let us pay you when we begin making money. ”

    I appreciate that you may have been burned in the past, but a lot of my information is given out for free.

    The content I give out for free is also actionable content based on my own personal experiences of building a business – but it’s up to the individual to act on it.

    The reason I put the free course together was so that I could share my knowledge with other people. Those are my “own efforts”!

    It’s not possible for me to work personally with everyone on my list who wants to make money, and the information I would give you would be the same regardless of whether you go through the course or whether you get personal assistance. By packaging it in a downloadable format, I’m able to share it with many more people than I ever possibly could in a one-one situation.


  22. my problem is that i’m trying to run before i can even crawl. i got a computer in march this year and until then i was completely computer illiterate (i kind of still am) but i’m learning all the time. i am such a beginner that i really dont know where to start when it comes to building a website, do i use the free drag and drop ones such as weebly or do i use a html editor? i looked up nvu on google and it said it was discontinued so do you have any advice on what to use and how to use it? i also wanted to try and build a download page but i’ve got completely no idea how and any tips i have read are way above me. i am a complete LOSER so i understand that will be a bit of a hindrance to my success in anything i try. money is also a very big problem for me. anyway big up the family.

  23. Hi Andy,

    It is possible to use the free sites such as Squidoo, HubPages and Weebly etc if you are promoting affiliate products. And many people get started this way.

    You may also want to consider a free blog from blogger.com too.

    I believe NVU is still active here:


    Andy, I don’t believe you are a loser. You are just a beginner.

    EVERYONE has to start somewhere, and in a few months time there will be new people coming online and you will look like the expert to them.

    Don’t worry about making millions right now, just focus on making that first sale, or getting that first optin. Then you can grow from there.


  24. Hi Richard,

    I love internet marketing but can understand why people may feel that it is a lonely business. I think for many of us it is a one person show. I don’t personally know a single person that is a internet marketer, and all my friends think I am crazy to even attempt to make money online. My girlfriend can’t stand the amount of time I spend building websites, and writing. But I love this business, I always have something to do, and I am always learning new things. My biggest problem is a lack of time. One of the advantages of running a online business is that you don’t need lots of cash to do it, but you will need plenty of time.

    Best of luck to everyone out there,


  25. Hi Richard,

    Glad to hear the baby’s starting to give you some sleep.
    I know about babies…had 6 of them. I survived.

    What’s been holding me back has been mainly technical
    A few months ago I didn’t know how to add a picture to my
    blog or how to make a hyperlink.
    Now I do. I even have a website. The Website isn’t great and
    I keep changing my pages. But I’m learning, finally.
    I have my hosting and Domain name at the same place. I
    spend less per year for my Website….and all the help they give….
    than I payed per month for all the useless e-books and software
    I accumulated.
    I still have a lot to learn but I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.
    I’ve unsubscribed from most of my e-mails, just hanging on to a few of
    them, including yours.
    I’ve finally found the right place to be at and hope to see some money in the near future.

    Best of luck to everybody. I hope you’ll all run into the place I found.

    Love and enjoy that baby, Richard. He’ll be gone before you know it. They grow up way too fast.


  26. Dear Richard,

    The question was, “What’s holding me back?” A lot of things, my learning disability is the major one; my brain really doesn’t hold a lot of information, it’seems like it’s to the full limit. Not to mention, my vocabulary; Comprehension; Money; etc. I really need someone who will help me one-on-one, step-by-step for me to understand all the boggling stuff.

    I’m glad that you are successful with all that you are doing!

    Best Wishes


  27. Melody Baker says:


    That is me to a T. I paid for an Autoresponder account through Aweber, but still am unable to set it up. Have any ideas on how to do this?

  28. Hi Melody,

    To be honest, the first place I would start is the Aweber “Getting Started” guide:


    If you still have trouble, their support team are very helpful and they’d be able to assist you better than anyone with any issues you may have.


  29. Hi Richard,

    Before I begin, thank you for taking the time to respond to my emails that I send to you. I know you are working your you know what off, and your dedication to your “community” as I would call it is well appreciated.

    I must admit that I empathize with Jay Rossi. I truly and honestly want to get this going. I’m determined and know a bit about computers. When I said that i empathize with Jay, my husband is saying the same things to me (even earlier tonight) that I spend so much time and money on this “Project” that he wants to see some return on our “investment”. He has no idea that I have “broadened” my horizons and have way more than just ebay! Wait until we have to fill our taxes out and he finds out exactly “how” much $$ I’ve spent!!!

    I started out with joining PMI and wanting to sell things on ebay. I was going to be a dropshipper. Ebay and paypal decided to change a few things such as pricing. By the time the sale was completed, there would be little left. I know this because I began talking to the person I buy my perfume from who has been making a living on ebay. She was not too happy with their changes.

    After signing up with that, I was contacted by a company that PMI refers to us that sells tax services. That cost me a small fortune but I figured I would be needing it. Before even beginning on any of the building the business, I got all of the legal mumbo jumbo out of the way. I applied for the Federal ID #, the State, the local county, etc. I have a registered agent, blah, blah. I wanted everything legal before I began.

    I was then contacted by another of their companies. I have a website that I’m supposed to be writing articles for and get affiliates for that. Each page is a different subject but is related to the main topic. I’m having a hard time repeating the same thing on the same page! It’s hard to unlearn what you were taught in English class! Linking them together is a stumbling block. I did have a coach, but time was limited and I’ve dropped it for now since I’ve discovered the Internet Marketing. Keywords and I don’t seem to see eye to eye. I feel intimidated seeing that the words that I want to use are saturated….beyond saturated.

    Like some of the other people, I’ve received duplicate emails from you and am so confused as to where I’m at in the programs I’ve purchased and received for free.

    I notice quite a few things on the emails that I do receive from you that is causing me confusion to my “puzzle” (project). I see that you have several emails. “aweber” is one of them, there is something at “noreply.com. You get the gist of it. One of the questions is what is each used for and should I purchase the “aweber” since I understand it is an autoresponder. I’ve seen it used on other sellers’ emails as well.

    I am attending your Niche Domination Webinar with Eric and am learning a few things, well, more than a few. I just can’t keep up with taking the notes! This past session was a little funny though.

    I am going to focus on the free website that you sent to me as soon as I weed the duplicates. I am going to focus on one thing at a time. When this is up and running, I will go to the next “project” I purchased.

    The item that I am intimidated by is “traffic”. Exchanging links is good, if i have someone to exchange with. The topic that I really like and am very knowledgeable on is metaphysics, astrology, The Secret (which isn’t really a secret, we all do it, but don’t realize it!), crystals, Feng Shui, etc. I have 2 websites, one is supposed to be being built, but am having a hard time getting them on the same page as I am. I was promised the moon and don’t have the stardust yet! The other site I purchased but have not touched yet.

    Another question is, I’ve noticed that everyone has a different “user name (?)” when you look at them on google. Am I to create a new user id for each “niche”?

    Linking is another stumbling block for me. You did teach me to change the garbage (that is what I call it) to “Richard recommends…..” which does look much more professional.

    I’m trying to locate someone that I can work with and bounce ideas off but we are not on the same page. The person I found is focused on writing articles and submitting them. “Keywords” (lol) is not in his vocabulary.

    I never give up, because you get nothing by giving up. I guess God has decided that I have to learn the “nitty gritty” of this instead of “outsourcing”. If I had the extra money I would do that. You have Adam. He’s expensive enough now, I have, ready? 4 daughters and 3 grandchildren that my husband and I help out. One daughter is here with her 2 children. That is why I told Eric that my extra $$ is spread out. I wasn’t going to mention it, but I’m on total disability and am at home. I’m not disabled mentally, and I can get around. I do not like to say that my income is “limited” because the Universe has a way of sending you what you need. I want my goals completed by spring. My bday has passed so I have to get to work on spring.

    Is there any “coaches” that I could contact if I run into a problem of getting the webpage up, or explain if I would need some advice regarding links, autoresponders, etc?

    The other subject after I master this is to help other people do this to make money or in other ways if they need be. I’m trying to pay it forward. I know for a fact that doing that works.

    Again, thank you and you will be hearing from me. I need to know which steps should be done in which order.

    Prosperity to you,


  30. Hi Richard, I think I could take a little from all of your replies, I’m 62 and lost my contract some time ago. Money is very tight but I realise that everyone has to make money ~even you~ if the program is free, then where is the money going to come from to pay anyone. I have been trying IM for a couple of years now and have spent a lot more than I have made but I’m still here and I will NOT give up. Thanks for your ongoing information I enjoy it more than most.
    To your future success (& mine).

  31. Rob Korbynn says:

    What is holding me back? Managing my time better to actually do these things. I have product, also its just that need something that I can win on. I can create the pages, host the stuff if necessary and probably will. I am working with other clients on their pages. I am enjoying the information and will be applying to the clients that I have but I would like to win on my own thing. Sorry its a bit difficult when you are running a mini storage and UHaul on the weekends (had to fill in during the week in the last 2 weeks) when my passion is code, websites and product.

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