Is Internet Marketing Just A Big Mistake?

If you turn on the TV or read a newspaper these days, there’s one thing that you’re going to see on pretty much every news channel …

The economy sucks!

And it’s not just here in America.

I know from talking with family and friends in England and Ireland that things are little better over there in Europe.

People are getting forced out of their homes, jobs are being cut, and gas prices are insane. (Like over $10 a gallon in the UK!!)

All of this is going to affect you and I as marketers.


Because people don’t have as much money to spend on the things they don’t NEED to live.

They have mortgage payments every month, bills that need to get paid, and all of this leaves them with less to spend on non-essential items.

The truth is, if you’re trying to make money online, chances are you’re in the “sell internet marketing stuff to other people looking to be internet marketers”. Right?

It’s nothing to be ashamed of. That’s how I got started too.

But now … I’m starting to think it’s a BIG mistake, especially for anyone who’s just getting started.

It’s so much work to try and make your way in such a competitive market, especially the way things are right now.

There are more and more people trying to be internet marketers, and less and less people with money to spend.

It just doesn’t make sense to try and get into a market like that, particularly if you still consider yourself a beginner. There’s just SO much competition… So much already out there!

But it’s not the end of the world.

Remember I told you there IS a right way to do things:

If you want to build a real “recession-proof” business, a business that will make money for you continuously, regardless of the economy, then you need to focus on one thing…

Building a business in a hungry niche market.

A market where people are STILL hungry, no matter WHAT the markets are doing. Where the market NEEDS what you’re offering, not just wanting it.

If you know where to look, you can always find niches where people are spending money on the essential things they need…

Often these markets are so big and so hungry, that all you need to do is simply create a product then find a way to stand in front of them.

Ok, so by now you’re probably thinking…

“That’s great Richard, but I know *nothing* about finding niches or creating products for them, so how is this going to help me, a complete beginner?”

Even though I know about marketing, driving traffic, building lists etc… I’m NOT an expert on niche marketing either, but I know someone who is… And this guy… He finds these insanely hungry markets in his SLEEP.

More than likely you’ve never even heard of my buddy/ mentor Eric Farewell. And to be honest, until a few months ago, neither had I.

He’s someone who likes to quietly work away, behind the scenes, but he’s probably the most absolute authority on niche marketing that I’ve EVER come across in my 5 years of working online.

This guy makes me feel like a newbie!

Anyway, Eric and I got to talking at a seminar recently, and some of his successes (and fairly hilarious stories) absolutely blew me away.

It turns out that he’s responsible for some of the biggest product launches EVER online (think multi-multi-million dollar launches) but his PASSION is in picking out and dominating profitable niche markets.

One of the coolest things he helped me realize was that you don’t have to be an “expert” in a market to be considered one.

The more I talked to Eric, the more I knew that I had to have this guy help show me how to build multiple, profitable businesses in all kinds of different niches… and do it easily following his systems.

I count myself extremely lucky that I got chance to speak with him at the seminar. (He charges $1,500 an HOUR just for consultations and he’s VERY picky about who he works with.)

I really wanted to learn his secrets and his exact business model for myself.

As a result (and after doing a good bit to convince him), he’s now my mentor… But it’s costing me (I wont say how much but let’s just say I could use the money to buy myself a brand new Aston Martin [or two]!).

Honestly though, I don’t mind, because it’s been a great investment for my business.

I think one of the reasons he agreed to work with me is that he knows I’m in this business to help people too. Obviously I’m looking to make money, but I believe you can still do that while teaching people and helping them at the same time.

As he was explaining his systems to me, I quickly realized that this could be replicated by literally anyone, regardless of experience. They’re surprisingly simple once you break them down, but they’re incredibly effective.

I got to thinking that it would be great if I could invite my readers to “listen in” as Eric coached me through some of his secrets.

He wasn’t so keen at first.

After all, there are plenty of people who’ve been willing to pay him thousands of dollars for that privilege.

But after talking with him some more, I eventually managed to persuade him on the basis that we’d do something together.

He’d share his secrets on how to pick out and create products in super-profitable niches, if in return I would share my SEO and traffic secrets on how to market those products most effectively.

There was one major condition though…

Eric is extremely busy, and with baby Adam, my schedule is pretty darn hectic too (I’m sure you parents can understand).

So before we decide to do something like this, we need to know if people are truly serious about getting this insider information.

This isn’t going to be another “fluff” ebook that gives you some general “theories”.

This is the real “how to” and more importantly, “how to get it right”.

(or at least it’d BETTER be… His coaching has been the best yet for me, and I’m literally just going to be sharing some of my time with you… Without asking you to give up on your Aston Martin 😉

Like I said, we are both willing to do this, but ONLY if enough people are interested.

If you want to finally discover how to build a real business, in a sustainable market, leave a reply right now, using the comment box below saying:

“I want to build a real business”

If enough people reply, we’ll start putting it together right away.

To YOUR Success

Richard Legg

Richard Legg


  1. I want to build a real business, recession proof, too!

  2. Mark Russell says:

    I want to build a real business

  3. “I want to build a real business”

  4. “I want to build a real business”

  5. Terry Townsend says:

    “I want to build a real business”

  6. “I want to build a real business”

  7. “I want to build a real business”

    Thanks for the offer on this Richard – I’m always on the look-out for ways to identify profitable niches that meet emerging needs.

  8. yes, Richard I would be very interested, however I would not be able
    to purchase this info. it would have to be free, or some type of J.V.


  9. Glenna Cottrell says:

    Hello Richard,
    That sounds great.Wish you had it now.
    Best to you and the family.

  10. I’m always looking for great products to add to my line up. This could be valuable info! I’d be interested.

  11. “I want to build a real business”

  12. Count me in.

    “I want to build a real business”

    I’ve been struggling with this very topic for 3 yrs now and I’m about to pull my hair out. I sure could use some honest, easy to follow, help.

  13. I want to build a real business. My website is. In progress!

  14. Hi Richard,
    I have to admit, i am not computer savvy, and just to let you know i dont even know how to blast emails or copy and paste, so let me ask you this, when you say newbees do you mean a complete training program? I can open and send emails and surf the internet, and that is all, i have no technical know how. I just want to learn. I have been contemplating going to a community college to learn before i even attempt to do online business. What is your advise. I have a few websites in the last year and have been stuck to make any kind of stride. Help!!

    DB/your loyal reader

  15. Rick Lawson says:

    Count me in Richard ! Very interesting ideas

  16. I’m in, I really want to build a real business! But only if it is with you as my mentor

  17. “I want to build a real business”

  18. I want to build a real business!

  19. Hi Richard,

    I have been a niche marketer the whole time since I started marketing. But talking about niche domination, it is still a bit far for me.

    I do have my bit of success but far from my dreams and goals. I would be interested in what you have to offer.

    Keep in touch. You may contact me at my email.

  20. I want to build a real business? The only problem is I do not have any financial backing. (At the present). Yes. I am a beginner (about 2 years. But I have two quotes for myself: “Dare to beleive in yourself” & “dare to be posative”.).
    Regards Harry Deitch (Sydney, Australia).

  21. Richard,all I hear is the same ole song,over and over,just cough up a few more dollars and you are on your way to riches.It just makes the rich richer and the poor poorer.I have been hearing this for over 2 years now and nobody helps me get over the hump.That is the name of the game,I have been trying to promote your 30 day’s to freedom or whatever,I know people have subscribed but I have never been notified of it.it all comes out the same nobody helps the little ole boy’s not even after they have given it their best shot.I’m sorry I got carried away but enough is enough.Worthless affiliate programs,spent all my money on advertising and promotions and wind up holding the empty bag.Actually no one is helping anyone they are just introduced to someone else that is highly thought of and wealthy and are asking for another hand out.

  22. Stephen Berlanger says:

    I want to build a real website

  23. Hey Richard count me in as well I want to build a real business

  24. “I want to build a real business”

    Pls count me in !!!!

  25. Lately I have been e-mailing with more and more people who are all talking about the same struggle of trying to just keep their heads above water. A lot of it seems to be one of my biggest problems, information overload. I am trying to be more focused, but my mind is still foolishly looking for that one piece of information that will make all of the pieces fall together. I think it would be wonderful to have a mentor that we can all learn from. Sometimes I feel that if I could just get one person to work one-on-one with me for just one day that it would make all of the difference in the world.

  26. I want to build a REAL business, with integrity, without the fluff please. Thanks!

  27. “I want to build a real business”

    I’ve been online since 2005 and have join a couple of site’s
    hoping that I will be able to find some success online.

    Mike Dillard was the first and the second was Kimball Roundy.

    As of yet nothing much…but I’m going to make it, it’s just
    a matter of time, patience and persistence so let’s do it!

  28. I want to build a real business.

  29. bill stewart says:

    I want to build a real business

    especially if it follows the excellent content of all the other advice etc you divulge to all us newbies, cant wait!

  30. Richard I am always keeping track of what you’re up to
    and I know you honestly strive to help people. If you
    have checked this guy out and consider him YOUR mentor
    then he must be good at what he does.

    If you guys are teaming up and we can get some benefit
    from that then for sure count me in because “I want to
    build a real business”. Targeting a niche is where it’s at!

    All the best to you and the Misses and the new little fella.

  31. “I want to build a real business”

  32. “I want to build a real business”

  33. “I want to build a real business”

  34. Hi Richard,
    In your post the only word I count is “focus”. Although I want to build a real business, as you’re offering here, I believe the main key is “focus”.
    This offer as like your previous offer – traffic uncut….
    Many people want it, but the price stopped them to believe you.

    Be blessed…


  35. Yes Richard, I really want to build a REAL online business but to date have had NO success. It would have to be a very clear and precise “Blueprint”, a step by step instruction for success. I love your blog Richard, I love the way you ‘allow’ us to know you and at the same time being an informative blog. Tomas

  36. “I want to build a real business”

    Thank you for all you do.

    You are very appreciated!

  37. @Roy Wade – I’m sorry to hear that you feel “nobody helps the little ole boy’s”.

    I would hope that from reading my emails and blog posts you would know that yes, I am trying to make money, but I feel it’s important to do so while helping people at the same time.

    I do try to make money online – that is my business. It’s also the reason you signed up to my list, because you wanted to make money too.

    I also feel it’s a little unfair that you didn’t mention the dozen or so email conversations you’ve had personally with me, where I’ve tried my best to help you, but yet you’ve then failed to reply when I ask you to give me more information so I can assist you.

    At the end of the day, I can only do so much to help, and it’s up to the individual to follow the steps to get there.

  38. “I want to build a real business”

    I am sick and tired of all the fluff, hype and bs that is going around and costing a kings ransom. Please show us the way Richard.


  39. “I want to build a real business”

    Hi Richard, greetings from Caracas, Venezuela

  40. I know of Eric farewell, and have been following and would be excited to see more.
    i feel weird typing
    “I want to build a real business”
    so i guess I’m gonna assert my
    creativity and individuality and
    not type
    “I want to build a real business” because i am just so unique i cant be compelled to typing out some silly
    “I want to build a real business”
    just because its in the request for comments so even though
    “I want to build a real business”
    i just wont type “I want to build a real business” here
    not me
    thanks and take care

  41. You peaked my interest and it sounds very exciting and rewarding and profitable all at the same time. Please feel free to deal me in……………

  42. “I want to build a real business”

  43. Hi Richard,
    Hopefully you may now find to cope with your new arrival Adam on baby care Yes! it is really great idea to partner with niche expert to bring a new venture and I want to build a real business from spending countless hours in the computer without any real benefit . I wish you will do it in the interest of all of us concerned.
    Warm regards,


  44. Hey Richard,
    I am already building a real business here in the land of Oz! Australia.
    I am interested in learning more about success of course.
    Blessings Peter thanks for being there for others.
    It is a people thing and about building relationships.

  45. I want to build a real business”

  46. I really want to build areal business! Sounds like a cool idea, and I would be eternally grateful for anything to get me off these starting blocks I’ve been on for six months

  47. I want to build a real business

  48. YES!! I want to build a real business so that I can make some real money! I have gathered lots and lots of information on a wide range of topics regarding making money online; but have not yet seen “the money”.
    So, I don’t need just “more” information; like so many others, I need an economical, easy to follow, workable plan that will allow me to see success and income.
    Thanks for all your previous emails and support – very much appreciated.

  49. I want to build a real business. However, it should be free or low priced to start and as we learn and earn, payments could be taken out of our profits. It should have no surprises as to lots of new unknown costs.

    Example: I signed up to start a business that was advertised as a $10 business. So I signed up and spent my $10. Then to continue I had to sign up for another part that cost $95 and then I needed to sign up for another program or two that each cost over $100! Not only that the owner offered to pay for advertising that cost almost $800 to promote a part of the website, but never mentioned on his website there was a ridiculous time limit which almost no one could meet! Then all of a sudden came an email stating that many of us missed the FREE ADVERTISING and don’t come to him pleading to still receive the advertising. Now all the emails I receive try to pump me up to sign up for the program all over again! Go figure!!!

    I’m new to this group and please forgive me if I sound cynical – I don’t intend to sound cynical. All these things should help us be more aware. Richard I apprediate your sincerity and wanting to help others while you make a living.That is my goal, also. If we all work together we can make it happen…Thanks for your interest in others.

  50. Hello Richard and thank you. Yes I would appreciate your assistance towards “building a real business”. Count me in.



  51. I want to build a real business

  52. No problem at all. “I want to build a real business”
    And better still, you may bill as much as you wish. 😉
    on a % basis.
    But after having delivered and set me up. Because whatever way you or anyone approaches the problematic. sometimes or maybe the solution is only inches away, and does not need the step by step for dummies that only sets us back into another research of fruitless frustrations.
    friendly yours.

  53. G’day Richard,

    “I want to build a REAL business”

    As you can see from my website, I’m in there trying. It’s taken a lot of labour and I’m proud of it, but it makes zero income. So I need any help I can get.


  54. James Eckman says:

    Yes! “I want to build a real business”

  55. I want to build a real business.

    I have something good started but can’t seem to turn the corner to income. It’s been a year working my *** off getting this far and I am on the rocks with finances. It has to be easier than this.

    I’d start fresh, re-do my current operation, or follow somewhere else. I am ready for some something based on solid fundamentals, and recession proof to boot.

    I was deleting my over-abundant IM subscriptions (the better to focus on my one live enterprise) and I *knew* you were a keeper.

  56. “I want to build a real business”

  57. I want to build a REAL business.

    Thanks, Richard

  58. Ketil Sjavik says:

    “I want to build a real business”

  59. Like many of your correspondents, I’ve spent a lot of money for very little return over the past few years. I’ve had a few good days where I’ve managed to pull in a few dollars, but it’s never consistent, and now I’m back down to $zero per day again.
    I really don’t want to spend any more money as I feel I understand the concepts pretty well. The difficulty seems to be in putting them into practice, there always seems so much competition for anything I try to do. So, if you can help me to identify a niche, work out the right keywords and put them to use for a consistent return, that would be the answer to my dreams.
    By the way, I’m in the process of cancelling many of my newsletters as they just seem to rehash the same stuff over & over again and all they want is my money. I feel that if I just stick with you, then I’ll get there in the end.

  60. Internet Marketing is indeed about dominating a niche, but the thing is, it is finding the right product to promote once you have found that niche. It is of course no good “thinking” you have the right niche, you really have to research it. As far as the product is concerned, you really have to create one yourself. (even if this takes 6 months, it is time well spent) If you have your own product then it opens so many doors as far as marketing is concerned. If it is a good product then you can recruit affiliates to promote it, find JV partners to email their list for you (talking of which Richard, how much do you charge to mail to your list?).
    Building a sustainable business is indeed what we all want. I have paid for mentoring programs and been sorely dissapointed (this was with a very well known marketer). The best information I paid for was from John Delavera. (not cheap) The thing is though if you want to get ahead then you need to pay serious money for a serious product from someone you can trust. But this product has to be something everyone can understand and actually use. I await with interest to see more details of what you have in mind. Sleep Well.

  61. Stan Maxwell says:

    I want to build a real business.

    Fully agree with you. Hope that the information will be available as an ebook as teleseminars in the States come at a time that is not convenient (when one is usually asleep) here in the UK.

  62. I want to build a real business

  63. I want to build a real business

  64. Colin Finlayson says:

    Yes!. I,too, want to build a real business

  65. That would be fantastic it’s about time some one is willing to share there information with the little people, so yes I want to build a real business.

    Thanking you in advance.


  66. I want to build a real business

  67. “I want to build a real business” , if its a real business and not just another marketing tactic to line the pockets of the person who mastermined the plan.

  68. “I want to build a real business”

  69. Frode Jenssen says:

    “I want to build a real business”

  70. Hi Richard,

    “I want to build a real business”

    Right now I am trying out the Adwords+Clickbank model to earn money with niche products. I think that is the most hassle-free and easy way to have a nice side income if you know the rules of the game.

    I have got some success also, but not up to the mark. I would like to know methods to advertise at a lower cost and but effectively. I think everything culminates down to the point that what quality of traffic you are getting. Adwords traffic is real good but what I am looking forward to is getting the same quality traffic at a low cost. Is there any way???

  71. I want to build a real business

  72. I want to build a (successful) business! And, I need all the help I can get.
    Now, I suscribed to Richard’s information awhile ago, but I am just now getting my website up and running, and I feel like I’ve received tons of information that is lost out in cyberspace somewhere, and now I have to catch up.
    And, it is difficult to keep track of who you buy from, and the information that they send…EVERYBODY wants to sell you their program, and after you buy one, then everybody jumps you and tries to get you to buy theirs, too. (similar to street urchins seeing you give a penny to one- THEY ALL WANT ONE-difference being the urchins need it for BASIC survival)
    It is overwhelming, and most of the time I just don’t even read the emails anymore- they want me to give them more money that I simply DON’T HAVE. (which was why I believed/bought into it in the first place.)
    So- Richard- it looks like you are reading these replies- is there any chance you would be willing to help me and start at the very beginning? And yeah, I’m asking you to help me prettymuch for free. Well, not exactly, since I did buy into your program awhile ago.
    Please feel free to email me. Thanks, Linn Ash, LMT

  73. I want to build a real business, (actually another one); one that I can work from home. My wife had a heart attack three weeks ago and this wake-up call has made us reassess how we spend our time and all day apart while we are each at our office is not the way we want to spend it!

  74. “I want to build a real business”

  75. I want to build a real business. One that really works and is ethical.

  76. I want to build a real business

  77. “I want to build a real business”
    I know I have struggled for years just like everyone, and some money does come, but mostly goes with trying to find that one for real business.
    You are a true jem Richard! Keep up the good work DADDY! LOL

  78. “I want to build a real business” without information overload, I admit I have been struggling over the past months.

    Jon (London, Uk)

  79. “I want to build a real business”

  80. yes, Richard I would be very interested, however I am money poor and would need whatever you develop to be priced for people like me who really need help but unable to afford high end ebooks.

  81. Hi Richard,

    I have a blog style website that is SEO optimized but I’m still not getting many hits and I would like to build a solid online business. I am starting to think that only PPC ads would help me, but I am not yet in a position to afford those.

    “I want to build a real business”

    I enjoy reading your e-mails and posts and hopefully with your help I’ll be able to succeed in the future.



  82. I want to build a real business!!!!

  83. I would like to build an internet business

  84. Hi Richard,

    Yes of course I would like to build a profitable Internet business, who wouldn’t. I have been involved from several angles and of course much dabbling but lack clear direction. The difficulty for me has always been what to sell and who to sell it to and how to present it the buyers. It requires a lot of skill learning, skills must be acquired, in particular getting your web site up actually several sites but start somewhere with one. Putting up a web site and getting it right is a difficult task for most beginners such as myself, what pages are needed how should the site be organized, (structured), what are directories and how do they work on the what about sub-directories web etc. it takes forever to find and assimilate all this info and then you have to execute it all…..ugh.

    I am interested and I don’t mind purchasing info or training if reasonably priced and useful what I do not like are monthly fees I have too many bills already for that. One time fees are the method that I prefer.

  85. “I want to build a real business”

  86. WE are all on your list for one thing, for help to build our own business.

    I have always been surprised why no Guru (for the want of a better word) has never developed a training program where the student only pays the Guru when he or she starts to make money, Say 20% of all future earnings.
    I know it could be quite complicated, but surely it could be done.

    In my mind, this would create a win win situation for both parties.


    Ken from the UK.

  87. Hello Richard

    Dan here. I to have been into marketing on the internet now since 1999 and have had some small sucesses. But do you see whats happening here? People want a step by step plan thats going to give them sucess and it should be under $50. I would suggest some sort of step by step video training or live conference room training. I to am tired of the Guru’s $97, $197, and $1500 programs that people starting out just can’t afford. But your the man Richard, you could do this.

    Thankyou Richard

  88. I am interested. I love making money online. I love helping people. Perhaps I would finally be able to help the “average” person.

  89. I want to build a real internet business so that I can help the less well off earn say a minimum of $100 a week with your help

  90. @ Ken – I agree in theory about the idea of having a “pay as you earn” type of program. I’ve even seen some people try to do it.

    Unfortunately it doesn’t work.

    When someone invest money in something, they have a motivation to use the information, and they place a value on that information.

    If there’s no value in it to them, there’s no way they’ll DO anything with it. Perhaps a small percentage will, but the majority won’t.

    Right now Eric is extremely busy, and with baby Adam, I have very little free time. So unfortunately we cannot spend our time with people who may or may not use the information if we give it away for free.

    I totally respect that people don’t have an unlimited amount of money to spend on training materials, which is why I try my best to make my training as complete and thorough as possible, but also provide it at very good value.

    My goal with this is to try and make it affordable to everyone who wants it and will use it.

  91. I would like to build a business but there is so much different info out there and all the gurus want your money for the information. It is hard to know who to trust and if their info is genuine or just something that is from the public domain that has been edited. All say they want to help others but it seems they just want to make things confusing to stop those people breaking into internet marketing. To a newbie who doesn’t have the funds to spare earning a bit of extra money seems a lost cause. I quite like ken’s idea of helping people and then getting some money when they start earning.

  92. “I want to build a real business.”

  93. “I want to build a real business”

    That would be great…Jay

  94. This is cool…this is now the only website in google results for the phrase in quotes, “I want to build a real business” But apparently I am the only person to have searched for that (again in quotes).

  95. Clement Snell says:

    I want a business ……..

  96. I want to build a REAL Business

  97. i want to build a real bussiness

  98. i want to build a real business.

    my only concern is, ive seen alot of programs, memberships and have joined alot. more than i should have. being on low income (disability) i find it hard to really get started making real money online. because, alot of programs and memberships you need to use PPC to be successful. if i had or knew of a way to start generating income, i could then use that to maybe start using PPC. its the getting started part thats hard for me. even with a list of 2500, i still have not made any sales. thats a list built using jv giveaways everybody talks about doing all the time. doesnt work. there only in it for freebies. thats my conclusion. if your business will help me, im all in.

    john b

  99. 10 bucks a gallon in the UK? Sorry, I just can’t get over that. I thought Americans were suckers at 4 bucks. That has to feel like a prostrate exam every time they fill up. Shoot at that price it would be cheaper to only eat beans and stick a tube up your butt and run the other end to the carbarator. Hey, it’s just a plan. I didn’t say it was a good one!
    Being a home builder here in the states and after sitting on 2 spec homes for about 2 years now. I don’t want to build a real business I need to!

  100. I want to build a real business!

  101. Yes I would to build a realy business to, That would be the Greastist thing
    that has ever happin to me. Thankyou

  102. Yes I would like to build a real business too, That would be the Greastist
    thing thats ever happin to me. Thankyou

  103. “I want to build a real business”
    I, like many others who have posted, have tried and tried yet to fail both emotionally and financially. I have spent a small fortune trying to make $1.00 and still have not seen that ellusive buck. So you best believe you can count me in.
    I have faith in you – you do not seem to be like all the others

  104. “I want to build a real business”

  105. Hey Richard!

    What an AMAZING idea and opportunity!! I am definitely in!

    “I want to build a real business”



  107. “I want to build a real business”

  108. I started surfing internet since September 2005, after the death of my extremely lovable wife. Actually I could not bear her untimely death and because of my attachment with her made me virtually a mental patient for more than two years. For that reason, I went on searching many websites with the hope I may get a website where I am allowed to earn first and then to pay towards some charges. I also searched for online data entry jobs too. But nobody offered free registration. I pleaded them I am ready to pay after earning without fail. But nothing happened to my fortune. Till today I did not see such sites and my attempts went in vain. I am serious when I opened your website and the message in it, to check and test whether you are really going to help me.

  109. I am like everyone else, I want to make a reasonable income from the
    internet, even though I am almost 70 years of age, my reason has more
    to do with making something work rather than a liveable income, simply
    because I get an age pension (never enough though!).

    I have a homebuilt website from which we earn a little extra from on a local basis with a service, but I would’nt mind at all leaving my two sons a workable home income after I/we have departed.

    I know all about rankings, keywords, affiliates, but I am uncertain if I should use mailing and opt-in websites, although the last opt-in I tried
    resulted in me receiving thousands of emails, not one of which was a
    request for our service.

    Also, how many affiliates should one be able to manage realistically, and
    which affiliates to have, I know Google does not like Casino’s, Gifting, Porn
    sites…………so many questions!!!.


  110. I want to build a real business.

  111. Gordon A Bolton says:

    I want to build a business, I want to build a Successfull Business..

  112. Hi Richard,
    Just picked your email and read through quickly, looks excellent, you can count me in for sure.
    I was getting really disalussioned with internet marketing, having spent quite a lot of money on so called guru’s marketing plans and so on.
    Not having met or spoken with you I still feel as though you are on my wave length and down to earth, maybe we’ll meet one day and I’ll buy you a beer!!
    “I want to build a real business”

    Cheers…. Mark

  113. i want to build a real business

  114. May I come back on some detail?
    You say Richard: I agree in theory about the idea of having a “pay as you earn” type of program. I’ve even seen some people try to do it.
    The truth is it just doesn’t work.
    Conversely, it does not work for 80% or more of students to receive yet one more tuition be it $37.50 or less ( $19.97 if taken today!) because their problem remains unidentified. To identify a problem one needs an expert in the matter.
    As goes the saying; identifying the problem is the solution at hand.
    To bring up a new 500 page pdf may well satisfy 20% of students that buy in, until they stumble against their own, once again problematic.
    When I bring my car in for repairs, (because of a “mysterious problem”) more often than not the mechanic will not even ask what the problem is, because 80% of problems are simple and straight forwards. (if you have the tools and knowhow!) Payments (according to a preliminary estimation) are made on reception when both parties are satisfied. A guarantee is supplemental.
    All else is once more “a cat in the bag” proposition with a huge sales pitch that may include forums, referrals, freebies, personal brandings or whatever more the imagination can bring up.
    Conclusion; It is hard to believe that the business world on the Internet falls short to business consultation technicalities.
    I agree that Internet businesses and Websites are in theory a good idea but, I have seen some people try to make them, and the truth is it just doesn’t work. (Who said that?)
    You have that dream set in you Richard, and I am sure that there are many people here that can help in many sectors and associate themselves with that dream.
    So Yes, “WE want to build a real business”
    You have my best regards.

  115. Hi , Everyone !!

    The real problem is – almost everybody “wants” but not many are willing
    to WORK – to put a plan in place, search for OPTIMUM RESOURCE USE &
    then have the patience to execute.
    Hopefully, this course will address all this in a more detailed manner than
    i have done here.

    Sanjeev Suri from INDIA
    On Top in Google Search
    Aspire to be there ??
    Via Email !

  116. I want to build a real business

  117. I want to build a real business… but as you may know from previous correspondence, I’m really not tech savvy! So if a true beginner to internet marketing can do it, then 100% yes!

  118. I want to build a real business too !

    I also want to help others get their business going – so this will likely be one of “my businesses”.

  119. I wish everyone here great success with their ventures. I have been following the progress of the internet marketing industry with great interest since 1998, letting everyone who offers e-mail me (I figure that adding one more name to their list is good for their list size, costs them nothing and allows me to keep in touch with what is happening, or appears to be :-) and going to look at their sales pages every time a link is sent.

    Some marketers are just carbon copies of their mentors but others do seem to offer something new and I, like others whose comments appear here, have often wondered why gurus don’t offer mentoring in exchange for a percentage of the income derived from results. After all, if the method really works, there will be results!

    It is true that many people will not use free advice properly and will not be willing to make any real effort to help themelves but a sensible internet marketer will recognise that, in any field, one has to sort the wheat from the chaff and keep searching through the lazy wannabes for the seriously motivated individuals who will seize on every morsel of advice and turn it into profit.

    As I said at the beginning, I wish each and every one of you who intends to run a real business selling something real to people who need/want it, the best of success.

  120. I want to build a real business, but I am no well financially. I hope your advice would be accesible to us.

  121. As a self confessed “single white loser” i see no other option. i’ve been disabled with chronic arthritis for the past 12 years and i’m only 30. With the amount of money i get from benefits i will never be able to ever live the life i really want to live. This is me for the rest of my life and i can’t bear it, the time is now. I either make a change or i speed up the only certainty in life, So yes; “I want to build a real business”

  122. Sorry Richard but I disagree.
    Using a “pay as you earn system”, you would soon weed out those people that expect a business without all the work involved.

    Over 3 years I have probably spent about £3000 on “wonder systems” from all the top marketeers that promise so much but rarely deliver.
    Most have been a totally waste of time, mostly down to poor support and over complicated instructions. They all took my money but left me feeling deflated and depressed.

    What encourages people to work harder is seeing those cheques (checks) coming in month after month. If I could earn say $4000 a month, I would be happy to pay my mentor 25% of that.

    A top marketeer knows when people pay up front, most will do nothing with the product and very few will ask for a refund! a plain fact.
    If they did a little work and earned say $100 in the first week (with the guru’s help), I guarantee they would start working harder the following week to raise their income. It would cause a snowball effect that would benefit both mentor and pupil financially for years to come.

    Anyway what do I know, good to speak to you mate,


  123. I want to build a real business.
    I also want an Aston Martin. Have driven one (demo) on a raceway in Virginia. What a machine!!!

  124. I would love to have some help with the research part of identifying niche markets. I seem to have trouble getting a narrow enough focus to really build up a good business. I sincerely hope that you put this together and will be very grateful for the assistance if you do!

  125. I want to build a real business.

  126. Lynn Wertheimer says:

    I want to build a real business. It would be great to have a financially successful business and a financially free lifestyle.

  127. Yes Richard, I want to build a real business. I’ve been struggling for
    the past 2 1/2 years, making a measly sum of less than $800 against $25,000 that I spent and still paying up the bills on the credit cards.
    One request I would like to make is that if it’s going to be a teleseminar, may I request that consideration be given to the time of where I come from. Thanks. I had to miss out on several teleseminars conducted by other experts due to time difference.

  128. Hello Richard,
    My post about “I want to build a real business” and my thoughts behind it (purely for helpful intentions) has been deleted. I can only conclude therefore that once again this deal is a hoax to bring in massive $49.75 from all around.
    Respectfully yours,

  129. “I want to build a real business”

  130. @ Robert – It’s a shame to see that you’re so quick to jump to conclusions about this being a “hoax” purely because your comment didn’t appear immediately.

    All the comments on the blog are moderated in order to stop spam, so I have to read each and every one before approving them.

    As you can imagine, this takes some time and due to my schedule I don’t spend all day reading the comments, so there is often a delay between when a comment is posted and when it is approved.

    In your initial comment you said

    “I agree that Internet businesses and Websites are in theory a good idea but, I have seen some people try to make them, and the truth is it just doesn’t work.

    It seems that perhaps you have had some bad experiences in the past.

    I’m sorry for whatever has happened to you previously to make you feel this way, but I would hope that if you’ve read any of my emails or blog posts before, you would know that my goal in all of this is to build a business that actually helps people with theirs too.

    Kind regards,


  131. Hello Richard,
    I was just hoping to make you understand that to pay in advance for a service that may well be dubious even when given by the top marketers is because it simply is not possible to guess where the trap is for so many. (That phrase you charge me of is not mine!)
    Let me state it out without any need for reading between the lines as we say in French. I am pretty sure that many people here could answer to where my problem is, and conversely I have on occasions suggested for example to some people that their webpage could do with a relevant keyword title in harmony with their website. This type of information does not need a top guy’s time or involvement.
    Similarly I do not need the top man in the fiscal office for my businesses even though they are “real incomes”.
    Obviously, I do not pretend that no one wishes for a top tuition to upgrade into the zenith level.
    I hope that makes it plain English, (which is also a major problem and cause of incomprehension.)
    Respectfully yours,

  132. Richard, My answer to your answer to my first post 😉 that took me 15 minutes to type using my one and only typing finger never even made it onto the blog.

    I have no doubt in your sincerity as a marketeer, but I am disappointed that you will not entertain someone who disagrees slightly with some of your comments.

    Moderation is a great thing when it suits!!!



  133. @ Ken – Again, apologies for the delay in moderating comments.

    You can thank baby Adam for that …

    The last time I was going through the list of comments he started crying.

    Then when I went in to console him … he puked on me! :-)


  134. I want to build a real business

  135. Oh Richard, you need to stop using Adam as an excuse (when it suits).

    Poor lad must be constantly in his fathers arms and being sick.

    He needs his mum to console him whilst his dad concentrates on his business and his subscribers. 😉


  136. Hello Richard,

    I want to build a real business….

    These days the only email I look forward to opening comes from you…
    lets make it happen!

  137. I am very new to the internet world and I need some pointers. I want to build a real business.

  138. Richard
    I’ve been stumbling around the Internet for a couple of years and quite frankly made NOTHING. I want to grab this opportunity with both hands

  139. Hey Richard,

    “I want to build a real business”.

    You have allways great ideas.

    All the best for you and your family.

    Urpo Salonen

  140. I think it’s a good thing your doing helping other’s make it online because it’s alot going on and people get a little ahead of of ourselves tring to make something.


  141. BrokenTaxpayer says:

    “I want to build a real business”

    Sick and tired of spending money on BS programs that never teach you how to do things. Lots and Lots of promises but then buy the 1st part then they want more and more money. One time offer! Won’t ever see this page again!, You have 10 minutes to accept this offer then it is gone forever! Just pay us another $47.00, or $97.00, or $127.00 and so on and so on…. Just a bunch of money stealing liars.

  142. Hi Richard,
    I agree – Yes, I want to build a real business.

    Yes, I guess you do have a lot of people really wanting
    a true niche market.

    Thanks for the insightful article. Choosing a market can be the most difficult part of this business.

  143. Shubrato Chakraborty says:

    Great blog !

    I really want to create a self-sustaining internet business from which ALL of us will earn consistently.

    Some of the team members should contribute to the growth of the enterprise/project/venture by practical, creative inputs.

    I am a newbie in online marketing (and just a young man of 63, living in Calcutta, India), but certainly “teachable” and amenable enough to learn from scratch. I better be…. I can’t afford to stumble through dozens of “fantastic” and earth-shaking business ideas (obviously pure hype) that I”m constantly coming across.

    Possibly, I was unconsciously waiting for a Richard Legg to come along.


  144. I want to build a real business

    Thank you Richard, I would like to have this kind of knowledge.

  145. Having posted here in October has been the last time I have heard of you Richard! What hapened?

  146. I want to build a real business.

  147. “I want to build a real business”

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