Magic Bullet System 2.0 Review and Best Bonus

Magic Bullet System 2.0 Review & Bonus For Amish Shah and Jay Style’s Magic Bullet System

The product is called the Magic Bullet System 2.0 and it’s a being taught by Amish Shah and Jay Styles.

What’s  cool is that it also comes with software that does most of the CPA stuff FOR YOU

Now – if you’ve never heard of Amish and Jay, that’s because they’re the REAL DEAL and aren’t really in the “Guru” business.

They’ve had multiple $100K+ days doing CPA.

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Here’s just some of the info I’ve been able to dig up on the magic bullet system…

  • How to seduce, bring home, and “score” with Google on every landing page you’ve got so you get a flood of free traffic and a “perfect” quality score every time . . . (think that getting a high quality score is hard? Ha. My team and I pump out 7-10 landing pages a week . . . and ALWAYS get the best possible PPC rates and a ton of free traffic from Google. I’ll outline every step I take to make Google think I’m their best friend . . .)
  • What landing page “FRICTION” is . . . and how to tune up or turn down the friction on your landing page to practically force your prospects to click through to profitable offers.
  • Secrets not one “PPC Expert” in a thousand knows about creating “Hypnotic” PPC ads that browsers feel like they HAVE TO click.
  • DEMOGRAPHIC MARKETING . . . and how to get in front of hot, profitable target markets cheaply, using “Lateral” keywords most marketers don’t even know about . . . (I touched on this in one of the previous videos. . but I’m going to go MUCH deeper and give you a complete “Demographic formula” that introduces you to a whole new world of traffic).
  • How to use “Abstract Thought Processes” to give you a massive advantage over the competition . . . (this one gets a little weird . . .but I’ll literally teach you to train your brain to think like a CPA Deca-Millionaire . . . and see the profit possiblities in every offer.
  • MASTERS-LEVEL MEDIA BUYING SECRETS . . . and how to get media placement for your banner ads and offers at less than half the price “Regular losers” have to pay . . . (just one of these tricks will save you tens of thousands of dollars).
  • Painful secrets to hiring, training and putting employees into action . . . it cost me MILLIONS to learn this stuff, but I’ll share every painful lesson I’ve learned about how to hire and manage employees so they take initiative, seek out opportunities, and PUT MORE MONEY IN YOUR POCKET. (IF you want to build a REAL business in CPA instead of just being the “lazy rich” you’ll want to take massive notes on this).
  • MY EXACT CASH FLOW MANAGEMENT SYSTEM . . . and specifically how to stay on top of things when you have MILLIONS of dollars coming in and going out on a weekly basis. (It’s a really good problem to have, but let me tell you when I first started I PANICKED at the number and the size of the checks that were flowing through my company).
  • WHY OUTSOURCING SUCKS . . . and why outsourcing for the first 2 years of my CPA business literally cost me $2,472,312.67 . . . (Everybody tells you that outsourcing is the way to go . . . and they’re full of @#$#. I’ll show you why and how to hire tech and marketing talent the RIGHT way for maximum profits).
  • BLACK HAT secrets that let you “Cloak” links . . . slap around and DOMINATE social media sites like Facebook and Myspace . . . get “Arbitrage” cash out of RSS feeds . . . REVERSE ENGINEER successful campaigns and “steal” your competitors success . . . and MAKE MORE MONEY.”

–> Check out the free video here <–

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