What Is Your #1 Traffic Question?

Getting traffic (and more importantly TARGETED traffic) seems to be one of the hardest things for many people trying to make money online.

In reality, it doesn’t have to be that hard.

I don’t believe there are any really big traffic “secrets” as such …. but there ARE traffic systems

i.e. There are systems that you can follow to generate traffic to any website you want. The hard part is finding out which systems work and then putting them to use.

In order to help you get started I want to know …

What is your #1 traffic question?

If you could ask anything at all about getting traffic to your site, whether your own site, or an affiliate site, what would it be?

Use the comment box below and enter your most burning question about traffic. Don’t worry if someone else has asked it below already, feel free to ask it again – that way I can tell if it’s important to a lot of people.

Once I get enough replies, I’ll see if I can answer some of the hottest questions for everyone :-)

Richard Legg

Just use the comment box below and ask your question. (Comments are moderated so it may not show up immediately)


  1. I just signed up with Google Nemisis in the hope i could make some progression with Adwords etc,but it can be very costly if you don’t use the best key words etc.
    Is there any other way that produces decent results that does not cost an arm and a leg to use,apart from TE,Safelists and the like.

  2. What do you think is the most important traffic question, that people do not think to ask?

  3. Hi there Richard,

    Despite all the search engine optimization, good content and all of that I’m still not getting the number of targeted visitors I want.

    What I really want to know is how to make sure I’m targeting what my customers are looking for – either in terms of keywords or product. My customer base only buys every 5 years or so and that means I either need referrals or new business constantly. A lot of traffic/conversion tecniques focus on upselling, linking strategies and things that just aren’t relevant to my business. My market is very narrow (one city only) and FULL of competition. HELP.

  4. For me I am about to finally start. What is holding me back is two things that may also be holding others back. Finding a single location that does not cost ###@@@$$$$$$!!!! that shows you, even a block diagram would help

  5. Safelists, traffic sites, reciprocal traffic sites, hit exchanges, etc. do not seem to generate any real targeted traffic. Are there any other ways to generate traffic that do not require me to spend all my time looking at their ads, while they look at mine.

  6. Hi Richard

    I am a complete newbie and I would just like to know where to start to get traffic to my website, not neccesarily the cheapest way but the most effective. I look forward to your reply.


  7. I guess the most obvious question is not so much how to get traffic – there are plenty of ways to get raw traffic – but how do you get traffic with people who are actually likely to spend money? I’m tired of surfing traffic exchanges and submitting to safelists with very little response.

  8. how do i genuinely get reasonably interested traffic to my site other than SEO – Social media, in my opinion, is just traffic and not targeted

  9. After spending a reasonable amount of money on various products and targeted TRAFFIC over the last 8 months it does seem that there is a few names at the top selling products and MAKING MONEY by selling to people who are looking to break into this market.
    If everyone was given the real secret of the success to this formula surely eventually it would exhaust itself. Are we really continually being sold an ideal/dream of better things and nothing more. We all saw the hype over the last few days but if we bought everything we was advised to by ‘THE SELECT’ we would all go bankrupt before we started.
    Sorry this seems so down beat Richard but I do sometimes feel I would be better of going back to just selling/dropshipping on auction sites.
    Regards and thanks for allowing me to air this.

  10. Which traffic system has worked well for you in the past?

  11. Hi Richard…
    Thanks for opening up the “floor” for questions! With driving traffic through social means (such as Facebook, MySpace, etc) what is the easiest way to track, log and utilize your log in information for each individual site? Many “article” sites have this sign in requirement as well… what do you suggest?

  12. Richard,
    I have been trying for about 3 years to make some substantial money online. I KNOW targeted traffic and lots of it is the key, but I just can’t seem to generate anything. Don’t really know HOW (the nuts and bolts) to use autoresponders, lists, etc. that well. If I could just have a step 1, step 2, step 3, etc. SHOWING me HOW to do it, I think I could finally break thru. Is there ANY such thing relating to HOW to get traffic?
    Bob Clifford
    P.S. I noticed the other day that you are partnered with R. Brunson on something. Would have bought, but have promised myself that I will NOT buy another thing until I have done ONE thing well. I was in his coaching program and had to bow out. Just didn’t work for me.

  13. Hi Richard,

    I have come to the realization that very, VERY few people read safelist emails, blanket email, blog ads, traffic exchange ads, etc etc etc. It appears that more people are promoting or marketing than actual customers purchasing. I have also observed that the majority of products (especially digital products) are all the same…worded differently and with a different spin..but the same none-the-less. There is too much recycled mumble jumble being shoved around cyberspace that it make it difficult to promote a unique product or idea because, most people simply don’t pay any attention to these ad any more.

    I’d be interested in a way to promote my product to people who would appreciate its benefit from all aspects.

    Now that’s my two cents worth, this late in the evening (lol)

  14. rick.legg says:

    Some good replies so far.

    Keep them coming! :-)

    I’ll try to get through as many as I can when I get back.


  15. I don’t have a budget for traffic generation. What is the best way to get free targeted traffic in any niche?

  16. HI Richard,
    When I purchased this product I have been told it is easy to sell, hot product. After 2 months I could not make even ONE sale. Safelists, traffic exchange, all did not work. So far I lost a lot of money. I can’t see any future in the Internet for me.
    This is not being negative this is lacking of sales .
    Two most difficult things on Internet:
    1. To sponsor new paying members
    2. To sell a product.
    How I can achieve that?

  17. I cant get “targeted traffic” My website has over 700 “traffic exchange” hits, and yet not a single sale. What a joke.


  18. Hi Richard

    I have experienced that the key to targeted traffic is SEO and Article marketing focused on the correct keywords, which get the visitor with the CC in the hand, is best.

    In addition for SEO you should get help over a software in my point of view, and as for article marketing you should outsource if possible.

    Get this traffic over the “money” keywords and you are as close as you can get to a sale.


  19. Bernard says:

    Hi Richard,

    First of all Thank You for all the great help you have given to so many.

    I have been on the internet for over a year, have spent more money than I had (maxed C.C.). I still do NOT have a list.

    Is there some way to build a list without spending a lot of money? If there isn’t I am going to have to give up and take a 2nd job to pay off my dept.

    I have been listening to a lot of different people, But now I am going to listen to YOU and only YOU on this subject. HELP


  20. Srinivasan says:

    I am totally confused with people talking about so many methods of driving traffic. What I am lookin for a easy to understand simple blueprint,prferably a software which can take care of the repeated boring jobs, which is result oriented.

  21. I would like to know if there is a way to find the TAGS that people are searching for in blogs. Like Overture is for websites, something similar for blogs.
    Sort of like being able to look at what people are setting their Technorati or blog readers for.

  22. I have 2 websites for internet marketing, and 2 for other business. If you need a good computer, check out http://www.macfanatic.biz. I’m working on making http://www.chimcheree.com an information powerhouse in the chimney business, with no idea how to monetize it. I have a Stone Evans website, and a Marks Enterprises “Free Website” that cost me about $200. I’ve sent over 50,000 visitors to my stone evans site, and haven’t even got any of them to sign up for my newsletter. I have absolutely no money available, as my wife and I each draw a check from my business every other week, when each a check every week is necessary to “just get by”! Any help you can give without costing me money will be very welcome!

  23. Richard, is there any simple, quick way to build traffic to your site? I think I need step-by-step instructions… more than stuff like “write a blog (although that could be good), seo, ads, etc… HELP (yes, I’m a newbie)…

  24. I actually have a few websites and several affiliate sites. The website listed above has a few of my network marketing sites in it as well as my yoga and dance supplies website. I’ve tried putting in many keywords for my yoga and dance supplies website, but have gotten no buyers. I’ve started blogging in the website above, and that’s actually kind of fun, but I have to write much more. I need to do something that has virtually no cost, as until I make more money, I do not have any to spend. So I need help in that area. Thanks

  25. Hi Richard,

    It seems that all the emphasis in getting traffic to a site is for the purpose of selling E-Books, newsletters, “guru” advice, etc. What about the on line business that is trying to promote a tangible consumer product rather wholesale it through retail stores? I welcome your suggestions.


  26. HI Richard,
    Thanks for the free Aff pack with videos.
    I finally learned how to upload a squeeze page,
    set up auto responder and test it out and
    find it operating well.
    After investing in a top sponsor ad with
    MBPAdvertising for 200,000 impressions
    and not having had a single new subscriber
    or sale yet my
    question would be “Which is the best paid
    traffic method for this type of aff product?”


  27. Hi Richard,

    First and foremost, a big thanks for all the intersting and rewarding mail and encouragement. Frankly the impact of your teachings are the best online and anyone disputing that is anyway a loser and should not be online!

    Keep it up Richard you are indeed a class up on the socalled gurru’s who anyway employ gost writers to do the laundry!


  28. Richard,
    I am a professional sculptor. I sell expensive sculpture. How do I get in front of the money without spending a lot – or even a little? Thanks, Beau

  29. I have found that the best traffic comes from forums and very specific blogs. It takes real work, though. And it’s not a lot. But it IS hungry.
    And building a list? Yeah, I would like help on that.

  30. What are the essential tools needed to drive and control traffic if you don’t have a lot of money to spend? Autoresponder? Adwords campaign(s)? Other?

  31. Hi Richard
    I read a lot of comments on here about TE’s and safelists. These used to be my main sources of traffic and I think they still are for a lot of people. But I’ve found them to be really nothing more than ‘hits’. I hardly use them at all now though a good capture page / well written ad will still pull some interest. I’d be interested to hear your ideas on getting folks interested before they visit my site in order to increase conversions.

  32. Hi Richard,
    when i heard about net marketing and working from home i got so exited about it that i wanted to learn more, so i got into a coching program i still in it but no succes yet. I’m confuse,everybody talking about their grait succes that they having! but…… are they saying truth?
    I having see any sing,hopefully soon!
    (I being spending alot of money,that i still owe in credit cards)
    A wise advise could be a great bless. Thank you for your help!


  33. The main problem I see with traffic is that all the gurus are in general agreement that most internet marketers need to be kept ignorant of what they (the gurus) REALLY pay for their traffic. It seems to me that they only talk in gross profit figures and not the net figures which could be as much as 80% less. (OK. To retain $200,000 out of $1,000,000 is a good result but the average marketer hasn’t got the resources to set up that type of ad campaign.)
    Those who have huge lists and colleagues who also have huge lists can produce huge incomes using smoke and mirrors and regurgitated hyperbole about what they say works.
    Social sites may be great, but who has the time to exploit them properly? Blogs and forums may be great, but who has the time to exploit them properly? PPC is great but who has really got the necessary knowledge to use them properly?
    If I was to follow the advice in the three latest ‘training’ courses I have bought, I would need a 40 hour day just to do the RESEARCH or several hundred dollars to buy the programmes which the gurus say will automate the process but which will, in reality, only make me more broke and frustrated.
    What I need is something that gets down to the basics and cuts out the cult-like magic mumbling that obscures what appears to be the real truth – THAT CONTENT IS STILL KING! (unless you are a guru in which case, the generation of mass hysteria by getting all your inner circle to promote your latest release and send their list members to your obscure, ten foot long, obfuscating, crap laden sales letter!)
    I need traffic, just like everybody else but the ONLY method I have used that seems to generate any is to have masses of good content.
    BUT I would love to be proved wrong.

  34. If traffic is the main thing here, why we should buy some product?
    What I mean is: Getting traffic is not a NUMERO UNO, but the very wanted product with it best promotion. People buy what they need are more than buy what they want. May be at the first they want to realize what they want cause of the best promo. Than…as I know, almost all the quick and great promo doesn’t pay the need.
    So, What is the my #1 traffic question is doesn’t relevant here. The main question here is:
    How to do my online business honestly and enjoyable?

    Thanks for asking….
    Be blassed

  35. John H. says:

    How can I drive targeted traffic to a new website (or any website) fast without using PPC?

    Best regards,

    John H.

  36. Hi Richard,
    I too have been through the safelist hoop with basically zero luck.

    I don’t have my own website as such; I have affiliate links that I cloak prior to advertising. I understand I need a mini site/squeeze page to bring prospects to an autoresponder. That is one thing. Then learning how to set up and use the a/r is another thing. Is there an easy to use a/r that you can recommend, one where we can add lead lists?

    Thanks for hearing our questions.

  37. How do I find the people who have an interest in my chosen niche? The ones who effectively ARE my niche? And then direct them to my website?


  38. If you get `Traffic` from on-line sources make every effort to turn it into `Targetted Traffic` You can do this by offering something for free. An article, ebook, bit of software, free sunscription to you newsletter; anything considered as of value.
    You will quickly get people who are interested in you products, and then easily discard the time wasters.
    It is hard work, but it can be done.
    Reg Warden

  39. Anne Smith says:


    Firstly, thanks for what you do. Clearly there are people making money selling products and services on the internet, but trying to find out how to earn even just a couple of hundred extra dollars a month can be very frustrating and slow. Also it is a very lonely occupation. So hip hurrah for anyone who makes it their business to help people.

    My starting goal is to make a bit extra to deal with the rising cost of living and get some treats for the family. So, starting small, I don’t want to spend a lot on traffic generation.

    Seems to me, you either ‘bum market’ which takes time, but which is very cheap, and if you sell good stuff, builds you a reputation. Or, you pay for advertising, which if cost effective, gets people to your sales page, and perhaps you can also build a reputation and a list.

    Is it really cost effective to pay for advertising or other traffic generation? Or is it safer for the small operator to think in a longer time-frame and stick to very cheap marketing?

    Kind Regards,


  40. Hi Richard,

    Reading the posts so far it appears that there is a general theme throughout, that once you start to try and make money on-line and you get into the system of obtaining information and the holy grail system to make money, your in box in inundated with promotions from the “experts” or “gurus” who have the ultimate scheme to make you “one of them”. For example, I must have had about 6 or 7 different people offer me nemesis over the last week or so. A number of “gurus” do as one writer said seem to churn out the same information but in a different format, but nobody seems to explain in english which the new inexperienced internet marketer can understand, exactly how to go about your marketing and actually use tools like wordpress, blogging, ezines, articles and auto responders to best effect and actually obtain targeted traffic.

    A definitive document in simple english, an idiots guide if you like, of how you do it would be great. Your book is very informative but it assumes a degree of understanding of internet tools and procedures, which many people new to the internet marketing business do not have.


  41. Sunny Lim says:

    Hi Richard,

    What I like to say is that while traffic to our websites is vital, it is equally important to know how I may get my websites set up and running with minimum effect and technical ability to be attractive and effective in drawing and in keeping continued flow of traffic which will eventually bring good conversion rate. Apart from targeted and up-to-date traffic list, a good and effective source of classified advertisement can be also be useful for promoting our websites.

    Warm regards,
    Sunny Lim

  42. Hi Richard,
    Well have been on the net for about 3 years , have invested about $10,000 and have brought and read every Ebook on how to make money but nobody really explains the secret to getting targeted traffic without having to spend a small fortune on PPC which I did and made a few sales but nowhere near covering my costs. List building there are also heaps of courses and information about building a list but again without traffic whats the point, so is there good , solid information on getting high quality targeted traffic to one’s website without having to give your right arm to get it?

    All the Best

  43. Hello Richard:

    I have participated in the online businesses for about 10 months now with very limited results. I have tried blasters, safelists, free traffic adds, and just about every thing out there including SEO and received nothing but hundreds of emails from gurus and their friends. When somebody reccommends a product to me I delete it. There is no way I can use adwords, thie will really break your bank fast. There has to be a better way.

    John Smith

  44. Hi Richard,

    Thanks for helping us guys again!
    Well, my hotest issue is getting targeted quality traffic to my future membership site.
    Thanks again,

  45. as a newbie it would be very useful to have a simple checklist (perhaps with recommended links) from start to finish covering things like autoresponder optin pages etc atc

  46. John Brown says:

    L else..ists Lists Lists……..Its time that all or some mentors , experts , teachers ,
    dare I say Gurus understood that there exists a large number of dedicated people out there called Newbies!! who are desperate to move up to the first rung. The first element of success to a Newbie is critical if it ( in whatever
    discipline ) is not achieved then guess what – they try something.
    87% of Newbies fail to make it!

  47. Its funny someone has said he will listen to only YOU. The smart cookie really is YOU….because you are listening to HIM. Getting direct input from potential customers gives us a direct edge in our marketing.

    Gauranteed traffic is Gauranteed black hole for your hard eared cash.

    Creating a product is not hard at all. Simply find a market/community of like minded people. Remember you do not have to become the Big Dog..you can simply cater to the big dogs and make a killing. Simple software creation from inexpensive programmers. A camcorder. A site just for people to come and discuss issues on a topic. These are huge money makers for me if you think creatively.

    I really can relate to the frustration marketers have, but even if I sent you a milllion hits a day you have to convert it to cash.

    Fullfilling a need is the key…..the traffic will find you with simple Social marketing strategies.

    I will keep to the theme of this post and ask a question about traffic.

    always ask the right questions in life.

    What are some ways we can leverage the traffic of someone else?

  48. free is always the best hook, nobody makes money with free so everyone must upgrade – spend money – nobody wants to spend money so on to the next big thing that promises make millions while sitting in your chair, soon you are promoting so many things that nothing gets done the people that have the money to join the big dollar juice potion lotion mlm’s have access to others with money country clubs corporate lists while the rest of us try to sell to sellers, as far as SEO getting customers it looks like the googles of the world channel the buyers to the big dogs “keyword search” the power of php code can not be under estamated

  49. Hello Richard,

    I have to say I agree with Bernard about List Building.
    I have been trying to build a list for the past few months and I still do not have not one person.
    I am in the same predicament as Bernard and do not want to spend any more money.
    So my question would be “What Steps Do I Need To Take To Build A List”.


  50. Richard,
    First of all, I am a 73 year old person on a fixed income. I have been “playing” around on this for a long time and have spent over $25,000
    on lessons, books, tapes, dvd’s and whatever else I thought I needed. I have finally cancelled everything except for you and two other newsletters that I have found to be credible sources of good sound advice.

    My problem is getting a website up and running. I have about three that I have been paying for on for about three years. None of them are up, and I don’t know how to do it so it won’t look a moron did it. Oh yes, I could have someone do it for me but I cannot spend anymore money on this stuff without some return. Another problem is the traffic…how to REALLY get it and keep it. Do I need a blog, newsletter, a million person mailing list, and who knows what else…yes I suppose I do..but just HOW!
    You seem to be truly interested in helping people and so I am sticking with you as I know eventuly it will all come together…even tho, from now on it will have to come to me on zero dollar outgo.

    Sincerely, Freda

  51. Hi Richard

    As I see it the three ultimate ‘How To’ questions for the beginner are exactly…….

    1] Build a Website ………. that will work.

    2] Get Traffic …………. that will buy.

    3] Build a list ………….. that I can use.

    Personally I am about to start publishing articles and would wish to know
    if this will fulfill all the above.

    The articles and sites will be matching specific niches known operate daily.

    One question I would wish to see answered, concerns the replacement of webpages/sites in terms of… how often… how easy… criteria for doing so
    and procedures to adopt to avoid losing web contact.

    Best……….. Alex

  52. my interest in building a list is primarily so I can find recruits for my mlm company. I need some step by step info on autoresponders.

  53. Pat Booker says:

    Hi Richard I echo what Bernard has said I am sure that a lot of us are listening to too many people hoping to glean as much free info as possible but mostly end up being confused. My question is two-fold what is the best way that you would recommend and secondly what would you absolutely avoid? lol Pat Booker

  54. Hi Richard, from the other posts it seems that many are having real problems getting traffic that converts. I’d agree that traffic exchanges can produce many hits but poor sales. Personally I believe that articles produce the best targetted traffic, but there’s more to it; strong sales pages, OTO’s, list building, and of course good products.

    Plus, have you seen how many promo’s are badly written and full of spelling errors? Hardly builds confidence!

  55. Is it worth advertising in Traffic Exchanges and Safe Lists as I don’t think they are working. Most of my results seem to come from Viral URL or List Joe with a few from Adland Pro.

  56. I think I understand how to use an auto responder and a squeeze page to build a list but although I have a domain and hosting and I do know a little about FTP but what I cannot fathom is how/where do I put a squeeze page on my domain without clashing with something else? I read about various files etc., but don’t understand what each is for.

    Plus what is the best way of promoting these squeeze pages? Is it better to stick to promoting one to start with? I seem to be trying to do too much at a time!

  57. Hi Richard,
    How do we use Web2.0 sites effectively without it taking so much time?

  58. Richard,
    I have purchased a considerable amount of EMail addresses and have been told by many of you GRUS that I could be accused of spamming if I sent them out. I am looking for a targeted group of folks that are interesed in my nitch. I am going to use affilate websites to promote. I seems as though when I receive a ton of promotions from you guys all you want is the sale and and thats it. I have spent a considerable amount of money with little return. My question is how can you build a list without a product that works. Who do you send the info too? How do you get folks to your website?
    Sales letter, content, squeze page, etc. How about helping us without charging an arm and a leg, first born and whatever else.

  59. Other than Adwords, what’s the best way to get targeted traffic when one is selling a tangible product?

  60. Richard, I don`t know if it`s the language (I`’m french) but I read and read, and re-read your question and I don`t understand it.

    All I heard about traffic since I started on the internet is List, List, List.

    Wll my list is made of chums, people who help me so I am not going to bug themwith my sales.

    So my answer is I don`t know. I never heard about traffic systems. They probably exist but are not accessible to me.

  61. I am an affiliate, a real newbie and do not know how to begin to advertise and get traffic. What is the first or second step I should be doing to promote your product.

  62. Salim Yakub says:

    Hi Rick,

    My question is “What are the Top 10 ten Do’s & Don’t of SEO to Drive Traffic?”

    So, what are the most common mistakes people make online in their endeavours to drive traffic? If we can identify these, I guess we’ll know what to avoid, and so naturally drive traffic, right?

    And what are the things you must do online to ensure high quality scores and ranking in Google?


    P.S – I’m so glad I found your Blog, you provide a fantastic resource of useful material, especially for newbies like me, unlike any I’ve seen online. Thanks.

  63. I guess it would have to be what is the single best way to get targeted traffic to your site.

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