Top Search Engine Ranking Tips – Do You Want This Product Free?

One of the biggest problems faced by nearly all marketers is traffic.

When it comes to getting targeted traffic it boils down to a couple of options:

1) Pay for it e.g. with Google Adwords

2) Get it for free from the search engines

(You can also “borrow” traffic from JV partners … but obviously you need to build those relationships first)

I personally don’t like paying for traffic all that much, so I prefer to get it for free when possible and over the years have got pretty good at learning how to get good search engine rankings.

Improve YOUR Web Site
Search Engine Rankings…

Recently, a friend of mine asked me to create some in-depth traffic training to add to his new product (which costs hundreds of dollars).

Being a higher priced course, he wanted to make sure the content was top notch and really step-by-step, so that all his customers could benefit from it.

The result was over 70 minutes of REAL, useful video training that anyone can use to get good search engine rankings, even on a new site.

I gave away some of my best secrets – including ones that have helped me get #1 rankings on Google for highly competitive keywords … within 16 hours or registering the domain name!

Do YOUR Sites Pass The
“Search Engine Ranking Test”?

I’m turning this video training into a full blown product that will probably sell for $67-$97 BUT before I do, I want to get MORE feedback and MORE testimonials from people who’ve used it.

So … if you’re looking to get more traffic and improve search engine rankings I want to *give* you this product.

But …

There are a couple of conditions, because I only want to share this with SERIOUS people, not someone who’s going to download it because it’s free and then never use it.

** Important Update (March 3rd 2009)…**

Thanks to everyone who reviewed the course, the feedback so far has been amazing, with lots of reports of people getting front page rankings in a short space of time.

If you’re only seeing this post for the first time now, I apologize that the course is not available for free anymore … However, you can get a free transcript of a 60 minute SEO mastermind call I did with marketing expert Willie Crawford.

Simply ‘right click’ and select “save as” on the link below to download the PDF.

Click Here To Download The Free PDF


  1. Always on the lookout for ways to improve my rankings, free or otherwise. I would love to get this training. Keep up the good work.

  2. Don’t forget to leave a comment guys :-)

    Already I see a lot of people signing up to the pre-release list, but only one comment!

    I need at least 50 comments before I can give this away!


  3. Richard:

    Thank you for offering such a great product for free.
    It is hard to find a straight-forward product that will
    teach someone how to rank high. Great success to

  4. I just did you digg thingy for what it is worth and I am interested in your course….. so I hope I have fulfilled your prerequisites as you wished.

  5. Well, Internet Marketing, generating traffic to a website, etc. I know very little about. Plus we have–as best I can tell–nobody up here in this area who knows Internet marketing on any acceptable level of proficiency.
    So I not only need what you are offering but also need someone to work with us closely to promote our website and vision.

  6. Hi Richard, I could not afford the cheaters guide but I would love the opportunity to get this training for free.

    Being an Englishman trying to get started in internet marketing I enjoy and value the information you provide and always find it helpful and informative. Carry on!

  7. I want this course for free!

    Hi Richard,
    Looks like a very good course and I would really like to get it.

    I am going to head over to digg.com and digg this post now.


  8. I want this course for free!All that i can learn i will! Bring it on

  9. Looks like an interesting offer. I would definitely like to use your strategies. Hope it is really a good one. So I have dugg the post.

  10. Cool idea Richard, anxious to see what you’ve got… “I want this course for free!”

  11. My daughter is about to write her college report on Internet Marketing, and I’m sure she will get to that part on “how to get traffic” pretty soon. I certainly would like an “in-depth traffic training” myself. Good videos on the how-to will be a great help. Thanks.

  12. Too many people don’t really understand what getting their site listed as close to the top of the search engines as possible means for their sales and their business longevity. I am truly looking forward to your product Doug. Thanks for thinking of all us “little people” out here……..LOL


  13. I would be most grateful to recieve this for free Richard anything that can improve my search engine rankings and get me free traffic has got to be a brilliant thing. Cheers M8. I’ll digg you now!

  14. I wasn’t sure if you wanted the comments here or on the Digg page – I left mine here – Dugg the post, and I’d like it for free!

  15. Hi Richard, I really want to learn how to drive free treffic to my site so “I want this course for free”

  16. Richard

    Thanks for this deal, of course I want this course for free! Will give it a fair try.


  17. Chris Sherlock says:

    I am in the process of building a website on getting more traffic, and when I come across such great marketers like yourself I have to have a gander into it, im sure the information you will provide will be as great as the information you have provided over the last few months.

    Thanks Again

    Chris Sherlock

  18. Thanks for the offer Richard. “I want this course for free!”. Charlie

  19. I am just starting out, have a website but that is about it at the moment. I want to make sure I do things the right way to begin with so that I don’t become ‘disillusioned’ and give up. Over the last few months I have been watching and learning from your blogs and ebooks etc. and I am very impressed at how helpful you are. I don’t have the money to buy every product that will make me “successful” but I want to succeed, I don’t want to fail. Do “I want this course for free!”? No, I NEED this course for free. P.S. I dig(ged) you. Thanks

  20. Sounds like a great offer Richard. You always produce such high level content that I’m sure this SEO video training will be awesome. I’ve Dugg this post and would love to get the product for free.

  21. Thanks Richard for sharing this free course on traffic!!
    Just dugg it. Looking forward to this one, thanks.
    “I want this course for free!”.

  22. Hi Richard, I have never had any luck with search engines or any other advertising for that matter. So, Yes! “I want this course for free”.

  23. Looking forward to your information.
    I want this course for free!

    Thank you for offering it.

  24. Henry Ras says:

    I can use all the help I can get to get first page ranking on my websites. You have made a fantastic offer. A free course for only commenting and digging. I have done the digg and will see if my wife will also digg with her ID.
    Thanks very much.
    Henry Ras

  25. Richard,

    “I want this course for free!”

    Very far and few are there marketers such as yourself who still give so much value to their subscribers and opportunities.


  26. Hey Richard…

    I’m always looking for ways to improve my FREE ranking within google. I very much look forward to this free course. I want this course for free!

    Thanks for all of your help.

    Matt Stephens

  27. Richard, Fantastic product as always. We can always count on you to give the best in training products. I would love to get this course for free. Everything I have participated in of yours has been fantastic. I’m sure this will be no exception.



  28. Richard I have folowed your lead on a few occasions and you’ve never led me wrong. Thanks for offering such a great product for free.
    It is often hard to find a straight-forward product that will
    teach someone how to rank high in an understqanable language. I want this course for free.

    John J.

  29. Jeremy Tarrier says:


    Your timing is impeccable as usual!

    I have most of my ducks in a row ready to launch (who was that guy with the ‘My Link Guard’ product?) now I need to figure out how to get quality traffic.

    Enjoy your tea!

    Jeremy in Singapore

  30. JT Sherrod says:

    I think its graeat you are willing to give away such great information for free, and I definitely want it. That was a fantastic launch you just did too. I’ve been keeping the emails for a swipe.

  31. Hi Richard,

    I’ve been on your “list” for a while now & have always appreciated the tips and advise that you’ve given. Getting a course for free on how to get targeted traffic would be fantastic! Being a fellow Washingtonian, I too enjoyed the sunshine we’ve had. Now if it would just warm up a bit to our “normal” temps, that would be awesome.

    Thanks for all that you do for us!

  32. I have been trying, over the last two years to get my site out of the land of the lost to the world of maybe someone can see it.

    So “I want this course for free!” to bring my site into the light!!!

  33. Hi Richard,
    You know I’m still new to internet marketing, I’ve had a hard time getting started that is until I got your Succeed in 30 Days Marketing Course. Great job and thanks…
    PS. I want this course for free!

  34. Hello Richard.

    Always interested in learning more about how to get more traffic for my website. I really appreciate the opportunity to possibly add to my knowledge for no out of pocket outlay. Many thanks!

  35. Thanks Richard, I’m just getting ready to put up a new website and I’d love to try out our course. “I want this course for Free!”

    Dean Hohn

  36. Hi Richard! I’m always looking to improve my seo and learning new traffic strategies, so of course “I want this course for free”!

    Wow, such a fantastic offer! Thanks!!

  37. Mark Whiteside says:

    Hi Richard.

    Yes please I would love the Course for free.. As I’m just putting up a site and have no idea on how to get it listed. So Please.

  38. HEH Its cold up here in Canada BUT my brain is not frozen… I know a good deal when I see it… YES I would like your free course… As a newbie I will give it all I got to utilize it as a tool to get going… I will report on my blog if I like it… If not I will just shush up and keep lookin… BUT I JUST KNOW I WILL LIKE IT because I will give it an honest try

  39. Let’s see if this “product” is any good…give it up for free legg. Oh and you don’t have any tea from Ireland, so stop the nonsense.

  40. Hi Richard
    Thanks for the offer. I’m always looking to learn something new about traffic generation. And as always your product releases have always been spot on so count me in.

    Rick Roberts

  41. Hello, Richard.
    Not only do I want this course for free, I NEED this course! This is a must for my traffic.

    Michael B.

  42. I am so excited about checking this out. I’ve enjoyed everything else of yours, so I can’t wait because…”I want this course for FREE!”


  43. Hi Richard!

    Yes, I definitely want this course for free! I really need to learn this stuff. And, it would be wonderful not to have to pay for it.

    Wasn’t that sunshine wonderful today!! And, warm, too. I’m in Federal Way.

  44. Digged your post Richard and added you as a friend, hopefully you will respond favourably! I really need a friend lol! Keep up the good work!

  45. My site is not ready yet… BUT “I want this course for free” I’v already left a prior comment and I’v dugit LOL… I’v corrected all my mistakes so I say again “I want this course for free”
    Thks in advance tecknowtom

  46. Do we want it? You would have to be out of your mind to not want it.
    hmmm, there were 36 diggs, but only 18 comments? C’mon people – follow the directions!

  47. I’d like very much to have your course Richard.. thanks!

  48. Do I want this course for free? Yes Please.

    I would love to get my websites on the first page of google – Its a bit of a struggle because they are mainly in the interenete marketing/make money niche

  49. Hi Richard.

    I want this course for free.

    I’d be very interested in seeing the techniques that get a top listing on Google in 16 hours.


  50. karen klein says:

    Hello Richard…would love to learn how to create traffic :)) I am looking forward to your course…thanks!

  51. Hi there,

    I just wanted to stop by and say that I’ve taken some of Richard’s other courses and the SEO and traffic tips he shared in them were unbelievable!

    I recently used some of those tips to rank on the first page of Google for some fairly competitive search results.

    If you need more traffic to your sites (and who doesn’t), then take advantage of this very generous and amazing opportunity.

    Jit Uppal

  52. Thanks for thinking of us Richard. ” I want this course for free” I need all the traffic methods I can get. Sally

  53. I want this course for free.

    Everyone wants traffic….. sales…. cash….
    good foundations leads to great systems.
    twittered and digged by the way.
    Godd Luck

  54. Richard,

    I would love to have this course it may be just what I need to finally get on line.

  55. Richard,
    I was impressed by your “Traffic Uncut” series, so I can’t imagine how you can top that. If this video/product even comes close to that, count me in!

    One Satisfied Customer,

  56. Hi Richard
    You know I want this course for free.. Right now especially, as I am working through building my first web site. I will have several pages to make with sales pages and such.

    Sandy McFerren

  57. Hi Richard,

    I have followed your success for the last few years and think everything you have done to reach it is great. I always keep hitting obstacles, but keep plugging away.

    Anyway, I do know how important search engine rankings are and I would love to have this course so, “I want this course for free.”

    Hoping one of these days some of your success rubs off on me. (I know that is not how it works but had to say it anyway.)

    Andrea J.

  58. Hi Richard,
    Of course I´d like to get this course, need some good advice to improve the page rank of my websites. I already know that you`re one of the best in this field, …then…there is no doubt.
    Thanks for that, will “digg” it straight away!

  59. Yes Richard I need trafic and am always looking for new ways to make it work. I want this course for free. Thanks

  60. Ok Richard, looks like you are getting ready to roll out another good product based on your ‘Get Free Traffic’ expertise.
    That being the case…I’m in. Getting Free Traffic is one thing but, getting some of your ‘short cut’ inside info pointers to get high rankings would be the icing on the cake! I would love to get this software for Free and give it a run! Thanks.

  61. of course i want the course for free. i would like to thank you for thinking of me. high regards, charles

  62. Hi Richard,

    This is definitely what I have been looking for a long time. I need it
    desperately as I have not been successful in using other traffic methods
    as yet.


  63. Hi Richard,
    This sounds like another great course! I can’t wait to see it. I want this course for free!

  64. Hello
    You have always impressed me with your style of down to earth business. Unlike Guru X and Y, your advice is often well tuned with experience and intelligence, and blended with concern for your subscribers. I guess that if this is a big thing from you, then it really has to be a massive one for me.

    Yours in Success

  65. I am very interested in gaining the skills you are offering to teach – and, yes, I want it for free! Thanks for the opportunity! Betsy

  66. Yes please Richard I would love your course for free.

    Search Engine Ranking is an area that I definitely need to improve, so I will be looking forward to it.

    Thank you

  67. Lance Tamashiro says:

    Ok Richard,

    After being lucky enough to participate in your class with Eric , how could I say no to something like this?

    Free seriously?

    Ok then… Give me my copy for free!

    Lance Tamashiro

  68. Please send the free gift before Obama taxes it

  69. Thanks for this free offer Richard. I can certainly use all the help I can get
    and the less I have to pay the better. I promise to put it to use.

  70. Richard,

    “I want this course for free”, I want to follow what you do and get free traffic. For what you say the video will be like a blueprint to make it.


  71. Hi Richard,

    Thanks for the offer . I want this course for free!


  72. I want this course! After all, traffic is key to successful internet business, isn’t it.
    And “traffic geek” that you are – who is better to teach me?

    Thanks for this!

    – John

  73. Hey Richard, I’ve just got to know you over the past week and saw you present your expertise and skills in traffic generation. You made bold statements e.g. How to get 30,000 backlinks to your site with a few minutes work FOR FREE. Then you proved it and revealed your technique. I was blown away and I’ve been on the lookout for more information from you.
    Bravo, I’m impressed, for the first time a down to earth, straight shooting Internet Marketer with outstanding knowledge and skills. May I add generous “To Boot”.

    Many thanks,
    I’m gonna stayed glued to your trail


  74. I want this course for free! I really really want this course. Hope I get it for free.

  75. Lloyd Johnson says:

    Richard, I have been following you since May 2008. In my mind you are a respectable, honest and sincere man. Your information is great. On that bases, I want the free course!!!

    I have a story to tell. It is too long to tell here.

  76. Hi Richard!

    Of course I want this seo training course for free. I can use all the help I can get.

  77. Dear Richard,

    Thank you for your offer.

    Of course, “I want this course for free!”. Like yourself I dislike paying for traffic or anything for that matter that is ultimately available for FREE.
    Already have a Digg Account, so posting should be a breeze.

    Mark W Allen.

  78. Hi Richard,

    I just dugg this. I loved the info from the product you just launched…it was outstanding. In fact all the information that you provide is top notch so…I would really love to get this traffic content for free if possible!

    Thanks for everything, Karla

  79. Thanks for making this training available. I have been receiving your tips for quite some time now and am slowly making traffic increases. I am always on the lookout for better and more efficient ways of generating traffic.

    I want this course for free

    Thanks again,


  80. I want this course for free….. and thanks for your great stuff so far!

  81. Hi Richard,
    I am looking forward to your next Creation, I have a couple of your products and I like the way you deliver the information. you are very precise in your methods, not just fluff that a lot of people are selling. I am just getting my Campaign ready to launch this week, and I would love to have some of your ROCKET FUEL for it.
    I would have to say Who Wouldn’t Want it for Free. Looking forward to the Future. Thanks Ken Dumas

    Ps. I DUGG IT

  82. Hi Richard and thank you for the offer I do want this course for free. I want my page to be on the top of the search engines! David

  83. Hi Richard —

    Would love to have a chance to follow your expertise for free.


  84. Quite interesting but forme, too long and sometimes repetitive.

  85. Want some good down to earth tips from richard check out his blogs…
    http://www.richard-legg.com/blog enjoy I did

  86. Colleen Bramall says:

    I have been fortunate to be in on a couple of Richard’s marketing courses
    before and have learned so much from him. If you are in need of great marketing information, Richard will deliver it! Sit up, pay attention and you can’t help but learn – a great opportunity that shouldn’t be missed.

  87. Thanks for the great offer of getting this course for FREE!
    I would like to give it my best shot.
    I have tried other things but still nothing.

    Thank you again!


  88. Richard
    you have been sending me emails for some time. Maybe I am just slow but I think you are an answer to a prayer. Yes I want this course for free! and I want to thank you.
    I will go right over to Digg.com

  89. Richard,

    I like your stuff. You have a great way of presenting material that makes it very easy to comprehend and then apply.

    I would appreciate you giving me the video for getting traffic. Thanks.

  90. Thanks Richard…”I want this course for free”. (didn’t quite say it that way in the last post)

    Ron stephens

  91. I am in the process of setting up a few sites to sell products, as an affiliate, and among other things and would like to take a course that would benefit me and others also especially if it doesn’t cost,. Thanks again for this opportunity. John

  92. I have created about 20 blogs with a cool blogging software, and in the past 6 months I can’t seem to figure out how to get traffic to my sites. I would love to get your course for free.

    Thanks Richard,

  93. Richard – you are the man! Bring it on. I really want you course, sooo baddd! You have proved with your marketing that you have the couse, the strategies and the knowhow..now we all want to learn at your feet.

  94. I’d love to use this training with my lavender sales website. Please show me your expertise.

  95. Hey Richard

    would love a free copy of your traffic product. Antything that can help me solve what is for me the most puzzling piece of IM is gratefully accepted.

    Thanks for the offer


    PS: Just dugg this also.

  96. Looking forward to learning what I can from you. I want this course for free!



  97. Hi Richard!

    I struggle a long time getting leads and traffic already, so your course might be a very welcome opportunity.

    Let’s do it!

  98. Susan Sweet says:

    Richard, anything that has to do with getting traffic is absolutely great!
    I’m eagerly waiting to watch your video and learn more on this particular subject, which for my weakness. Thank you!

  99. Lots of traffic … Woohoo!

    Thanks Richard

  100. Hi Richard ,
    Have only just put the finishing touches to my first real website , and would love to know how to get it to rank No 1 and quickly and for FREE.

    Thanks Phill

  101. G’day Richard,

    Just dropped in on my way to Digg to let you know… I want this course for free!

    Who doesn’t need more traffic?

    Seeing as I’m around the 100 comments mark, you’ve doubled your wish of at least 50 comments.

    Now to see how many Diggs you’ve got.


  102. I want this course for free!

  103. Hi Richard

    I want the course for free!

    Thanks for the good work

  104. Thanks Richard!

    I will love to test your new course, I’m sure it’s a winner.
    Can use all the expert advise I can get.

    Bonus! You’ve inspired me to join and start using Digg!!!

    Thank you very much!

  105. Hi Richard,
    I’m a Diamond Member, and I’m working through TRAFFIC UNCUT, a wonderful production – congratulations!
    So, I’d love to have anythingelse that you produce, knowing that it will be superior. Please let me have a copy,,, thanks and good wishes.
    Alexander Morrison (alexmo@aapt.net.au)

  106. Richard,

    This sounds like a newbies dream. I have done all the social marketing up the Wazoo now for over 6 months trying to drive traffic to my main site.

    Having someone use video to show me would be priceless so please “pick me” for your trial because i need the help.

  107. I could use all the help I can get in this traffic ranking game.
    Thanks for the generous offer to share your knowledge.
    Hope to be counted in.
    P.S. You are dugg again

  108. I want this course for free!
    Of course I want this course for free! Everything from you is top notch, and I am sure whoever gets his hands on your new video training and follows through with it has no other option than to be successful! You rock, Richard! Thanks for this. 😉

  109. Mark Perry says:

    Hi Richard,
    I am an avid reader of your info and believe you have some great ideas.
    I have spent good money on adwords with NO results, I Want This Course For FREE….
    I’ll head over and Digg you.

  110. Hey Richard, Guess what Domain I picked up just 2 days ago?
    MySEO-works.com I haven’t put any content to it yet and would
    love to use your program along with my hard work and diligence,
    Put this site on the First Page of Every Search Engine Created!
    I’m Ready

    “The Leprechaun”

  111. Hey Richard,

    Too true I want this course for free, if your involved in marketing o the net you would be a fool not to take every opportunity to learn and use free training.


  112. Hey, Richard. Love your work! I am fairly new at this IM business, and I need all the help I can get.
    Yes, I want this course free!
    Many thanks,

  113. You know Doug, it’s nice to have that one guy out there who is not just looking to line his pockets with cash from the blood, sweat and tears from his loyal customers. You KNOW how hard it is for the newbie out there; being bombarded daily with Free E-books, Free Auto-responders, Free websites, blah, blah, blah. Most of the stuff is garbage anyway, and with so much information the guy just starting out is, understandably, confused and disenchanted. This is one of the reasons I stay with you and read your posts and blogs, because you offer such great, professional advice to your customers, and I genuinely feel you DO want your subscribers to succeed. So although you should be charging us for this product, it sounds like once again you are rewarding your customers for their loyalty. Thanks Doug, we really do appreciate this. I would sure like your course, for free since you are offering it that way.

  114. Hey Richard, have been on your list for a while – one of the few ezines I actually “always” open & read. Still a newbie – but learning all the time. Would love your course!!

  115. Just hoping to improve my knowledge and sucess

  116. Rodney Leech says:

    “I want this course for free!”

    Hi Richard

    I am totally new at this IM business and am busy following through with a training course which I recently purchased. Within a few days I will have my FIRST web site up and running. This particular course does provide information on SEO tactics, however, I believe that more tips & tricks, especially from an SEO expert like yourself would be extremely useful.

    So thanks for this. I shall now go & do the Digg thing.


  117. Your past performance is the key to success

  118. Dear Richard :

    I want this course for free. I first dugg this post, am now writing the comment and will then add myself to the list.

    Thank you. Love, light, prosperity. God Bless.
    Shakuntala SB

  119. HEH Richard … Whuz up… wheres the good stuff … Can we shout at ya on Digg or what… are ya open on any other areas of communication… answer or I’ll I’ll I will hold my breath until I I tturrnnn bbbLue…LOL

    HOWS ABOUT a NOTE to the masses… HUH ya I’m CANADIAN

  120. I want this course for free!

    Traffic is is a pain in the a*¨¨ it used to be so easy, a bit of SEO, same title of page, image title, and H2 and some backlinks internal and external from sites I own, but with these new web 2.0 tools ranking seems to be more and more difficult. Also the mix of Google content in the Google results makes it more difficult. And I tryed tools like Senuke or Brute Force, but not only do they charge 150$ a month, but to set them up correctly it takes also loads of time and the results are not long lived. I have no real solutions here, my best sites are still those with consistent content and RSS feeds.

  121. HI Richard!

    Thanks again for another great offer. I’m a big fan of organic search engine optimization and have been using various techniques to get some good rankings for my websites but never enough to stay at the top…..I would definitely love this course for free. Thanks heaps!

  122. Hi Richard,

    I know whatever you produce will be brilliant. You have an ability to explain things so anyone can understand – including me!

    I’m sure by watching your videos, your “Traffic Geek” methods will send some my way.

    Take care


  123. Hey Richard

    Commented, dugg and looking forward to using this course to promote my various things, both online businesses and offline!

    It’s snowing in UK and we’ve all hidden under the stopped trains and grounded planes…..

  124. Hi Richard,
    Thanks for the offer. I want this course for free.

  125. I’m looking to get started in internet marketing and don’t have any significant budget for adwords so a high search engine ranking to get traffic would be essential. I want this course for free!

  126. Richard, I’d love to get your course for free. I’ve got a couple of websites that are in desperate need of organic search engine traffic.

  127. Hi Richard
    I’m about to get a website online, this course sounds like it could be good timing. I’d like to get it for free, and I’ll pay for my own lunch. Nice to get in early.

  128. Dan Pierce says:

    Thanks for sharing…. Traffic is the lifeblood of a net business…

  129. Dear Richard
    What a good idea I am interested in your course.

  130. I’ve tried several other courses, they all seem to concentrate on the ‘what’ not the ‘How’. Your course has a ‘HOW’ element to it.
    Of course I would love it for free.

  131. Always looking for free traffic and I’m sure this video will to the usual and now expected high standard. Keep up the good work for us newbie marketers, your advice is certainly helping me on my path to independance.

  132. Hi richard’

    i want this course for free.

    Always open to new ways to get traffick. Would like some help in this dept.


    D thomas

  133. I not only want it, but I need it. I just set up a new website yesterday so your offer is very timely
    Thanks Richard

  134. Hi Richard,

    It’s refreshing to see someone offering something of high quality for free, especially when so many of us are struggling financially.

    “I want this course for free!” and will definitely digg this post.


  135. Hi Richard,
    Yes please….I want this course for free.
    You have been emailing me for a while and you have helped to clear the fog. Internet marketing is not easy – despite all the lies told by gurus. I am a total beginner as far as actually having my website up and running, though I am working hard on doing it. I have found some of what I have been searching for, your course will get me started. Newbies need free stuff because they are confused and need proper guidance. I have no doubt whatsoever that you will give that. Trust has to be earned. You are earning mine, Richard. Thank you. Kathy.

  136. Hi Richard

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    Have also done my bit for you at Digg.

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