So What Internet Marketing Secrets Do You Want To Know?

After getting over 150 responses to my last post about the birth of our newborn baby Adam (Link:My New Apprentice), my wife and I were frankly overwhelmed at the kind words from so many of you.

Both Adam and my wife Christina are doing great. I’ll try and get one or two more pictures up in the future, and he may even star in a video or two!

Anyway, it really touched us that people cared enough to congratulate us and wish us such happiness. My readers really are the best! :-)

As my way of saying “Thanks” I want to do something special for everyone of you … once things have settled down and I start getting some sleep again!

My plan is to put together some kind of call, either a teleseminar or a webinar, something where I will cover everything I can about a certain topic in internet marketing and share my biggest secrets with you … for FREE!

I’ll also try and see if I can get some of my marketing “buddies” and even my mentor to come on board and share some really good content! I’ve got one or two favors to call in :-)

I really want to be able to ‘give back’ to you with some great information that can help you obtain some of the success that I’ve been blessed with online.

But …

I need to know from you if that’s something you would want, and if so, what topic would you most like to learn about?

I’ll include a list of topics below, and if you’re interested in one of them simply reply (using the comment box at the end) and let me know which one.

(I was going to try to put together a fancy voting system but I figured simpler is better – there’s less to go wrong!)

This way I’ll be able to see exactly what most people want to learn about and I can start putting something together.

Here are the topics to choose from:

1) Affiliate Marketing – How to make a ton of money selling other peoples products.

2) List Building – How to build a list of hungry buyers for “cash-on-demand”.

3) Product Creation – Fast, easy ways to create high quality products that sell.

4) Resell Rights and PLR – How to use ready made products to build your online empire.

So if you want to learn about any of those topics on a free call, all you need to do is use the comment box below and leave a comment like:

“I want to learn your affiliate marketing secrets”

That’s all you need to do!

Then after a few days I’ll count up the results and see which one wins.

To YOUR Success,

Richard Legg

Richard Legg


  1. Hi Richard,
    Congrats on your new addition to the family, hope you all doing well.

    I’d be pretty interested in PLR.


  2. Richard …

    There’s so much “Fancy Fluff”; “Guru Garbage” and other indecision making junk out there.

    As a vested marketer, I truly believe it would be to everyone’s best interest to be taken “back to the basics” and given more insight on TRAFFIC AND LIST BUILDING. After all .. no traffic means no list and no sales. Traffic is THE customer online.

    Get ’em back to basic Traffic Building Strategies.

    Just my opinion …


  3. I would like to hear more on affiliate marketing…at the advanced level.

  4. 4) Resell Rights and PLR – How to use ready made products to build your online empire.

  5. Rich Morrison says:

    My main interest would be in the Affiliate Marketing and PLR’s. I have started to write Articles and want as much help and guidence as I can get. My main goal is add’l income. I am 69 yrs old and live on a limited income. I want to learn to earn enough to my the rest of my life worth living. And of course, I want to be able to pass this knowledge onto my 4 daughters so that they never have to work more than one job to make a good living and so they can provide a good education for my grandkids.
    That’s my goal.

    Thanks for asking Rich

  6. My first choice would be affiliate marketing, and my second choice would be product creation. Thanks, and congratulations!

  7. Resell Rights and PLR

  8. I’d like to hear about listbuilding.

    I’m happy Mom and baby are doing well.

  9. Stephen Berlanger says:

    Congratulations again. I know you’ve heard it already but you do have a beatiful baby (Must get his looks from his mother LOL).
    Anyway affiliate marketing and list building are always needed

  10. Congrats Richard!

    I want to learn all of those … sorry to make things difficult…:-)

    OK, 2 and 4 are my picks (ok … if I MUST choose between those two… list building comes first – it also includes the others…right?:)


  11. Hey! looks like I’m your first commenter … whats my prize…lol???

  12. Kristin Mullin says:

    Hi Richard,

    Congratulations on your new baby!

    I would like to learn about affiliate marketing. Is that the easiest way to get started?

  13. Hi Richard, Congrats to Christina & yourself, & may Adam bring you many times of joy & happiness.
    Regarding the “Call” I would prefer a Webinar on Product-creation.

    Thanking you,

    Keep well,

    Robert ringin

  14. Hey thanks Richard, thats very nice of you
    In my case I would really like to learn more on how to make good cash selling other peoples products, but which ever topic wins, I´ll sure be happy with it.
    Thaks again and keep drinking lots of coffee

  15. Hey Richard,
    The only thing truly original on your list

    is the Product Creation , That subject is something I am

    passionate about and am currently working on. More

    knowledge would definately help with this process.

    Thanks for being you ! “The Leprechaun”

  16. Affiliate Marketing would be good, but could you make it so that it can be viewed at any time as I’m away for about eight weeks three of which will be in Seattle Fishing, so I will not always have access to the internet. All the very best with Adam, I hope he turns out as bright as his dad.
    Kindest regards
    Bob P-S

  17. Great Stuff! congrats on your baby Adam!

    He’ll keep you busy for a while LOL!

    Anyway, I would be most interested in list building and maintenance.



  18. I want to learn your affiliate marketing and traffic generating secrets.

  19. I want to learn more about List Building.also glad to hear all is well with your wife and new born.


  20. Sally Jackson says:

    I want to learn your affiliate marketing secrets”

  21. Hi Richard,

    Okay there is lots of info out there on all of those topics so if I had to pick one of those I guess it would be Resale Rights and PLR. How you are going to find new and interesting material in any of these is beyond me. The only reason I selected that topic is there are huge quanities of material out there to exploit and make your own, how to do it well and how best to market it would also be nice, may be stuff like a big store type site or small mini sites which do you think would be better?

    Sounds like you have your work cut out for you, good luck.

    Warmest Regards,
    Ron Main

  22. Hey Rich,
    I want to learn your affiliate marketing secrets and list building too!


  23. Yep, affiliate marketing!

  24. Wow Adam,
    You are so very kind for doing this for all your readers. I would like to know more about list building, especially what is the best way to get started if you dont have many contacts.
    I like being on your list because you talk in plain english and your instructions are easy to understand.
    Anyway I hope you manage to get some sleep tonight.
    Best wishes
    Angie Kenny

    P.s. Just athough! as im in the UK, would it be possible to make the treat into a download , just so that us that work shifts can download it when we get home so that we dont miss it??

  25. I’d like to know about creating high quality products that sell.


  26. Hi Richard,

    Glad to hear that all is well with you, your wife and little Adam. God bless to you guys.

    What I would really like to learn and what has been my greatest challenge is how to build a responsive list.



  27. Hi Richard,

    Thanks! What a wonderful idea & it will be mutually beneficial 😉

    I would love to attend a WEBINAR by you on LIST BUILDING.

    Hope you help me build a lucrative list!

    Thanks again & God Bless Richie, Christine & little Adam.

  28. I’d like to learn about affiliate marketing on a shoe string budget. I think there are many of out here that would like to make money but have limited budgets to start.

    Thanks, Richard.

    All the best to you, Christina and Adam.



  29. Market Research

  30. HI Richard :-)

    Interesting question. I was going to vote for product creation until I thought about product launching which will alot of self branding which takes alot of time (to be really well known) then it hit me what better way to become well known lol , so I willgo with my origonal vote Product Creation. lol yes a tad sleep deprived at the moment myself 😉 but Product Creation it is 😉

    All the Best to You and your Family

  31. I want to learn your affiliate marketing secrets.

  32. I want to learn your affiliate marketing secrets

  33. Love to know your List Building secrets.
    Belated congratulations!

  34. Hello Richard!
    Glad to hear that all is well with your new family.:-)
    I think I’d like to hear all of your juicy secrets on affiliate marketing. I’d be happy with anything you’d care to talk about though!

  35. Karen Allen says:

    Actually Richard what I need the most to learn is how to use my ftp software to transfer files to my hosting account and then how to add a gift from my hosting account to my aweber account so people can click on it to get the gift. That would probably have to be done with a video or written instructions or on a webinar. Something that I could save and refer back to.

    Hey I also can’t wait to see more pictures of Adam! I’m a 64 year old grandma and I just love babies! (I never had the priviledge of having a baby myself–could never get pregnant so we adopted a 2 1/2 year old girl who is now in her 40’s herself. We are raising our 15 year old special needs grandson whom we have had since he was about 4 1/2 years old. So tell Christina I am really jealous. (Just kidding). Seriously though I would love to see more pictures of Adam.

  36. I want to learn about Resell Rights and PLR

  37. Hi Richard Legg,

    Hope that you are back to business after your celebrations on your welcome addition of your family member,As far as learning part yes I need to know all of the four topics listed above as I am an affiliate of certain products, I need to build a list of genuine buyers, Best products that sell itself easily importantly at affordable prices and I have readymade products to make earnings for me.

    Thank you,

    Warm Regards,


  38. Firstly, congratulations to you both, or rather, all three of you. :)

    I’d love to know you top 5 to 10 daily habits, online.

    If you were reduced to just bare minimum online maintenance activity for a week or six (as you possibly may be right now!) – then which five to ten, income generating activities do you continue and for which you MUST make/find time to attend, regardless of anything else that’s going on?

    Cheers, Thea

  39. Your affiliate marketing secrets.
    In addition to our customers, we have about 500 unique visitors a month. We give them a freebee to leave their email address and name.
    We need to do something with that info.

  40. Lynn Wertheimer says:

    Affiliate Marketing.

    I regret I did not move fast enough for your special offer.

    I’m sure the tiredness melts away when you see your son smile or even the peacefulness of when he sleeps.

  41. that’s great idea. thanks man and pls make the interview available for future downloads in your blog.

  42. Adelia Reid says:

    How do I connect all the pieces, or link it all up?

  43. Resell rights and PLR, please

  44. Hi Richard,

    I can assure you that your little “boss” should soon settle down and give you your much needed sleep. Unfortunately they grow up so fast and then we always wonder what happened to their childhood!! I’m sure you and your wife are great parents – it certainly sounds like it.

    As far as your idea for a free webinar or something….it is very generous of you. Any one of those subjects sound good, but I think the one I am most interested in is 3) Product Creation. I just hope that it will be at a time that I can attend. Unfortunately most of these events happen while I am catching up on my own beauty sleep.

    All the best to you and your family.


  45. I would like to know your secrets on making money with affiliate sales.
    Thanks so much Richard!

  46. Yes Richard,
    “I want to learn your affiliate marketing secrets”, but I not really love VIDEO and LIST BUILDING.

    Be blessed…

  47. samuel kingori gathitu says:

    I want to learn your affiliate marketing secrets usings blogs or free hosting

    I want to learn your list bulding secrets with a viral angle

  48. Hi Richard,

    I want to learn about affiliate marketing!

    Greetings from Germany

  49. Hi Richard, great idea! I would like to learn about Product Creation. Thanks! Petra :o)
    P.S. Looking forward to seeing more pictures of little Adam…

  50. Well thanks Richard. This is very kind of you to do.

    For myself, list building is the one that gives me the most trouble. I do jv-giveaways, and have an opt-in on my home page (that’s being completely updated!) but I still have a list of less than 500. So that’s my sticking point that I need the most help with.

    Thanks and congrats again!

    Ross “The Pit Boss”

  51. Congratulations on the new baby! Glad everyone is well.

    Richard, I don’t especially care about any of those topics. Not marketing to marketers!! (Though 2 and 3 come closest to my needs.)

    Glad to see a photo of you without important parts of your face in shadow…

    Will share a tip that many apparently do not know:

    You offer “resale rights” for the purpose of folks “reselling” the product. The first is an adjective, the second is a verb — they are not interchangeable. Hope that helps.


  52. I’d love a teleseminar on PRODUCT CREATION.

  53. Hi Richard,

    List Building would be good!!

    Don’t worry, you will get some sleep soon………probably in about 6 months if you are lucky!!!



  54. Brian Sharman says:

    I want to learn about product creation. Thank you.

  55. Brian Sharman says:

    I want to learn about product creation.

  56. I want to learn about Resell Rights and PLR

  57. Dear Richard,
    Good luck to you and your family. I would love to learn your affiliate marketing secrets.


  58. I have two requests:

    1. I wish to learn a traffic generation tactic called ‘Leeching’ or ‘Parasiting’, if you’ve heard of it

    2. I want to learn about how to create innovative products (not merely the ordinary e-book) in any niche

    Thank you



  59. Richard and Christina – A belated congratulations to both of you !

    I would love to know more about all 4 topics but I vote for LIST BUILDING to get me started.

    To you – All good things


  60. Hey Richard,

    I want to learn list building :)
    Your baby is lovely.

    Have a nice day


  61. Product Creation is my first choice because it seems to be my biggest roadblock to moving up the marketing ladder. Thanks for your generous offer Richard! All the best, Leon

  62. Interested to know more about affiliate marketing secret

  63. I want to learn your affiliate marketing secrets.

  64. I love reading your e-mails. I am in the love and healing business. When you look at my web-site, my computer man says if I put links at the bottom it will bring in more hits. I have about 111 hits a week, and people are beginning to buy more, but I want them to do more than look!!!!

    Love and Blessings, Patti

  65. Hey Richerd I’d Like To Know More About Resell Rights and PLR And List Buliding

  66. I would like a disussion on List Building

  67. Congrats On your first child Adam.
    I have two boys 1st one is 28, the 2nd is 17. the youngest is
    a handful they are 10 yrs apart & different as night & day.
    I wish yall the best in raiseing him. Please put your creator 1st
    Family 2nd & most imporant business last!. I say this because
    I know first hand about the later I put that 1st and it was a mistake I use to drive a truck across the USA for many yrs &
    didnt spend much time with the boys.Well it made for ill feelings
    between me and the boys I have come off the road now due to
    a injury in ’06 and I teach Trk driving now. I wish I had done things a little different . Well enough about me. Iam new to this
    Internet business I ve been learing the basic stuff the last five
    months what I would like to learn more of is how to create a product of my own and market it to the masses Thx for your time.! Allll the Best To U and YOURS James

  68. hey richard i lowe this site and weee need man like you all the best from kosova

  69. Margret Gunnars says:

    Hi, Richard

    I want to learn your affiliate marketing secrets

    Wishing you all the luck with your new born baby. He is really cute.

    Have a nice day and many thanks for your effort.


  70. Hi Richard,

    I like what I’ve seen from you so far.

    Looking forward to the next installment.

  71. Hi Richard,

    Babies and children remind me of the Biblical aying: “Be childlike like”. If all of us could merge in the joy of being with babies AND practicing unconditional Love and true Human Value then the world would certainly be a better place for all! Divine Greetings to baby Adam and your dear wife Cristina. May you all be forever Blessed!

    My response: Newby type (detailed) videos on the basic skills enough to use PLR and MRR for setting up and maintaining websites is a MUST. Most marketers are offering the product but the real simple approach to monetise it independently is not offered in a clear and concise “follow the numbers” way.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge freely and fairly,


  72. Well yes of course! I want to learn your affiliate marketing secrets! Thanks for the kind offer. You & your family take care!

  73. Whoops sorry—I hit enter before I let you know which one. It’s really a toss up between 1) Affiliate Marketing – How to make a ton of money selling other peoples products & 2) List Building – How to build a list of hungry buyers for “cash-on-demand. Do I really have to pick just one????

  74. I want to learn your affiliate marketing and List Building secrets.


  75. Frode Jenssen says:

    I want to learn your affiliate marketing secrets

  76. Richard you have been absolutly great to me, and very helpfull, but can you tell me how in the h… do i upload to this site. Yours in success. James

  77. i am from trinidad will i be collecting my cheque via maiL. I am really excited to get started and make some money on line. Please give me some assistance in setting up my web page.

  78. How to build a list of hungry buyers for “cash-on-demand”.

  79. Ouzi Zaccai says:

    Resell Rights and PLR



  80. Hi Richard,
    I want to learn about affiliate marketing.
    The rewards you get far out weigh the loss of sleep.
    You will be able to catch up later.The very best
    to you and your family.

  81. “I want to learn your affiliate marketing secrets”


  82. Congratulations!


    Affiliate marketing, please.

  83. Hi Richard,
    Hows the wife, and the little tyke? Hope everyone is doing good! Hey, you need to get back to work, and make some money!
    Richard, I’m interested in any, or all!
    Thanks for your help!
    Frank Watts

  84. Hey Richard,

    Terrific new about your family doing well with Adam the new born. Man, do I remember those nights with my sons. I grew to regard the time as super high quality time with them. As soon as I recognized that (about 5 weeks) they started letting us sleep through the night.

    I’d like to learn about list building and PLR. And could you do a PDF of the seminar for later reading?



  85. I would like info on list building.

    Especially how to with very little cash flow at the moment.


  86. Hi Richard,
    Everything you have done on the net is especially worthy of note to us newbies. Even other gurus will have a thing or two to pick up from you because I have not seen them with such presentations. The way you have both planned and started a family is equally impressive. May life’s best go your way always.

  87. Hi Richatd,
    Thank you so much for all your help! Children are blessings, so really enjoy every day with him. Affiliate marketing secrets…and some effective advertising techniques would really help. Bless you for thinking of us.

  88. Hi Richard,

    Once again congratulations. I would like to know about affiliate marketing and traffic secrets. Also which company affiliate program to join.

  89. “I want to learn your affiliate marketing secrets”

    My thanks to the new apprentice (keep it up LOL)


  90. I need to know all of the four topics listed above as I am an affiliate of certain products, I need to build a list of genuine buyers.

  91. Congrats Richard – I became a GrandFather for the first time a few weeks ago, so I have a sense of what you are experiencing.

    I’d be interested in the PLR stuff so I can put some of my PLR stock to good use.

  92. I started about 4 years or more ago. I even purchased your Succeed In 30 Days. The Link Guard and for some reason I would always search you out, I think your a kind person and I feel that. I want to set up my Web Site up and it would have a lot to do with Affiliate Marketing. Putting Programs on it that were worth while. All your options you have up there really all go together.
    If I could succeed with your help I’d just love you to death!!I can’t get past the setting up of a Web Site or an Auto-Responder and it’s driving me crazy. I have lost over $10,000.00 in 4 years maybe more. I just want to cry when I think about it, I get told go with your losses and get out. I can’t. I have to prove it can be done. I am more hands on then the reading type. So Affiliate Marketing and Lists are my option. Thank alot Richard and good luck with your baby and tell your wife patience is a virtue. We know that or at least I do.
    Talk to you Later,
    Sara Schmalenbach

  93. Affiliate Marketing
    List Building
    I agree with Rahesh, videos for web site building with explanations of what they are for and do. Also Auto-Responders. I know they tell you what to do but in some videos you can’t see and they go too fast. Like where did that box come from that he is transferring things to. Nothing on my website some one messed with it trying to get me at the top of google and yahoo. That is not my website.

  94. I have a leaning towards Affiliate marketing and Resell rights but all four categories are interesting. As I mentioned before, I am soaking up everything I can read and it will all be stored away and used in order. I haven’t forgotten what you said – concentrate on one thing at a time.

  95. Affiliate marketing would be a good start.

  96. I want to learn Product Creation.

  97. Hey Richard!

    Congrats again on the birth of your baby boy Adam! Glad to hear that both he and Christina are doing great. :)

    As far as the topics listed are concerned, all of them are great but my two favorites would be Product Creation and Resell Rights and PLR.



  98. List Building is the ‘BackBone’ of any business, online or off. If you don’t have a list to build a relationship with and make offers to, you don’t have business. A mailing list is online is what foot traffic is to brick and mortar. You need the open door to invite potetial customers into your parlor, so to speak. Once there you have the chance to offer them your wears, but until then – YOU AINT GOT NUTTIN HONEY! My question is how do I build a list without any products of my own to offer them for their optin info? I know there are many sites selling PLR products that can be given away, but I’m not sure if this the best way to go. As for PLR products, my computer is full of stuff that I don’t know what to do with. Sounds dumn but I know that I am not alone.

  99. Just stumbled upon your info. Good stuff! I go with List Building & Product Creation

  100. List Building….definitely!

    Love hearing about your ‘baby’ JV with your wife :-)

  101. They all sound good, but if I have to pick it would be Affiliate Marketing and Listbuilding.

  102. Hey Richard,

    Thank you kindly for all your great FREE tips for how to succesfully create a business and how to GET STARTED. I have literally been searching for 4 months now, no success whatsoever, and I find that most of the successful teachers/gurus do not provide much trully helpful content. You have taken the extra step, and it is greatly appreaciated. Congratulations on your baby girl.

    I want to build a real business



  103. I forgot to mention that the free keyword tool you used on your video, doesn’t seem to generate a list of keywords when you enter a main keyword.

    After entering in the symbols in the quicktime symbol box, it says “failed to connect”.

    I’m wondering if it’s just my connection…

    Thanks Again,


  104. I’ve just got my first site up a running. Trying my hand at affiliate marketing. Not so easy I have a steeeep learning curve.

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