Heres A Sneak Peek At My Most Important Product – EVER

Since I’ve been getting so much feedback and questions about the last few videos I’ve put out, I wanted to put together a quick “Sneak Peek” of the course so you can see a photo of it, and so I can explain just some of what’s in it.

It’s such a complete course that it would probably take me close to an hour to describe everything in it that you can learn, so I’ve just focused on a few “modules” of the course so you can get a feel for the content (and also how in-depth and complete it is).

I honestly feel this is the most important product I have ever released, and I’ve done my best to include everything I know about getting traffic based on my years of testing, and also showing you actual methods that I use everyday.

(If you’ve seen some of the previous videos that show me getting onto the front page of Google in less than 24 hours, this course covers how I do that and more)

You can watch the video by clicking on the image below:

Click Here To Watch The Video

If you missed the previous videos, you can also watch them using the links at the bottom of that page.

This course is designed to help YOU, so please feel free to let me know what you think of how the course looks so far.

(Remember though, this video only mentions about 8 of the 33 modules)

For example…

Does it look like it covers enough information?
Does it seem like it’s something that can help you?
Do you think it can be just what you need to start seeing results?

Post any comments or questions using the comment form below.

To YOUR Success,

Richard Legg

Richard Legg


  1. Hi Richard!

    Great videos! Looking forward to the launch!

    Question: Is there a way we can become an Affiliate of Traffic Uncut BEFORE your launch so I can start advertising on the launch day?

    Can we use your Videos for advertising it also?


  2. Hi Lin,

    Right now I am only going to be releasing this to my list so there isn’t an
    affiliate program right now.

    I want my readers to be able to take advantage of some of the systems
    that I’ve perfected and get a “head start” before I go ahead with a
    full scale launch.

    But I will definitely be looking for affiliates for the future launch :-)

    As I also mentioned in the video, some of the stuff I’ve included is so
    powerful that I actually hesitated about including it – so by just launching
    to my list, I can make sure that these techniques don’t get too diluted –
    I really want to ensure that my readers can get first advantage.

    Thanks for commenting, glad you enjoyed the videos!


  3. yOU ARE SCAREING THE HELL OUT OF ME BECAUSE I CAN EMAGINE WHAT THIS IS GOING TO COST!! I know that now that you have a family in route you need the $$. Anyway back to work I know someplace in all the stuff you sent me I have a affiliate link what I want to know is how to hook it to my domain name which is connected to click bank rite now http://playitforword.net My C/B id is dan1944 I know you will be busy so I hope you have time to answer this.Also being in Mexico how am I going to get your CDs the mail down here sucks

  4. I am really looking forward to the launch of TrafficUncut.com on 11th of August and I am unable to drive good quality traffic to my site n.vaidyanathan68.googlepages.com indexed by Google. I hope your TrafficUncut.com will finally break my jinx and make me successful as a on line marketer and also I am thankful to you for giving me free website http://www.envyonline.com and still I have to learn a lot of things seen in your preview video of TrafficUncut.com and apply all methods to be able to become successful I can’t wait to see your guidances and tips .
    Thankyou very much,
    warm regards,

  5. Hi Richard,

    I have been receiving and following your communications for about
    2 years now since I became aware of you when you were still in the
    ‘old country’ (I am also a fellow Brit here in Canada) before you
    moved across the pond to Seattle.

    I have been going through a long learning curve studying through the morass of information and still trying to remain sane without going down with info overload. I have of course, read and studied all the so-called IM Guru’s offering their ever changing products and promotions and a lot of
    it, I am sure, goes completely over most people’s heads and leaves them bewildered.

    What I find refreshing about you is your approach of offering perfect clarity and your simple no-nonsense way of getting to the ‘meat and potatoes’ and cutting though all the smoke and mirrors that many of the ‘others’ seem to leave you with.

    I am looking forward to learning more on your TrafficUncut course
    and it’s already brilliant IMO, that you managed to continue to keep it simple for us by getting it all down to just ONE DVD and not ‘multiples
    of DVD’s’ like the other more seasoned Guru’s (that we won’t mention here ;o)

    Will there be lots of videos in the various sections where we can virtually look over your shoulder as you execute some of your steps and special techniques?

    Thanks. Keep the good stuff coming.
    Les J

  6. Thanks Richard for looking out for your readers!

    I will be anxiously waiting…and hoping the price is affordable for us who have not succeeded at this yet….

    By the way, do you have very many videos showing the steps?

    I have tried many programs but many have so many steps I get lost without video step by step how tos for watching you. And to break down what basic steps can we get by with just to get a site launched if we can’t manage the whole 33 modules in a few days to get the site up:)

    Maybe like a basic, intermediate, and killer step videos just so we don’t get bogged down and give up:(

    Thanks again for sharing your secrets,


  7. More great info – really looking forward to getting more info when available

  8. Hi Richard,

    You’ve mentioned about not wanting the techniques to get too diluted – is that something that might happen easily, and does it mean there will be a limit on the number of ‘uncut’ traffic uncut?


  9. Hi Richard,

    I just watched the video and I am pretty excited! It sounds like exactly what I need right now :o)

    After building my first website in February (http://www.mybeachdecor.com), I am now trying to get traffic to it, and what makes this actually very urgent for me is that I first gained a PR of 3 seemingly fairly easy, and traffic started to come (very slowly), but since a week or so Google “slapped” me and I am back to PR2 and about half of the visitors I used to have!

    So needless to say I am “hanging out” for Traffic Uncut!

    I take my hat off for you putting so much effort and knowledge into your product.


    Petra from Perth, Australia

  10. This looks interesting richard, I will be pending to the launch…thanks

  11. Richard, My site is a little differant. It’s about our representatives, there bio’s how they vote for differant bills, what issues they vote for. Basically everything you want to know about all of our representatives.

    What I would like to know is, would this system be good for me and what I am doing with my site. What suggestions would you have for me.

    My site is http://www.fixingamerica.net

    Please email me if you can about how this would benifit me.

    Art Skill

  12. @ Lin – The way that I’ve structured the course is designed to get you started with the basics first, and then move through to more advanced topics.

    I’m a firm believer in that you need to “walk before you can run” so you can go through the course at your own pace, but by following the modules in order, you’ll be doing things in the right sequence which makes it much easier to follow.

    @ Alan – I did mention that I don’t want the techniques to be diluted. To be honest, this probably won’t be the case unless hundreds of people start using it on the exact same keywords – in which case any technique is going to get diluted. The internet is so vast that competition really shouldn’t be a problem.

    Look at Article Marketing – even though thousands and thousands of people now use it, it’s still extremely effective at getting targeted traffic and high search engine rankings.

    @ Art – For your site, it wasn’t really clear how you were monetizing the site (or if you were at all). The techniques are based around the methods that I use to drive traffic to my sites in order to make sales, but the methods are valid for any website.

    The only thing I would mention is that if you are not using the site to generate income, you probably don’t want to use the paid methods, but the free methods will still work for you as they would for anyone else.

  13. Hey Richard, Javier Here
    I want to know if your going to offer a downloadable version, or will you offer international shipping, I live in Mexico
    Can you give us a hint on how much this course is going to sale for?

  14. Very informative, with a no holds barred approach. Your one of the few Marketers that I feel that I can trust. Most others deal in a lot of hype, with little content. Well done.
    I have had my web site up for about 4 months now, and the slope of the learning curve is starting to flatten.

  15. Wow interesting videos. I’m glad I found your site.

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