Increase Your Conversion And Get More Sales!

Check out this video from Matthew Glanfield.

It’s pretty long but it’s VERY valuable from a website conversion point of view.

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There are tons of ways to drive traffic, but the thing that people struggle with is not getting more traffic, it’s getting more sales.

How hard would it be to make sales if 1 out of every 10 people who visited your website purchased? All you would have to do is start an Adwords campaign and you’d be making sales!

Unfortunately most people are lucky to make a sale for every 1000 visitors, which makes most traffic too expensive.

Well, this website offers free information on how to improve on both sides, and you can get it all here:

>>> http://www.bbotrafficclub.com/


Richard Legg

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  1. Nice website Rebecca – I note you have already made some changes by way of Matthew’s suggestions.

    I disagree with Matthew’s suggestion about the picture on your site. I think it helps to instill trust to have a picture of real person. Having said that, the picture is not very ‘business like’ – it’s too sexual. It looks like something you would find on dating site.

    Hope you don’t mind the comment,

  2. Hi I was browsing Internet searching for Adwords Suggestion and your blog regarding e Your Conversion And Get More Sales! came my way. Very interesting! You really do know your thing! I\’m gonna bookmark you and come back in a few to see your new posting! Looking forward to! Cheers!

  3. I’ve been reading your site and was hoping for more info on monetizing but the link above is a dead link. Is the income a time related thing? I have good traffic (13000 in 15 days) so I don’t know where i’m gong wrong. Anyway can you put me in touch with that info that used to be posted there? Any help would be most appreciated.

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