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From: Richard Legg & Willie Crawford

RE:Urgent message to anyone who need more traffic...

Frankly you've been lied to ...

Everyone tells you how difficult it is to get top rankings on Google for competitive keywords.  SEO companies charge thousands of dollars because they tell you it takes so much work.  Every day I see people wasting time, energy and money trying to get their sites ranked ... and getting nowhere.

Even if you have some minor success getting a Squidoo lens or HubPage to the top for a short while, it soon slides back down into the depths of page 2 and beyond, never to be seen again.

But the truth is ...

Getting On The Front Page Of Google
Is As Easy As "Painting By Numbers"!

However ... before you can start painting... you need to know what those numbers mean!

Let me explain...

For the past five years, I've been successfully marketing online and studying search engine optimization and traffic generation.

I actually got started making money online while I was studying for a degree in physics.   At the time I was working 20-30 hours a week in a local sandwich bar trying to make enough money to buy food and pay rent.  I figured there had to be a better way to make money, so I turned to the internet.

It soon became clear to me that the #1 factor to success online is traffic.  It doesn't matter how good your product is, how hot the copy is, if you can't get eyeballs on the page, you don't make money. Period.

Since I was a broke (and incredibly cheap!) student at the time, PPC and other paid advertising was out of the question.  So, I turned my efforts to free traffic and SEO.

Being the numbers "geek" that comes from getting a physics degree, I started applying the same scientific testing principals to my marketing - creating lots of small SEO "experiments" and letting them run until I got a definitive result ...

No 'Theories'... No 'Concepts' ...
Just Rock Solid PROOF

By testing every little thing I did, and actually measuring the results they brought, I was soon able to break down the mysteries of search engine optimization into small, discrete "bite sized" pieces.

Pretty soon I had a step-by-step system that I could use anytime I wanted to get a brand new site to the top of Google ... and make it stick at the top!

There was NO guesswork involved, NO doubting myself or waiting days for my pages to get indexed - the system worked, I just had to follow it and apply it.

Before long, I was getting #1 rankings for every major product launch I was involved in and making thousands of dollars in easy affiliate commissions.

Check out just a handful of the results these 'scientific seo' methods brought me.  Most of these results are still on the front page months after I put them up and haven't touched them since....

I was quite happy working away "under the radar" generating 4-5 figure pay checks with each new major product launch, in addition to growing my own online business.

Then one day at a seminar in Chicago, I met Willie Crawford (one of my marketing heroes!) in person for the first time.

We got chatting and soon realized we'd been competing against each other for most of these launches, with Willie 'snapping at my heels' in the search engines with his own effective SEO methods.

With over 15+ years of combined SEO experience between us, we decided to sit down for a one hour "mastermind" call to share our proven, step-by-step sytems for generating top Google rankings that are 'quick' and that 'stick'...

Introducing "Scientific Traffic Secrets"
With Richard Legg And Willie Crawford...

Here's just some of what we shared in the 60 minute mastermind call...

  • The one BIG mistake that nearly EVERYONE makes when it comes to getting free traffic ... and why it means they don't get any!
  • What you must do before you even register your domain name - get this right and it'll make it a LOT easier to get #1 rankings.
  • The only truth about the search engines that you ever need to know and how to use it to your advantage.
  • What keywords you should be targeting ... and those you should NOT ... get this wrong and you'll waste hours of time and get no results.
  • Why most people have the wrong attitude when it comes to SEO and how you can change your attitude for better results - almost instantly.
  • The only 3 tools you'll ever need for SEO research (and they're free!) as well as exactly how to use them together for maximum SEO impact.
  • What domain extensions you should AVOID if you want to rank higher (and the one extension that can actually be BETTER than a .com!)
  • Optimum "On Page" secrets - Help your site rank naturally high, with minimal backlinks.
  • Keyword density - The number I've tested to work well, and why it may be different from everything else you've heard before.
  • The simple secret to getting MORE traffic WITHOUT needing to get higher postitions in the search engines.
  • My proven backlinking strategy that generates huge SEO power to every page on my site and helps get you ranked for multiple keywords.
  • The free resources I use to get almost 10X more exposure in the search engines.
  • My testing and tracking secrets that make it easy for you to increase your traffic with minimal effort.

If you've ever struggled getting your own websites to the top of Google, this one 60 minute call can show you the RIGHT way to do things.  Just follow the steps we share and watch your rankings climb.

So How Much For This SEO Mastermind Call?

Because you came here from one of my marketing friends, we wanted to do something special and make this affordable for everyone.

So, here's the deal ...

Act now and you can instant 'un-edited' access to this entire 60 minute recorded mastermind session so that you never have to worry about 'how' to generate free traffic again.

Plus... you'll also get the full PDF transcript of the mastermind to read along, print out, scribble your own notes on etc.

And the price for you is .... $27!!

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Here's to YOUR success,


Richard Legg & Willie Crawford

P.S. Seriously, where can you get over 15+ years of combined SEO expertise for just $27? :-)