Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula Review 2016

Back in 2008 I bought Product Launch Formula (the 2.0 version) from Jeff Walker after seeing the kinds of results that not only Jeff was getting, but also that his students were getting.

Despite not having a particularly big or responsive list at that time, I was able to launch my first product using the product launch formula method and made 5X my investment on the very first day of my launch.

Needless to say I’m a huge fan of Jeff and his PLF course as it’s one of those courses that actually delivers on it’s promises (providing you’re willing to put in the effort to follow the steps).

With the latest release of the 2016 version of his product launch formula imminent, I’ll be putting together a more in-depth review and also a bonus package of some complimentary products that I think will really help get the best out of the PLF package.

[UPDATE] It looks like the 2016 course will be opening this November so we’ll have more information on the latest Product Launch Formula release as soon as it’s available, starting with the first video that is due to go live on November 2nd. Stay tuned!

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